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Bad thoughts - Comment on 2012 August 30

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2012 August 30

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The conscious rejection of bad thoughts is the most secure means to lift the frame of mind. Read more:

Today I bring something very practical:


Bad thoughts. Unkindness. Frame of mind.

2. April 1941. B.D. NR. 1871.

The conscious rejection of bad thoughts is the most secure means to lift the frame of mind, because then resistance is set against those powers which muster their entire influence to make man turn God away. This certainly requires the entire will of man, and when this is weakened through giving in, therefore going into such thoughts, man must suffer, i.e., a cheerless mood comes over him, which presses and burdens him. And evil triumphs because its influence becomes greater and greater, weaker and weaker the will of man and his power of resistance. Such hours are a certain danger for the soul, and on the other hand man must free himself from it. He must pray, intimately and full of confidence that God would free him from this situation. The will of man also belongs to the prayer, but when the soul wrestles to be freed from this situation, the good powers of the hereafter stand by it, provided man turns to them pleading for help, provided he himself longs for to become free from this pressure. But mostly man becomes listless and does not defend himself, and all the more difficult is his liberation out of the power of darkness, and the fight becomes more and more necessary, the state of suffering more and more unbearable. Strong faith is the best means, and man can leave himself to the good powers in fullest calmness when he just approves of their might and power. They very certainly help him and do not allow it that the bad powers gain the upper hand over him. A giving in, provided bad thoughts emerge, is a shortage of faith because bad thoughts are directed against divine commandment. Who believes firmly fulfils any commandment, which God has given to men, who however is weak in faith, he will also ignore the divine commandments, and therefore his thoughts will be directed against these commandments; he will be void of any love, therefore foster unloving thoughts, and the adversary aims at this. For with that he gets man in his power. In such state of mind it is often difficult to find back to the way of love; man has done a wrong when he entertains unloving thoughts, and he now must make good this wrong, by him, forced through suffering, wrestling in prayer for the supply of divine love, which any unloving thought had repulsed. The will to God will let man recognize his wrong, and then it will also be easier for him to pray to him but the will itself must become active; it cannot be directed, i.e. steered again to God compulsorily. Amen. B.D. NR. 1871.


That was Bertha Dudde and now I bring an excerpt from 222:

And that is our subject, the mind. With our mind we have a very powerful instrument. We are not this mind. We have it. We can use it. We are above this mind. We can operate it. We can wake up and realize that the thinking that goes on all the time in our mind does not have to carry on automatically. We can change the direction of this activity of thinking. We can have complete control over it. We can for example suddenly realize that we are thinking depressive thoughts and stop that immediately. Depression can be overcome in a fraction of a second. And to do something like this effectively we have to replace the negative thinking with some thought of a spiritual nature, of a positive spiritual nature, of a godly nature. We can think how blessed we are. We can start thanking God for health and wealth, for guidance and protection, for happiness and joy, for being a blessing to many other people.

If you can tell just one person how to get out of depression, get out of it in a fraction of a second, then you might have achieved a thing that made the trip of yours to this planet worthwhile.

Mind the mind.


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