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Do not consult the dead - Comment on 2012 August 27

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2012 August 27

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The contact with the world on the other side is a bone of contention for many people because they are not able to separate the pure spiritual contacts and the pure earthly desire to hear something about life after death. Read more:

Just two days ago we had 2012 Aug 25 – Believing prayer and intercession and that was one entry of many about the subject intercession.

Today now I bring a message by Bertha Dudde with the title "Do not consult the dead" and there it is also about communication with beings on the other side, with spiritual beings.

Also in this message it is again important to know something about the meaning of the word dead, the spiritual meaning, the meaning, which for instance Jesus gives this word.

The best example is always Matthew 8:22, where Jesus says, "Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead."

The first dead are here the spiritual dead and they, the spiritual dead, can bury the second dead, the bodily dead.

And the spiritual dead and the bodily dead also exist in the hereafter. The spiritual dead are there in the spiritual dead kingdom and the bodily dead can there be in both kingdoms, in the kingdom of the spiritual dead, in the kingdom of darkness, or in the kingdom of the spiritual alive ones, in the kingdom of light. So there are little differences to the situation here.

And when I now intercede for a dead person, let us say for a spiritual dead person, who is now also bodily dead, then I do not consult this dead person and also do not want information from him, but I speak to God, also a spiritual being, and ask him to send light to this spiritual dead person and to bring him on the right way.

When therefore someone, as it is indicated in this message by Bertha Dudde, speaks against communication with spiritual beings altogether, then he obviously believes in the existence of spiritual beings, because otherwise he would not advise against it, but actually he is a hypocrite because he will not advise against the activity of praying itself, because if he would do that, he would actually indeed indicate, not to be a believer. He therefore prays to God, or wants at least be regarded as someone who believes in God and talks to him, therefore as someone who communicates with a spiritual being, but advises others against doing it. He therefore contradicts himself basically and therefore assumes the attitude of a hypocrite.

An example for this is Saul as he is described in 222. He wanted to be known as a believer, but rejected God, and when he was in trouble he did not turn to God but consulted the dead. And what he wanted to know was not something what would have taken him further spiritually, but something that was supposed to deliver him from a worldly crisis. And that is the decisive thing: what do we want to obtain? Do we want to obtain worldly stuff, then our entire attitude is wrong and we will receive dead information from the spiritual dead. Do we want to obtain spiritual things, then we have turned in the right direction and we will hear enlightening things from spiritual alive beings.

Now this subject, "Do not consult the dead," is quite important because it is often used by religious people to place themselves between God and the God-seeker, and to keep people from coming to God, and be content with the clerics.


Do not consult the dead

25. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1863.

The contact with the world on the other side is a bone of contention for many people because they are not able to separate the pure spiritual contacts and the pure earthly desire to hear something about life after death. While the former is wanted by God, the latter does not correspond to the will of God, man will however never be charged for it as sin as long as it is not misused to harm fellow man. A connection with the immature being can only harm the own state of the soul, and that it is before which it is to be warned. Men have the belief that every connection with the spiritual world is wrong before God, and this attitude robs them of the greatest favour to request the transmission of power of those beings and to receive it. All good spiritual imparts this power; consequently the connection with it is to be established. All bad spiritual seeks to harm man, therefore dealings with it is to be avoided. Everything what is earthly minded attracts the like-minded in the hereafter. However the will directed towards God attracts the spiritual that stands in the same will with God. And so man himself draws the borders through his desires. He erects a partition-wall between himself and the bad spiritual world provided he longs for God. Mostly in their ignorance men reject everything what comes from the kingdom of the spiritual, always being afraid of evil influence. But they close their mind to every explanation regarding this with the comment that man is forbidden to consult the dead, and do not know that the meaning of this word is a completely different one than the meaning they give to it. Who wants to teach must be knowledgeable; no wisdom is to be hoped from the ignorant. Consequently questions are to be asked from those who stand in knowledge, but do not walk in darkness. The knowing and ignorant state is also found in the hereafter. Knowing will be who stands in the light, i.e. is connected with God and receives his radiation, therefore receives power and wisdom – ignorant are those souls who are still far from God and consequently also cannot receive light. But light is knowledge –and when the soul lacks light then also its knowledge is poor, and that is why it will not be able to distribute because it owns nothing itself. The soul is dead in spirit because only then when it knows, life starts for it in eternity, and consequently such a soul cannot be asked for truth, for it can never give an answer truthfully. That is why questions which concern eternity are also not to be addressed to the deceased, because a right answer requires a degree of maturity, but man never knows whether and when the soul of the deceased has reached this degree of maturity. But earthly questions are likewise not to take place because God himself has laid a veil upon things which lie in the future, and wanting to penetrate into an area that God has veiled in his wisdom, is wrong before God. Consequently the desired connections with the hereafter are not to be condemned but only the purpose of them when it is a pure worldly one. All beings are connected with each other, hidden to man only for so long, as he is not searching spiritually – and that is to cause him to search. But the beings announce themselves to the questioner and searcher, and also the ignorant souls press forward to such announcements, but only find access there where curiosity is the driving force of the attempts to get in touch with beings on the other side. Men, who desire truth, devote themselves to God, strive up, erect an impenetrable wall around themselves for such immature beings through their attitude towards God and consequently do not need to be afraid to be pressed or instructed by immature beings. The good spiritual is full of power and might, while the bad spiritual is powerless to him and has influence only on just such men who have no spiritual striving in them at all, but are only devoted to the earthly world and its pleasures. And men should consider this before they judge hastily and would like to declare something to be against God which reveals good spiritual power and brings unspeakable blessings to mankind when it is recognized as that what it is – as expression of good spiritual beings which carry out divine will, therefore are active on his behalf. Amen. B.D. NR. 1863.


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