The "non-worldly" aspects of strings.

String theory and SuSy - Comment on 2012 August 25 (2)

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2012 August 25 (2)

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It can be that there are neither ten nor eleven dimensions but that it is about a completely different kind of physics. Read more:

This month we had the entry 2012 Aug 07 (3) – Burkhard Heim and there it was about the Heim theory, which is a connection between the theory of relativity and quantum theory and today I read something about this subject and now bring excerpts:


String theory turns researchers against each other

On the tracks of the holy grail of particle physics – string theory

The string theory predicts a multiverse. There are therefore to be countless universes, which develop differently.

When parallel worlds exist, and when yes, how many? This question turns physicists against each other. The string theory could supply a universal formula which solves all riddles of the universe – if it can be proved.

So that it is supposed, what holds the world together in the innermost part: tiny small threads which swing in a peculiar way. They are, as physicists believe, fundamental. That means they stand at the very bottom at the base in the hierarchy of matter. All other particles are built on them. Following their vibrations physicists call these strange objects "strings."

But with the string theory researchers not only try to explain the very smallest. It also could help to understand the universe; moreover it opens the view over and above our cosmos. That is why an elite among the physicists takes pains to further develop the formula work. Once a year they meet at changing places to an international conference to discuss their research results.

This year the "STRING 2012" took place in Munich, under the auspices of the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP), of the excellence cluster "Universe" of the Technical University as well as the University of the Bavarian metropolis. "At present many things happen: The string theory develops more and more to an interdisciplinary science in the border area between mathematics and physics to research fundamental subjects of physics", says physics professor Dieter Lüst, director at MPP.

Lüst and colleagues are so enthusiastic about the theory because it promises the solutions of the present greatest problem of natural researchers, namely the unification of the theory of relativity and quantum theory to the so-called quantum gravitation. With this again, so the hope of the researchers, all phenomena of the universe could be represented uniformly. It should describe the world of sub nuclear particles as well as the extensive build-up of the universe. Until now both theories exist without points of contact side by side because their mathematically structures are far too different. Quantum gravitation would then be the long sought for "world formula".

Until now the string theory is valid as the most promising candidate for such unified theory. But physicists put up with some unreasonable demands. In particular they have to give up the conventional idea of the nature of particles and the structure of space time. In classical theories elementary particles are points without expansion. But in the string universe they are made of one-dimensional threads, which, unlike point particles, have manifold natural frequencies. Their qualities result from these vibrations, like a violin-string swings in a different way according to the touch of the artist and brings forth differing sounds by it. Depending on the respective state of vibration strings therefore appear like electrons, quarks, light particles (photons) or other particles from the zoo of the over 200 known elementary particles.

Nevertheless the "non-worldly" aspects of the strings dominated with the lectures and discussions of the conference – for instance with a variant of the theory with the unspeakable name "Anti-de-Sitter/Conformal Field Theory" (AdS/CFT). In essential aspects it originates from the Argentine Juan Maldacena, a star of the string scene, who today researches at the Institute for Advanced Study of the Princeton University.

But it still comes thicker: We live in a 3-D-world but strings are of higher dimensions. Could it not just be that our world, including earth and its inhabitants, is nothing but a hologram? In fact Maldacena used the holographic principle in his theory to connect the Einstein gravitation theory with quantum physics.

This worldview is identical to the teaching ideas of the Greek philosopher Plato. He makes it understandable with his famous cave allegory, by him describing human existence as a cave. In it men are so bound that they can only look at a wall of the cave. Through a fire in the background shadows of objects are depicted on it. Such shadow pictures describe the appearance of earthly things according to Plato, but tied up men think of them as reality. Possibly our entire universe is analogously also only a projection of a reality of higher dimensions.

In addition to this the string theory presents to us a multiverse with countless space time bubbles. Because there is a gigantic number of solutions for its equations, approximately there are 10500. Each of them could correspond to a universe in which each time own forces of nature and constants rule.

It can be that there are neither ten nor eleven dimensions but that it is about a completely different kind of physics.

The string theorists now put much hope in the particle accelerator LHC. Because in the debris of the particles which collide with each other they could find signs for the so-called super symmetry (SuSy). According to this theory every particle known up to now in the universe has a high energy "partner particle".

"What we hear and see here in Munich is just so complicated that we often ourselves do not understand what we are doing there."


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