The power of prayer will be felt by him for whom the prayer is meant for.

Believing prayer and intercession - Comment on 2012 August 25

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2012 August 25

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Who full of faith entrusts himself to God, his prayer he hears. Read more:

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Today I bring a further message by Bertha Dudde about intercession:


Father words. The believing prayer und intercession.

24. March 1941. B.D. NR. 1862.

Who full of faith entrusts himself to me, his prayer I hear. Life without struggle brings about no maturity of the soul; man must fight, and only then the struggle can be spared for him when he, out of his own initiative, puts all his life into my hands, when he entrusts himself to me and believingly builds upon my help. Then he is so as I want my earth children to be he acknowledges me as his father whose omnipotence and love is so great that he does not leave his child in trouble. And he never walks alone but always calls me to his side he is not afraid and doubting but full of confidence; he is not afraid but he believes. And that faith I do not disappoint. Who so believes in me, he will do no wrong request; I will stand by him and fulfil his hopes, and through this his faith will become deeper and deeper and always more unshakeable there will be peace in him because he no longer fears anything; he knows that he is never alone and deserted. The power of prayer will be felt by him for whom the prayer is meant for. It will cause spiritual lightness and strength of faith; men will feel that power reaches them, and the spiritual eyes will be directed up. I myself will send a lightning of recognition into the hearts of those for whom the believing prayer of my children is meant. What they pray for will be granted to them, and my love watches over the weak and in need of help that they do not fall or go astray. Because those on earth who pray for their loved ones and who plead for the salvation of their soul, transfer the power of prayer to those, and therefore favour can now be imparted to them because intercession is a work of neighbourly love; intercession is the most effective means to help them. My spirit now seeks union with them and directs them toward recognition. What man cannot do out of his own power, that a believing prayer is able to do, which is sent up for him to me. And I specially look after these souls; I do not leave them in ignorance; I overshadow them with my favour, with my spirit, because the love of a human being does not plead in vain for my help. And so be unconcerned; everyone goes the way he has to go to his completion as it comes, so it is good for upward development of the soul. And when you believingly trust me, I lead you through all misery towards the eternal home. Amen. B.D. NR. 1862.


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