Under inclusion of the Heim theory science and religion can again find together.

Burkhard Heim - Comment on 2012 August 7 (3)

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2012 August 7 (3)

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The Heim theory builds up upon the general theory of relativity and produces a connection between the theory of relativity and quantum theory and it is able to give out of how many smallest particles matter is constituted and which weight these particles have. Read more:

There are again and again entries about the Higgs boson on this website and speculations about what will now happen after the finding or not finding of the Higgs particle.

It is about the standard model and about string theory and susy.

Now yesterday I have read an article in which it is about, among other things, a theory which goes with this subject and I bring here some excerpts from it:


Aim of the newer physics is to find a theory with which one can describe the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics as well as all known particles and the 4 interacting forces in a unifying manner.

The so-called standard model unifies three interacting effects, can however not include gravitation.

Even when gravitation is left aside the standard model contains the assumed but not yet found so-called Higgs particle which is supposed to give the elementary particles it’s mass and which own mass has to be fiddled arithmetically as the physicist L. Randall has called this process. This particle thought out by the Scottish physicist Peter Higgs could easily prove to be the Achilles heel of the present physical understanding of the connection of smallest particles, which must begin to totter with a non-finding. (In the cosmic scale "dark energy" and "dark matter" must be used to explain the cohesion of galaxies, which suns actually would have to fly apart.) Present university physics is still far away from knowledge "how the world holds together in the innermost."

Since a scant hundred years physics works on removing the contradiction between the theory of relativity and quantum theory and to unite the four interactive effects into a united theory.

An attempt for this is the so-called string theory. However the string theory is a sheer thought building which up to now lacks every connection to practice.

However the interesting thing about string theory is that it starts from 10 or also 11 dimensions therefore has to include already a piece of transcendentality.

In contrast to this is the theory of the physicist Burkhardt Heim.

The Heim theory builds up upon the general theory of relativity and produces a connection between the theory of relativity and quantum theory and it is able to give out of how many smallest particles matter is constituted and which weight these particles have.

For the avoidance of infinities as they appear according to the general theory of relativity with the mathematical description of states close to the big bang as well as with the so-called "black holes," essential elements of the concept of Burkhard Heim, namely the quantuming of space and also time, have in the meantime found entry into the new physics and in the so-called loop quantum gravitation.

Heim’s entire way of looking at a compression of matter out of spiritual states found however until now still no official acknowledgement.

What is the Heim theory?

Although it exceeds the material frame, the Heim theory is in principle a pure physical theory, which connects to the general theory of relativity of A. Einstein. But exceeding Einstein it leads to a quantumizing of space and therefore strives for a unification of physics.

Its program is the complete geometrizing, i.e. not only space and field, (like with Einstein) but also the material field source itself (particles) are interpreted geometrically.

The raised perspective of Heim’s theory (transition to R 12) makes a look in transmaterial structures further possible, above all insofar they act on physical space – something which present physics expressly rejects.

Which means does the Heim theory use?

The Heim theory first formulates an expansion of space time R 4 by two further coordinates which describe the height of organization of the involved processes.

It further assumes a contouring of the world in 4 levels of being: physis, bios, psyche and pneuma. They therefore work with the idea that the areas which go beyond the material therefore really exist.

Which are the results of the Heim theory?

With the help of the terms metron and condensation it succeeds with an extremely exact statement of the physical value of the elementary particles out of a unified concept which is succinct in itself.

It is acceptable with all observations in physics, astronomy, nuclear physics and quantum electro dynamics and connects quantum theory with the general theory of relativity.

There is an expansion of the universe in the theory, however no big bang.

The theory explains the sources of gravitation and its transformation into electromagnetic fields.

In Heim’s theory the additional world dimensions x5 and x6 are imaginary and not compact. X5 and x6 are qualitative value reserves which impart information. As both additional dimensions are qualitative quantities the statement logic for their formal description must be extended what makes this theory one of the most demanding which are discussed today.

Transformation of photons <therefore light> into matter and gravitation.

… is still more important, namely the inclusion of higher levels, which Heim calls "bios, psyche and pneuma," therefore life power, soul and spirit. Above the pneuma area exists the "apeiron," a spiritual state not further determinable.

Solid visible matter is therefore only a fraction of reality.

Already W. Heisenberg has pointed out that it contradicts quantum physics when one (as many biologists and chemists believe) believes one could get by with explaining life processes alone with the laws of physics and chemistry and without 2. stratum of being.

What really makes up the attractiveness of the physics of Burkhard Heim for me, has led to that, that one has put him into the esoteric corner in scientific circles and hushed him up.

Both the string theory and all the more the Heim theory do not get by without the assumption of non-sensory perceptible dimensions and therefore point in the direction which has been announced by J. Lorber.

While the string theory is a pure thought building which lacks practice connection, the decisive with the theory of Burkhard Heim is the clear connection between theory and practice, by that means he is successful, first, by him putting space and matter down to a unified geometric structure, therefore all what is, being based on a higher geometric idea, with which a connection with the philosophy of Plato results, which is known to be expressly deemed to be good at several places of the new revelations, and second, by him describing how the material has been condensed out of the spiritual and with it has seen the spiritual as primary, the material as secondary. Also in this point he comes very close to the new revelations.

Unfortunately the present university science business is a kind of church on its own. A physicist is allowed to go to church on Sundays and worship a God, however this God he has to leave outside from his scientific work. As soon as he starts to derive matter out of the spiritual he is in danger to be excommunicated by the scientific "faith" community, as it was done to Burkhard Heim.

Under inclusion of the Heim theory science and religion can again find together or can move towards each other under coherent prerequisites.


So that were the excerpts from what I read today.

Why is now the theory of Burkhard Heim not also mentioned in the discussion about Higgs, the standard model, the string theory and all these things? The answer is quite simple. Because with these things it is not really about science, but about religion. It is about the religion of the atheists, about the religion of the materialists, and when then someone comes and wants to bring things in there, which take spirituality into account or even presents a theory according to which material things have come into being out of spiritual things, then he is of course an enemy of this religion and is treated as heretic.

In a reference work I read the following about Heim:

In 2004, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) awarded the winning paper in the nuclear and future flight field to a retired Austrian patent officer named Walter Dröscher and Jochem Häuser, a physicist and professor of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter, Germany. They turned the theoretical framework of Burkhard Heim into a proposal for an experimental test for a propulsion device that is thought to theoretically be able to travel at rates faster than the speed of light. Hans Theodor Auerbach, a theoretical physicist and someone who has worked alongside Heim has stated that, "As far as I understand it, Heim theory is ingenious," and, "I think that physics will take this direction in future".

The direction of Heim’s theory physics takes in future is also more or less suggested by Seth, only with the difference that Seth speaks of the necessity to come away from the search in matter and points to the necessity to virtually exclusively concentrate on the mental and spiritual inside, therefore among others also on different states of consciousness. An example how this can be done was supplied by Robert Monroe who travelled as real space traveller and submitted reports about it.

Because physical matter is an expansion of self (2012 Mar 04 – From spirit to matter), like already the physical body is a projection of the inner self, this way, to start from the inside of man, is the direction which physics should take and probably will take in future.

Now a quote from 2012 Jan 31 – How scientists should work:

To some extent it includes identification with, rather than separation from, that which is being studied.
While connected with your own civilization, the man Einstein came closest perhaps in this regard, for he was able to quite naturally identify himself with various “functions” of the universe. He was able to listen to the inner voice of matter. He was intuitively and emotionally led to his discoveries. He leaned against time, and felt it give and wobble.
The true [mental] physicist will be a bold explorer – not picking at the universe with small tools, but allowing his consciousness to flow into the many open doors that can be found with no instrument, but with the mind.
Your own consciousness as you think of it, as you are familiar with it, can indeed help you into some much greater understanding of the simultaneous nature of time if you allow it to. You often use tools, instruments, and paraphernalia instead – but they do not feel time, in those terms. You do. Studying your own conscious experience with time will teach you far more.

And now quotes from 2012 Feb 10 – Scientists and clerics:

Your consciousness is however set up so that it also creates realities in other regions. In certain dreams and out of body experiences it moves faster than with the speed of light, and under such circumstances you are able to perceive some of these other forms of “mass or matter.”

Because consciousness can travel faster than light it can, when it is not enclosed by the smaller particles of the body, become aware of many of these other realities.

A note related to faster than light effect: On the Sunday following this session a leading New York newspaper reported astronomers had observed how two components of a quasar flew apart with a speed which apparently amounted to ten times of the speed of light. This is an astonishing discovery which is impossible according to physical laws.

And now quotes from 2012 Feb 14 – "Barren" planets:

Your idea of space travel, for example, is to journey over the “skin of your universe.” You do not understand that your system is indeed expanding within itself, bringing forth new creativity and energy.
Give us time . . . Your universe is only one of many. Each one creates probable version of itself. When you journey on the earth you move around the outside of it. So far, your ideas of space travel involve that kind of surface navigation. Earth trips, however, are made with the recognition of their surface nature. When you think in terms of traveling to other planets or to other galaxies, though, the same kind of surface travel is involved. As closely as I can explain it in your terms, your concepts of space travel have you going around space rather than directly through it.
Give us time . . . You are also viewing your solar system through your own time perspective, which is relative. You “look backward into time,” you say, when you stare outward into the universe. You could as well look into the future, of course. Your own coordinates close you off from recognizing that there are indeed other intelligences alive even within you own solar system. You will never meet them in your exterior reality, however, for you are not focused in the time period of their existence. You may physically visit the “very same planet” on which they reside, but to you the planet will appear barren, or not able to support life.
In the same way, others can visit your planet with the same results. There is then a whole great inner dimension even to the space that you know, that you do not perceive. There are intelligent beings outside of your own galaxy, “adjacent” to you. Theoretically, you can visit them with some vast improvements in your technology, but great amounts of time would be involved. Others have visited your own planet in that particular fashion. Yours is still a linear technology. Some intelligent beings have visited your planet, finding not the world you know but a probable one. There are always feedbacks between probable systems. A dominant species in one may appear as a bizarre trace species in another. More will be said about this and your planet later in the book.

“Effective” space travel, creative space travel on your part, will not occur until you learn that your space-time system is one focus. Otherwise you will seem to visit one dead world after another, blind to civilizations that may exist on any of them. Some of these difficulties could be transcended if you learned to understand the miraculous multidimensionality of even your own physical structure, and allowed your consciousness some of its greater freedom.
To some extent you have neurologically blinded yourselves. You accept only a certain range of neurological impulses as “realty.” You have biologically prejudiced yourselves. The physical structure is innately aware of many more valid versions of reality than you allow it to be.
Theoretically, a thoroughly educated space traveller in your time, landing upon a strange planet, would be able to adjust his own consciousness so that he could perceive the planet in various “sequences” of time.

You do not understand as yet, however, that in a way you can move through time as you move through space – and until you understand that, you will not know the meaning of a true journey, or be able to thoroughly explore any planet – or any reality, including your own.
You imagine that your own earth is mapped out, and all frontiers known, but the linear aspects of your planet’s life represent a most minute portion of its reality.
The portions of the psyche reflect and create the portions of the universe from its most minute to its greatest part. You identify with one small section of your psyche, and so you name as reality only one small aspect of the universe.


One aspect of what we read about Burkhard Heim is that a propulsion device is envisaged that theoretically is able to travel at rates faster than the speed of light. And then the opinion is expressed that the Heim theory is ingenious, and, that physics will take this direction in the future. So there we have something that comes from scientists. These scientists from which this comes do not exactly belong to the main trend of present scientists but perhaps are the advance guard of a new direction.

Then there is the spiritual scientist Robert Monroe who has already carried out such travels and submitted reports about them.

And then there are reports of experiences of the man Seth who no longer dwells among us and reports from the other side what he has found out there and which can help us to understand all that better what science tries to find out.

But as it is now with the main trend of science actually more about religion and less about science, it will now be interesting to see how the whole thing develops.


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