Sciences will remove all superstition.

Science and the end of the era - Comment on 2012 August 7 (2)

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2012 August 7 (2)

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In the end all superstition will be cleared away from the ground of earth with the weapons of sciences. Read more:

Many scientific subjects were dealt with recently on this website and this is a result of prophecies like the ones coming from Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde often containing scientific subjects. Yesterday now I read a prophecy which directly deals with this connection of science and the times of the end.

Here now first this prophecy from Jakob Lorber:

Only in the end all superstition will be cleared away from the ground of earth with the weapons of sciences and the arts, but in which nevertheless no man will at all be diverted in his free will.
Thereby with the times a full emptiness of faith will certainly be among men; but such a state will only last an extremely shortest time.
Only in that time I will bless the old tree of knowledge, and through it the tree of life in men will again reach its old strength, and so there will then be only one shepherd and one flock!

Particularly in my spiritual studies I was interested in sciences because the findings of quantum physics point quite directly to the existence of a spiritual kingdom. And since I am now busy with prophecies about the times of the end, this interest has expanded into the subjects as for instance the coming into being of the world of matter.

In this just quoted prophecy the clearing away of all superstition, through science, is forecast. And the result will be that there will be a full emptiness of faith among men. And this lack of faith, or this absence of faith, comes into being because men cling to religion, the wrong part of religion, superstition.

The prophecies of Bertha Dudde turn on the same. It is about the separation of the goats from the sheep. It is about the separation of those who cling to religion, the wrong religion, superstition, from those who are the true followers of Jesus Christ, who cling to the right religion, who are spiritual awakened men.

There are enormous differences between superstition and true science. But this is not the case between spiritual teachings and true science. The differences that exist there are based on the fact that the majority of scientists are no true scientist but religious fanatics who without fail want to propagate their atheistic and materialistic faith.

But because scientific results always prove these scientists to be the representatives of wrong theories, there is a running together or meeting of spiritual and of scientific knowledge. And that is actually also mentioned in the prophecy quoted above. There scientific results will prove superstition to be wrong and therefore will prove spiritual knowledge to be right.

Because really spiritual knowledge contradicts superstition. Superstition is religion and belongs to religionists.

This prophecy also agrees with the statements which forecast an end of religions and that all the senseless customs of the religions will be denounced and that then only the real spiritual people will be left, will be left of those who are attacked by the followers of Antichrist.

This state of a full emptiness of faith will only to that end last an extremely shortest time because it will be reached only shortly before the end of this redemption period. And one can speak of a full emptiness of faith because the followers of Antichrist will constitute the overwhelming majority and they will be alone on earth just before their destruction because the believers were raptured and the unbelievers are now alone on earth and the time after the rapture of the believers and before the removal of the unbelievers will probably only last a short time, probably not even days, but only hours, and that also perhaps even not, because during the process of the devouring of the unbelievers some believers will still be struggling to tear away from the world of matter and will have difficulties getting their feet out of the mire, or more exact, to give up the tendency towards the world. But the fire around them will probably be very beneficial.

The actual end then causes therefore the removal of all men. Those whose soul is full of emptiness of faith are again engendered into matter and become again matter and those who are full of fullness of faith will be raptured and then come back to the renovated surface of earth and consequently there is no longer an emptiness of faith there.

But superstition is also no longer there because spiritual people have no need of it.


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