Murder by remote control.

Obama’s drone war: licence to kill - Comment on 2012 August 5

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2012 August 5

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The assignment of Washington’s ambassadors as representatives of America exists mainly in killing people. Read more:

Here excerpts from an article I read today:


Obama’s drone war: licence to kill

On the 18. July Nasser al Aulaqi instituted proceedings against Minister of Defence Leon Panetta and the chief of the foreign secret service CIA, David Petraeus. Nasser al Aulaqi wants to see those punished who take responsibility for the death of his son Anwar and his grandchild Abdulrahman. His son, the Yemeni American hate preacher Anwar al Aulaqi, was killed on 30. September 2011 with an attack of an American drone. The grandchild Abdulrahman Aulaqi died on 14. October 2011 with a further drone attack, which was meant for a suspected Egyptian terrorist in South Yemen; at that time the youth was 16 years old and was unlucky in being at the wrong time at the wrong place. The two Aulaqis were American citizens, Abdulrahman a minor too. Their purposeful killing has "broken fundamental rights like that of freedom from bodily harm and of proceedings of a state under the rule of law", it says in the indictment.

In Germany the authorities have instituted investigations against unknown for the death of Bünyamin E. The German of Turkish origin from Wuppertal was also killed with a drone attack, on 4. October 2010 in North West of Pakistan.

The man of hope and of change, the Nobel peace prize winner, became a drone warrior, who keeps a "kill list" in the "situation room" in the basement of the White House and literally gives thousands of people free for shooting – including American citizens.

Washington’s ambassador in Islamabad, the career diplomat Cameron Munter, realized some time ago, he did not know that his assignment as representative of America "exists mainly in killing people." In May he announced, after only 18 months period of office, his early parting.

"Murder by remote control."

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