Is the new particle the Higgs particle? Does its spin have the value zero?

The spin of the Higgs particle - Comment on 2012 August 3

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2012 August 3

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Which are the properties of the Higgs particle? First of all the spin. When we find the value zero it is the Higgs particle. Read more:

Today I read an interview with the head of Cern, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, and bring some excerpts from it:


Is that why you are so cautious with the Higgs particle? What then still has to happen that you give up your reserve?

It is certain we have found a new particle which has about the mass of 125 gigaelectronvolt. Now we have to investigate the properties; then we know whether it is the Higgs particle.

Which properties are these?

First of all the spin. When we find the value zero it is the Higgs particle. But we still do not know whether it is the particle which fits into the standard model.

Is there something which you absolutely want to find out so that you intensify the research in this direction?

I am too pragmatic for this. My schedule is clear. We shut down the machine as from 2013 for two years maintenance. After that we will basically have a new machine which with 14 teraelectronvolt will supply double the energy as till now. So we can generate heavier particles.

To trace super symmetry because it demands very mass reach particles?

With higher energies there must be something which reaches further than the standard model. Similar to how Newton’s physics is broadened through the theory of relativity with higher speeds.


And now still excerpts from an article of 4. July 2012:


Heuer also announced that the decision was made yesterday to have the LHC still run two to three months with 8 teraelectronvolt before it is switched off for a scant two years to service it, to overhaul it and to make it fit for the 14 teraelectronvolt emphasis energy, for which it was developed. "We want to win as much data as possible before, but the LHC needs a break."

If everything runs further according to schedule already in autumn of this year it will be clear whether the standard model Higgs particle exists or not. That CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer promised already last year. And during a conference in March Heuer was even more confident: The LHC is already on the home straight with the Higgs search.

Even a glass clear signal, as it now starts to emerge, with 125 to 126 gigaelectronvolt, is still no proof for the Higgs particle. For that also the data about other decay processes are necessary, which ATLAS and CMS do not yet have in sufficient extent. Besides the physicists must study the behaviour of the Higgs candidate as well as its properties. As long as for instance it is not certain that the spin ("inner rotary impulse") has the value zero, it is also not proven that it is the long longed for particle, which gives other elementary particles their mass.

But the waiting will soon have an end. "Whether it is really about the Higgs particle, we will probably see in autumn."

"Because for this we also need the data to its couplings, to its spin and out of the fermionic decay channels. At the moment we do not yet have such measurements to a sufficient extent."

Therefore it is still possible that the LHC has discovered a new boson but which is not Higgs boson of the standard model – or perhaps no Higgs boson at all. And when it hardens that the new particle has a spin (a kind of self-rotary impulse) of 0, which differentiates it strongly from the known bosons (for instance photons, W and Z particles), because they have a spin of 1, then it is still not proved that it is about the standard Higgs. There could of course still be other Higgs particles. That is what the minimal super symmetry of the extension of the standard model forecasts – a still speculative hypothesis – the existence of five different Higgs particles. The next months will be exciting; one certainly can reckon with surprises.


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