The foolishness of practising religious rites, traditions and customs.

Circumcision: evil for a girl but good for a boy - Comment on 2012 July 28 (3)

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2012 July 28 (3)

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This present scandal in the Catholic Church and the discussion about circumcision is something quite positive because it is a witness to the coming of the Lord. Read more:

A week ago we had 2012 Jul 21 – Circumcision and since then I have seen further articles about circumcision and it seems to be a similar subject as the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

In both cases it is about the exposing of religion, about the exposing of the negative side of religion.

The politicians now want to firmly establish the right of circumcision because according to a judgement it is unlawful, but they want to have it as lawful because they do not want important religions set against themselves.

It is politically correct to be against the circumcision of girls, and it is politically correct to be for the circumcision of boys. And a right politician must always know what is politically correct at the moment.

And now it will be interesting to see how they want to achieve this new legislative initiative. They would have to overturn the law of inviolability, which is protected by the constitution. That they will achieve this is quite possible with politicians’ contemporary opinion about the law. The politicians are also active as receivers of stolen goods and therefore further the crime of stealing: German politicians buy information stolen from Swiss banks. A cartoonist lets such a receiver of stolen goods say to the thief that he has problems at home with such CD-ROMs, whereupon the thief replies that he then will give him an USB stick the next time.

In case they really bring about such a legal overturning, the discussion about it will hardly stop and probably go straight to the highest constitutional court.

So therefore it is here about the discussion of religion, more exactly about the practising of rites, traditions and customs, and even more precise about the foolishness of these things.

And with the scandal about the Catholic Church it is about crimes, about raping.

In both cases it is about crimes against boys, with rape it is about sexual rapes in the Catholic Church and with circumcision it is about bodily rape in Jewish and Mohammedan religion.

For me it is here about the fact that in both cases it is about attacks against religion and that this is foretold in the messages by Bertha Dudde.

In these prophecies coming from Bertha Dudde it is described how this will happen. First the most obvious defects of religion are denounced and then the not so obvious faults highlighted and discussed and revealed as mere rites and useless things and the representatives of the religions will prove to be advocates of these things, who lose all their arguments and stand there as people without backbone and without knowledge and call themselves pastors ("Geistige" – spiritual ones) but in reality have no idea and therefore can also not support them and consequently all religions will lose credibility in the eyes of the public and will be supported less and less and the materialists and atheists , who particularly pursue this enlightenment, will win influence, and the religions will be dissolved and their possessions they will distribute among them and the attention will turn more and more towards those people who do not call themselves "Geistige", but who have an idea about spiritual things and can also represent them.

And only then the religious war will really erupt. The religion of the atheists and materialist will wage war against the "religion" of those people who really stand on God’s side and it will become a very unequal fight; the great majority of people against a small minority, and the final result will be that the opponents of God go into the abyss and the kingdom of God will start.

The entire development will be very dramatic, but find a very good end.

This present thing with the scandal in the Catholic Church and the discussion about circumcision is therefore something quite positive because it is a witness to the coming of the Lord.

That now the opponents of God will be devoured by the abyss does not even seem to be so bad because this seems to be the normal end of man that he is brought under the earth. But with normal man it is only about his body with this bringing under the earth, which was before left by the soul. But with this getting brought under the earth on the Day of Judgement it is about, that men, who go down into the abyss, do this with the body which still contains the soul. That means that also the soul of these people becomes again matter and that for eternities.

With an argument between the representatives of atheism and materialism and the representatives of the Lord the tables will then be turned and the persecutors of the followers of God will be defeated in their attacks and will have nothing to set against spiritual argumentation and especially God’s direct support of his fighters will make all aware of the existence of God and this will enrage the materialists and atheist so much that they will give up their fight with arguments and convictions and that they will start to kill their opponents and when they then in some cases have an apparent success, then this success is however just an apparent success because in reality they just killed the body of this opponent after all, but the soul has been liberated. But they themselves, when they go down into the abyss, will get there including their soul.

And this last fact is one of the main reasons why we write these webpages because we want to save as many as possible from this fate.


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