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Higgs? An explanation where mass comes from - Comment on 2012 July 5

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2012 July 5

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The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect beingness. Read more:

Now yesterday was Higgs day and the media were full of reports about the Higgs boson and how it is a particle that could explain where mass comes from. And today I read, again, an explanation where mass comes from.

So I will now first bring this explanation where mass comes from and after that bring some comments:


Essence of Satan. Fall and Redemption.

24. and 26. February 1953. B.D. NR 5610.

The enormous distance of him who once raised up against me has also enormously decreased the effect of the power from me as the power which livens up everything and so the spiritual that once was full of life and power has robbed itself of power and has formed itself to hardest matter in the end because also spiritual substance hardens when it is no longer touched by my power of love in this endless far distance from me. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect beingness. This beingness was constantly radiated through with my power of love in its perfection and that way capable like me of unlimited works and activities. I am the primeval source of all power and all that exists is dependent on this power source. Nothing what has power independently exists apart from me and a detachment from me and my power therefore also means a complete ceasing to exist because from no other side would a power supply be possible. But a detachment from me is also not possible because my power cannot cease to exist eternally and is also not divisible eternally; but what emerged from my power can go away from me endlessly far and distance means that the power loses its effect, so that what goes away remains motionless as it were, and solidifies to a firm substance, to matter, that is therefore hardened spiritual substance, that lacks the ability to be active because it stepped out of the range of my love power radiation. So this is therefore the fate of the spiritual that fell away from me, that stands in furthest distance from me and still is eternally immortal. But all this is basically some beingness that once was capable of thinking to the highest degree, stood in knowledge and had free will and still lost all these divine evidences through its fall. Through my will these spiritual beingnesses dissolved into innumerable little particles to slowly reappear again through a process of healing recognized as successful by me when a certain degree of maturity or purification has been reached. So I bound the beingness that once was created free through the will of the being that was first created by me, by use of my power. But what became of this first created being? Since its fall this being wanders around as a spark of power and seeks to light up with the remaining power all that my will has wrested from it - but not to liven it up but to increase its power so that it excels myself, i.e. my power. What was bound through my will does not react to this lighting up, exactly because it does give no life to it. But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit. It lets itself blind by the spark because this spark does not give light but it is just a spark of delusion that blinds the eye to completely darken it - as also its power became ineffective through the falling away, through the endless far distance from me. But its beingness remained, it has not lost its self-consciousness and it therefore still can have an effect on what is likewise self-conscious, so can completely fill a man with its beingness without however being tied to only one man because of that. It can therefore exert its influence everywhere where men are who willingly turn to it through their mentality and therefore increase its power through union. He only still uses his remaining power for activities against me; he constantly seeks to increase it with the help of those men who surrender to him. Therefore this counter spirit works completely obviously; he also can completely obviously dominate a man totally but only as long as this one is to take the test of will on earth. Has he now reached his aim that he has won men for himself then he only has however promoted the hardening of spiritual substance and has divested himself of his power so that he himself is as it were completely lifeless the moment he can no longer cling to men who give their power of life to him. And this is then the case when a period of redemption ends, when he has drawn the greatest part of men to the abyss and the others are fully devoted to me. Then he himself is robbed of his power; then also he is in a bound state; he lies in chains - as long as he can again make the same attempts on men, until men themselves are again in a state that they increase his power, until they themselves as it were lose his chains through their wrong will which again is meant for matter, which is submissive to the will of my opponent and so therefore again lifts his position of power what becomes more and more obvious in every redemption period the more it draws to a close. That is why every redemption period will start with peaceful harmony, with a true paradise on earth, and end with satanic activity, as long as also the last beingness is wrested from my opponent, until he himself is so powerless that he asks for power from me - until he himself will return to me into his father's house - that he once left of his own free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5610.


Now this message coming from Bertha Dudde is just one of many which explain where mass comes from. This website deals a lot with this subject, for example in Creation, and other webpages.

We have also pointed to the simple-mindedness of scientists in general and of the simple-mindedness of physicists in particular. Now this is an important aspect. If this aspect, the simple-mindedness of physicist – generally - is not understood, one is quite prone to get impressed by them and what they have to say.

The above message is from the year 1953 and therefore 60 years old and should be known by people who are talking about the subject. This is of course not the case – for a lot of reasons. One of them is their lack of desire for the truth, but there are many others.

One reason why they should know about it is that they call themselves scientists, therefore people who know, but knowledge is the last thing they are really interested in and probably also capable to grasp, simple because right from the start they have excluded spiritual knowledge from the so-called scientific agenda.

So this lack of spiritual knowledge might be excusable – for some – but this lack of knowledge goes a lot further and that directly to their own field, physics.

We have seen this in recent months when the speed of neutrinos was discussed in the community of the physicists. They simple ignored or repressed knowledge they all know about and that is the knowledge about quantum mechanics.

Now also this subject was discussed in detail on this website.

On the webpage 2012 Jun 27 (2) – Consequences of quantum theory for example a physicist, mind you, wrote: This different thinking would for instance force us to question the financing of particle accelerators for nuclear physicists costing billions.

So there are physicists, unfortunately a minority, who are not simple-minded. But the majority is - is stupid. Now this last word might sound uncalled-for but we should consciously make use of it just in order to be aware of the real situation.

Yesterday also highlighted the fact that not very much happened in the last 50 years in physics and yesterday’s event was now a big boost for them. And they seem to have been very successful with their PR work and if now a politician would call for that what was just quoted, stopping the financing of particle accelerators for nuclear physicists costing billions, he would run into problems. But politicians seem to have put pressure on them, because they, Cern, now talk about this year being the year when it will be known if the Higgs boson exists or not. They are actually doing something what they would consider not to be their job at all: prophesying. Another stupid thing to do – for them.

Yesterday it was also reported that Germany carries 20 % of the cost of Cern and also:

Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan (CDU) congratulated the scientists in Geneva for their discovery of a new particle. “The search for the Higgs particle has now lasted almost 50 years, but now the discovery could have been successful.”

So she seems to also have to have to justify the billions she spends and therefore is now glad that some results have been forthcoming. These results however seem to be more of a PR nature than of reality. These guys at Cern are mainly civil servants and this applies also to most of the rest of the physicists worldwide and now – they think – they have something to show for and a justification for their work.

Here a statement from Cern boss Heuer:

Pure research is expensive. The Federal Research ministry, as biggest financer, alone spends with annually about 180 million euro approximately 20 per cent of membership contribution to the Cern budget.But science is worthy of this money, emphasizes Heuer.

That is probably the driving reason behind this great PR show. Heuer and his friends worry about some people in the government in Berlin, from the same party as Annette Schavan (CDU), stopping the pumping of money to Geneva. And if Germany stops the money then the rest will probably follow suit.

And that is probably also the reason why Heuer is active as a prophet. He had to keep Berlin in a good mood, because they gave him a dead line.


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