Weizsäcker, a type of Antichrist.

The Weizsäckers – the grand master deceivers - Comment on 2012 June 30

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2012 June 30

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Richard von Weizsäcker comes very close to a type of Antichrist. Read more:

Two days ago was the day when Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was born 100 years ago and there were several articles in the media about him. My first entry about this was 2012 Jun 22 (2) – Weizsäcker was always dead wrong and my interest in this man was due to the Bethe-Weizsäcker-cycle which tries to explain where the Sun gets its energy from. My encyclopaedia says: “To explain the mechanism of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. It could not be solved up to now but only many possibilities were considered.”

Weizsäcker’s idea is just one of such possibilities. But as with many such ideas, scientist quickly forget that it just an idea and consider it as fact. And not only that, they then carry on and base most of the science of astrophysics on it.

My second entry about Weizsäcker was then 2012 Jun 26 – Causality, the relationship of cause and effect, the principle that everything has a cause, is a mistake and there I reported about an article that brought something about quantum mechanics – causality – and that article was even more negative than the previous one: “The philosopher who loved the atom bomb. In the Third Reich he pushed the building of a plutonium bomb and propagated its employment.”

And the third entry was 2012 Jun 27 (2) – Consequences of quantum theory and there it was more about the schizophrenic behaviour of scientists.

The reading of articles about Weizsäcker caused me to have a closer look at the man and his background and to have a look at his family, his father and his brother. About his brother I have read for decades and this caused me to now write about these grand masters of deceit.

So let us have a look at the first grand master deceiver, the father of the two brothers.

Ernst von Weizsäcker (1882-1951) was a war criminal. 1949 he was sentenced for crimes against humanity to prison. He was a high ranking official of the Nazi system. He was state secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs. He was a member of the Nazi party. And he was a SS man and a high ranking one. He was SS-Brigadeführer – SS brigade leader. He belonged to the personal headquarters of Himmler. To become a member of the Nazi party was in such a high position probably unavoidable, but this man also became a top SS man.

He was first state secretary of the Foreign Office and therefore Ribbentrop’s highest ranking official. He got into that position 1938. The photo taken at the Munich Agreement of 1938, were Hitler deceived Chamberlain, shows the leaders in the front row and behind Hitler Ribbentrop and Ernst von Weizsäcker. The grand master of deception is right there. And he was probably also one of the main architects of Russo-German non-aggression pact of 1939. Now this pact was also all about deceit. It was to deceive Stalin. It was the plan to start World War II. I would not be surprised if this idea came directly from Ernst von Weizsäcker and was sold to Hitler probable the same way as his son, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker tried to sell to Hitler the atom bomb. Not only the idea of deceiving Stalin, but also the idea of conquering the world and therefore of setting the entire world on fire might have originated in this man.

Now his sons grew up in the home of this man. They were exposed to the frame of mind of this grand master of deception. Deception was just part of their upbringing; it was part of the household atmosphere.

From Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1912-2007) we know already that he loved the atom bomb. In the Third Reich he pushed the building of a plutonium bomb and propagated its employment.

He was one of the many people who were Nazis or the sons of Nazis who made every effort to destroy the democracy that existed after the war in the west of Germany.

His father was a man who saw himself in a situation of evil, being with men like Himmler and Hitler, people who were willing and able to execute plans which they might not have instigated themselves and he now could cause them to atrocities of major extent. And the son now found himself, after the war, in a system which was the exact opposite, so he had to employ his efforts to undermine this system in order to make it become as evil as the system he had worked for before.

Now he was an all-rounder. He employed science and philosophy and religion. He wanted to become a philosopher but then became a scientist after meeting Heisenberg. But after the war he mainly was a philosopher. Now what is a philosopher? A philosopher is a man who is interested in the really important things of life but who does not want to acknowledge God and therefore turns to something where he can satisfy his mind with some elaborate and sophisticated thought structures which are supposed to explain everything. But in reality it is all about the war against God. And the most effective weapon in the war against God, the most effective weapon against God, is religion. When God came to earth it were the religious guys who tried untiringly to hunt him down and kill him and finally did kill him. And so it has been for the last 2000 years. Religion’s most important aim is always to kill the body of Christ, the body where the real believers are.

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was a scientist and a philosopher and a Christian. If he would have been a real Christian, he would have been a seeker of truth. And if he would have been a seeker of truth, he would have found truth; it was right there in his own country, available in his own language: the messages of Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde lived from 1891 to 1965 and Weizsäcker died 2007, so more than 40 years after Bertha Dudde, so for 40 years he had the opportunity to read what Bertha Dudde had written down. He claimed to be Christian and Christ spoke, in his country, in his language, and he did not listen. He claimed to be a scientist, a man who knows, and he did not know, he did not know all the things that Christ explained about the world and how it worked and had come into being.

Instead of seeking truth he sought to turn the mind of the people towards evil.

I read something today that gives a good idea what kind of evil I am here talking about.

Now follow some quotes from what I read today:


Labour camp

“Up to 51 degree frost they drove us to work in the Gulag”

From Stalin to Gorbatschow: The Ukrainian Myroslaw Symtschytsch has spent 11,886 days behind barbed wire, survived torture. Today the 89 year old lives in Galizien and reveals his memoirs.

Myroslaw Symtschytsch lives as honorary citizen in the town in Kolomyja in the Ukraine.

More than 32 years in Soviet camps, the first in the notorious area Magadan at the polar circle: How does a person endure that? The old Mr Symtschytsch has lost his teeth there through scurvy. His fingernails are broken. But he still goes out of the house, out of his apartment in an old building made from prefabricated slabs. When he has put on his hearing aid he is wide awake and can tell for hours.

About his fight as partisan against Soviet power, which earned him arrest 1948 and 25 years detention for “fatherland betrayal” and “counter revolutionary” activity. 1968, during a short time in freedom, he got married, was soon again arrested and again sentenced. The chain of punishments ended on 30th of April 1985 – under State and Party Chief Michail Gorbatschow, whose reforms started the downfall of the dictatorship.

“You ask what has given me the power? Right from the beginning I believed that we will win, that one day the Soviet Union will fall apart and that I be released. I just did not know when. 1948 the Soviet Union was flourishing. It had the atom bomb, it scared the whole world. The western world trembled with fear before it. But we believed that we can lay the Soviet Union in ruins.

When the world war had ended then we really started the war with full power. We carried on fighting until…, well, until 1954. We believed that we would win. We believed and we knew it. But when it then happened, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, it still came as a surprise. For us and the entire world.

Why did it fall apart? It rotted from inside after all. All that was just built on violence, on dictatorship. The nations which were in it all just waited only for the moment to tear themselves away. And we had the wish to have our own state. We are an old Nation after all… Our state, the Kiev Rus, has played the first fiddle in the tenth century in Europe. After that, well, this state had disintegrated. But the nation carried on living, until today. As our poet Schewtschenko has said: Fight, then you will win.

When I came into the camp at Magadan, in the Far East, then I knew already: It is bad in the Soviet camps. So insofar reality did not disappoint me. So when I got there I immediately took up the fight. We, above all the Ukrainians, we did not stop fighting there after all. Only the methods were different. We have organized strikes and uprisings. The revolts, which took place there, forced the system to start an easing of tensions.

At that time there were ten or twelve million prisoners. In the end there was an Ukas 1956 to review the judgements. And then 90 per cent of the prisoners were released. So our struggle in the camp was also not for nothing. The thing then still drew out somewhat but 1991 the system finally collapsed. We laid it in ruins from inside.

You in the West sat still after all, like mice. You were afraid of Russia. But we, a small group without support, we fought until the demolishing of the Soviet Union. And we also still fight today. Because the Putin is today not better than the Breschnew or the Stalin. Russia has always been like this after all, since the yoke of the Tartars, since Ivan the Horrible.

The greatest heroism is to have oneself under control. When you have control over yourself from childhood and all life, then you keep your health, then you will live long. I fought six years in the UPA, then I sat 32 years, six month and three days in the concentration camps, overcame torture, and now, I would not say, that I am healthy, I have my complaints, but well. I am on my legs and can discuss things with you.

When they caught me, then, I have not betrayed 99 per cent of my acts. Three times they tortured me, until I was unconscious. Once I lay there for a long time, and when I woke up I saw seven rations bread in the cell and with it always twelve gram of sugar. Then I knew that seven days had passed.

My aim was to betray no-one in the interrogation. I wanted that I, even so, I then die honourably. That no-one spits on me after death. The torture, that was so: They pulled up the trouser-leg, tied it up, and then they hit on the shin-bone with an iron rod. Once. Once again. Once again… Well, will you talk? I am silent. Then they hit again: once. Once again. And so on, until you lose consciousness. And when one loses consciousness, then it does not matter. Whether they hit one or not.

Still something else: Often they hit and measured the fiver in the process. When a man gets hit the temperature rises. At 42 degree they stop to hit. So that he does not die. Because they of course want something from you. Also when you have held out today, tomorrow you no longer hold out. And so they tortured me for three months. When they sentenced me the second time, they no longer did this. There they knew of course already everything; there they had statements against me, everything, what they wanted.

I was always believing. Prayer always helps. When they hit me, I asked God: Help that I die honourably. And he did help me. He always helped me.

When I was still young, 1941, when the Germans came, we thought, they help us to found an own state. We hoped for the Germans like for the Lord God. Like for brothers. There were also two Ukrainian units with the Wehrmacht, the “Roland” and the “Nachtigall” (Nightingale). We thought that is the germ-cell of our army. And then our organisation proclaimed an independent state. Whereupon the Germans immediately reacted sharply.

They have arrested, the entire government. The entire Intelligenzija. And our people from the underground. And then the raids; whoever they could get hold of, off to forced labour to Germany. That has shown us that there was no difference between Moscow people and Germans. Only, with the Moscow people we knew it already, but the Germans we considered first to be a civilized nation, a European one.

We thought, they will not commit crimes. But it came otherwise. In a short time they have shot half of our Intelligenzija. The Germans aimed more for Intelligenzija. The simple people to forced labour, and the Intelligenzija they shot locally. The Moscow people however sent everyone to Siberia. One died there, the other was left. Do you understand the difference?


That was the Ukrainian Myroslaw Symtschytsch.

Now he experienced the Germans and the Russians, the Nazis and the Communists.

He experienced the two systems that were supported, and still are supported, by the Weizsäckers.

One can call them authoritarian systems, or dictatorships. But the basic principle is that of evil. Systems, that are part of the regiment of Antichrist.

Ernst Weizsäcker was a Nazi, even a high ranking SS man. He was right at the top, right there behind Hitler and Mussolini. He was a war criminal. He committed crimes against humanity. He actively participated in the deportation of French Jews to Auschwitz.

His son Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was eagerly supporting both systems. During the times of the Nazis he was “The philosopher who loved the atom bomb. In the Third Reich he pushed the building of a plutonium bomb and propagated its employment.” And after the Nazis he supported the Communists. And they awarded him. He became honorary doctor of the Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig. So he was something like a Stalin-Prize-Winner. He had become a hero of the methods of Joseph Stalin.

And he had a younger brother, Richard von Weizsäcker, born 1920.

This younger brother now comes already very close to a type of Antichrist. When one reads about the characteristics of Antichrist then we are dealing with something quite sophisticated, quite advanced in the art of deception.

Deceiving is the most outstanding characteristic of the devil:

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Revelation 12:9.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. Revelation 20:10.

Now he, Richard von Weizsäcker, was not a civil servant like his father, or a scientist and philosopher like his brother, he was a politician, he was a top politician, he was the head of state, of his country, like Obama is head of state of his country.

Now during his career as politician there was one outstanding characteristic in his making politics and that was that he again and again, whenever there was an opportunity, he tried to pull the others, other politicians, the people, public opinion, away from the truth towards evil. This was a permanent feature in his makeup. It was always confirmed by the outcry of other politicians against his action. Politicians who were not part of the regiment of Antichrist always immediately responded to him trying to pull them away from the right way and pulling them towards the wrong way, the left way.

So his aim was to reach the top and from there to introduce the revolution from the top. Antichrist is busy to do that now. He wants the backing of the relevant world leaders in order to become the world leader.

How does deception work? You go to the top, let us say to Christ, and present truth to him, or something quite close to truth, like “for it is written” – quote Scripture - and then you try to divert from the truth, just a little bit. That is all that is needed.

You go to the church, the real church, there were an awakening is taking place, and there you play the awakened Christian and you are one of them. Everybody considers you as one of them. That is the start. And from there you proceed. For example, in order to become a wolf, you tell them they must become now a real church, with a cleric and so on.

In the world you become a politician and join a party, the governing party, may be even a party that calls itself a Christian party. And there you rise to the top. And there you pull to – not to the right way, but the wrong one.

And you do that just a little bit. A little bit is enough. A little bit is enough to distort the truth. A little bit is the beginning of falsity. And that is all you want. Falsity has won.

Let us take an example. Here a quote about the 40th anniversary of the ending of the war in Europe:

Weizsäcker had an integrating effect and reached high recognition aboard with his speech on the 8th May 1985, in which he described the 8th of May 1945 as “day of liberation from the inhuman system of National Socialist despotism.”

Now this is deception. It is a half-truth and therefore falsity. It is a half-truth because it applies to half of Germany only, the western part of Germany. It does not apply to the eastern part of Germany. It was not at all liberation for the eastern part of Germany. For the eastern part of Germany it was hell. Absolute hell. For them it was occupation by a foreign power, by a system at least as evil as the one they had been “liberated” from. They, the civilians, got killed, raped, mugged, imprisoned, dispossessed, starved, taken to Siberia, frozen, and enslaved for decades.

That is hypocrisy. The big promoter of Weizsäcker was Kohl, another hypocrite. Weizsäcker was head of state and Kohl was head of government. On the 20th of July 1994, half a century after Stauffenberg, the German chancellor stood before the people of Germany and called upon them to resist dictatorships and the same month he rolled out the red carpet for the representatives of the most evil dictatorship of our time.

It was the dark age of the Christian party in Germany, the age of the masters of deception, the age of the hypocrites.

It was the age where Antichrist had great influence upon them and pulled them into his regiment.

Go and read about Antichrist to learn how deception works and how deceit is practised.

And like Obama he, Richard von Weizsäcker, liked to be known as a Christian. He was even the top Christian, the top Christian of the laity. He was president of the Church congress.


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