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Angela Merkel - Comment on 2012 June 26 (2)

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2012 June 26 (2)

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Angela Merkel and Barack Obama represent the most visible persons of a polarizing which has developed. The American president is the symbol of destructiveness and Angela Merkel the exact opposite. Read more:

Today I dealt with Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker a second time and there I came again to a statement about German politics half a century ago.

I want to bring first this statement:

After the war Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker goes to Göttingen to the Max Planck Institute for Physics. The responsibility of the natural scientist in the atom age and world peace now become his determining subjects. More strongly he now turns to philosophy and ethics and 1957 he causes a political sensation. Together with Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg and 15 further high ranking scientists he speaks against the atomic arming of the federal army.

The “Göttingen 18”, as they are christened by the press, stand clearly against Atom Minister Franz Josef Strauß and Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. At a meeting with the scientists Strauß yells and swears at them. Adenauer is enraged about the "shouts of triumph" of the GDR. The press echo at home and abroad is immense. After three days Adenauer puts the brakes on, cancels all appointments and invites a delegation of researchers to explain the military situation to them. The meeting ends with the giving in of the chancellor.

Franz Josef Strauß was at that time minister of defence and he obviously wanted to have a fighting force for his country that could defend it, also against opponents who had modern weapons.

The decision was then made against this; it was probably hoped the embedding in an alliance would be sufficient.

This also seemed to be the case until recently. Germany still had France as a close ally and this also seems to be now the case, but that is now more a formal thing, because France has now experienced a change and that country is now governed by a government whose way of thinking is quite kindred to that which prevails in Washington. The government in London seems to have fallen into line with the course of Washington already a long time ago and therefore Germany has actually no real ally who would be able to defend it. The president of the United States has in the last four years proven to be the one who is described in the prophecies as Antichrist.

He tries hard to get the support of the leaders of the world, and there he seems to be quite successful. He especially tries to establish good relations with Angela Merkel because he knows her influence. The two simply represent the most visible persons of this polarizing which has developed. The American president is the symbol of destructiveness and Angela Merkel the exact opposite.

Angela Merkel’s influence is based on her constructive politics. She is today by far that person who as the leader of a country has such a reputation as no other. But as already said her reputation is mainly based on her constructive handling of the problems of the world, especially of those of Europe. The economic size of her country actually plays a less important role then; most of her predecessors in the office as head of government of her country were also backed by this economic influence of their country, but they did not have this talent of Angela Merkel.

For two decades Germany has the advantage to no longer being exposed to the direct, close threat of an aggressive superpower. At the moment Germany seems to have hardly any enemies.

According to the prophecies however huge armed conflicts lie ahead, and one of the reasons for it is the behaviour of Antichrist, who, despite of relatively successful endeavours of most of the leaders of the world to keep world peace, will be successful to sow discord through deceptions.

Mrs Merkel therefore has superiority, but this is based almost exclusively on her personality and less on the economic and financial power of her country and even less on the military power of her country. This lack of military influence will always have to be considered in her considerations, and is a genuine handicap for her and it will be interesting to see how the future develops for her. Will she in future succeed escaping the pressure coming from Washington?

This development could of course simply go in the direction that the electorate withdraws the mandate.

At the moment all sympathizers of Mr Obama seem to find the range of Mrs Merkel and when Mrs Merkel outlives this in the next years then this would be quite remarkable.

If Merkel is removed, the biggest hindrance for Antichrist is removed.

Next year elections are to be expected and her reputation in her country is high but the reputations of the parties supporting her will be more decisive and there the problems will be.

The party supporting her in Bavaria does not seem to be able to get out of the low and the second big area necessary to support her is North Rhine Westphalia, and there her party seems to be at a new beginning and in opposition, and the government there is popular.

So the weakness is the party; the leaderships of the past have weakened the party, with political aims which were set against the original principles; and this prevented able people to joint it and the able people, who already belonged to it, withdrew. The able people who now joined Mrs Merkel will probably not be enough to compensate for the shortcomings of the past.

When the Americans 1958, after the time of government by Eisenhower, decided to let themselves be governed by people who caused chaos, who lead their country and the western world to a low with Vietnam, a real leader of the western world arose in Charles de Gaulle, who gave it a leader, who made its continuance possible and now, after the Americans have elected Antichrist as their leader, the western world has a leader in Angela Merkel who represents its free ideals. The future will show whether she will keep on being successful. The prophecies seem to forecast an unchecked ascent of Antichrist and that to such a point where he executes total power, exactly to the point where he goes down into the abyss.


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