Weizsäcker wanted to build the atom bomb for Hitler.

Weizsäcker was always dead wrong - Comment on 2012 June 22 (2)

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2012 June 22 (2)

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1937 Weizsäcker deciphered the nuclear processes, which supply the energy to our Sun. Read more:

Today I read an article about Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker und bring excerpts from it and after that comments to the excerpts:


Hundred years ago the physicist and philosopher Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker was born. He wanted to build the atom bomb for Hitler and after the war he fought for world peace.

In the end of his life scepticism was predominant. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, the great nuclear physicist, the philosopher, Christian and – yes, also that – mystic believed that there is no civilizing or political problem which cannot be solved through common applied reason.

With two atom bombs on Japanese cities the USA had ended the Second World War. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker stood on the side of the war opponent until 1945, had researched for the National Socialistic officers. Together with Werner Heisenberg he pushed the so-called Uran-Verein of the German nuclear programme.

The news of the setting off in Japan the physicist heard together with other former German scientists like Werner Heisenberg and Otto Hahn, who had discovered the nuclear fission, being interned in British Farm Hall.

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, born hundred years ago on 28th of June 1912 in Kiel, represented like hardly any other the rise of German science and at the same time the political tragedy of hanger-on-ship and submission to the regime of Adolf Hitler.

From 1929 to 1933 he studied in Berlin, Göttingen and Leipzig at Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg and Friedrich Hund, where he won the doctorate. At the same time as the physicist Hans Bethe, who emigrated because of his Jewish descent, he supplied a formula for the bond energy of atomic nuclei and 1937 deciphered – likewise at the same time with Bethe – also the nuclear processes, which supply the energy to our Sun. This combustion of hydrogen to helium in stars is therefore called Bethe-Weizsäcker-cycle.

After the war Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker goes to Göttingen to the Max Planck Institute for Physics. The responsibility of the natural scientist in the age of the atom and world peace now become his determining subjects. He turns more greatly toward philosophy and ethics and 1957 causes a political sensation. Together with Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg and 15 further high ranking scientists he speaks against the atomic arming of the federal army.

The “Göttingen 18”, as they are christened by the press, stand clearly against Atom Minister Franz Josef Strauß and Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

Adenauer is enraged about the "shouts of triumph" of the GDR.

Also on Church congresses Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker is a constant admonisher for peace. There he stands up for a radical pacifism as the only possible one for a Christian.


So, those were a few quotes. Now a few comments.

From the just given quotes the following situations emerge where Weizsäcker was deadly wrong.

When Germany was a dictatorship, when Germany wanted to force its dictatorship upon the entire world, he stood at the side of the dictator. He was wrong – completely.

After this dictatorship was over, and the entire East of Germany was terrorized by another dictatorship, and Weizsäcker lived in the free West, in West Germany, as a free person and enjoyed freedom there, he supported this new dictatorship of Stalinism. He was one of the useful idiots of Lenin and supported the aims of this totalitarian regime, which over decades enslaved millions of people and strove for world dominion and spread terror all over the world and caused war. The communists could not find a better speaker for their aims to reach military superiority.

As a Christian he was completely wrong because he stood up for radical pacifism. A discussion about this can be found in The urge to organize. There one can read what Jesus thinks about pacifism.

And now the forth situation where Weizsäcker was wrong. This situation is the actual reason why I am dealing with Weizsäcker. It is the subject: The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions.

Above this it is called: the nuclear processes, which supply the energy to our Sun.

Here he is wrong as a scientist and as a Christian. That he is wrong as a scientist has often been mentioned on this website, the last time probably in the entry 2012 May 27 – The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions and that he is wrong as a Christian simply follows from God not only creating everything with his energy and having created it but he also sustains it.

Especially on this website this Christian, scientific viewpoint was again and again highlighted. The messages coming from Bertha Dudde, which are again and again given, describe this process again and again in many details.

Here one of several webpages of this website which deal with this: 2011 Aug 10 – Sunlight.

The man Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker can therefore be considered to be a typical example of a scientist of ours. All the many negative qualities of scientists which have been emphasized again and again on this website, seem to be reflected in him. His being Christian seems to be a very superficial one; his knowledge of the Bible is either wanting or is simply not believed.

On this website Weizsäcker was mentioned the last time on the webpage 2012 Jun 20 (2) – Is information a fundamental quantity?.

A further fact where Weizsäcker is wrong is his participation in Church congresses. It demonstrates his support for man-made churches, denominations, the enemies of the body of Christ and also shows again a complete lack of Bible knowledge and Bible understanding. Have a look at The Man-Made Church.


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