Today the world of physics is in many ways conceptually unsettled.

Physics is conceptually unsettled - Comment on 2012 June 9

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2012 June 9

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They either think Einstein and relativity or they think quantum mechanics, but they can’t think both. Read more:

Today I read an article that nicely reflects the situation in which physics finds itself.

Here a quote from that article:

Today the world of physics is in many ways conceptually unsettled. Will physicists ever find an interpretation of quantum mechanics that makes sense? Is “quantum entanglement” logically consistent with special relativity? Is string theory empirically meaningful? How are time and entropy related? Can the constants of physics be explained by appeal to an unobservable “multiverse”?

I also found this article interesting because just yesterday I read something that highlighted this bothering situation.

Here a quote from the article I read yesterday:

Albert Einstein can finally again breathe a sigh of relief and with him all who already always firmly trusted his theory of relativity. Because the cosmic speed limit, after what nothing can spread faster than light, keeps its untouched validity. New measurements have now finally refuted the irritating results of a European research group from the past year after what artificially produced neutrinos allegedly flew with super light speed and with it dispelled all doubts. The new results were announced on Friday at the „International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics“ in Kyoto, Japan.

I think this whole discussion about the speed of neutrinos, which goes on since last year, very nicely highlights this problem of the physicists, that today the world of physics is in many ways conceptually unsettled.

In this case it is about: Is “quantum entanglement” logically consistent with special relativity?

According to Einstein nothing can spread faster than light. Einstein’s idea “keeps its untouched validity.”

According to “quantum entanglement” we have the following situation and I am quoting here from the entry 2012 May 23 (2) – Consciousness forms physical matter, where it is about Biocentrism:

Quantum mechanics is the physicist’s most accurate model for describing the world of the atom. But it also makes some of the most persuasive arguments that conscious perception is integral to the workings of the universe. Quantum theory tells us that an unobserved small object (for instance, an electron or a photon - a particle of light) exists only in a blurry, unpredictable state, with no well-defined location or motion until the moment it is observed. This is Werner Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle. Physicists describe the phantom, not-yet-manifest condition as a wave function, a mathematical expression used to find the probability that a particle will appear in any given place. When a property of an electron suddenly switches from possibility to reality, some physicists say its wave function has collapsed.

What accomplishes this collapse? Messing with it. Hitting it with a bit of light in order to take its picture. Just looking at it does the job. Experiments suggest that mere knowledge in the experimenter’s mind is sufficient to collapse a wave function and convert possibility to reality. When particles are created as a pair - for instance, two electrons in a single atom that move or spin together - physicists call them entangled. Due to their intimate connection, entangled particles share a wave function. When we measure one particle and thus collapse its wave function, the other particle’s wave function instantaneously collapses too. If one photon is observed to have a vertical polarization (its waves all moving in one plane), the act of observation causes the other to instantly go from being an indefinite probability wave to an actual photon with the opposite, horizontal polarity - even if the two photons have since moved far from each other.

In 1997 University of Geneva physicist Nicolas Gisin sent two entangled photons zooming along optical fibers until they were seven miles apart. One photon then hit a two-way mirror where it had a choice: either bounce off or go through. Detectors recorded what it randomly did. But whatever action it took, its entangled twin always performed the complementary action. The communication between the two happened at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light. It seems that quantum news travels instantaneously, limited by no external constraints - not even the speed of light. Since then, other researchers have duplicated and refined Gisin’s work. Today no one questions the immediate nature of this connectedness between bits of light or matter, or even entire clusters of atoms.

Before these experiments most physicists believed in an objective, independent universe. They still clung to the assumption that physical states exist in some absolute sense before they are measured.

All of this is now gone for keeps.

The communication between the two happened at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light, says the physicist. And the other physicist says, nothing can spread faster than light. And the critical observer says, today the world of physics is in many ways conceptually unsettled.

About this whole neutrino speed business I read for the first time on the 23rd of September 2011 and I then came across something that expressed very much my reaction and that was a comment to an article and this comment was this:

I thought the concept wasn't that new, in terms of the potential for information to travel faster than light. I'm thinking of that particle 'spin' thing I read about somewhere years ago, whereas one certain type of particle instantaneously reacts if another is experimented with, no matter how far away they are from each other.

And this was then of course a confirmation for me and so I made the following comment in my entry of that day, 2011 Sep 23 (2) – Neutrinos, and wrote the following:

Coming back to speed, the speed of light, or of neutrinos: When one has a look at claims of some scientists, that there is nothing that is faster than light, or than a neutrino, and then has a look at claims of other scientists, that a particle reacts instantaneously if another is experienced with, no matter how far away they are from each other, then one can wonder, if these scientist are still okay.

So I asked myself whether these scientists are still okay and carried on observing the discussion about neutrino speed and then I dealt with 2012 Feb 10 – Scientist and clerics, and showed that both of them are really religionists, people who have religious beliefs, the religion of scientist being atheism and materialism. And there I pointed out the dangerous situation scientists have put mankind in by them turning away from the spiritual side of life and therefore from all the solutions to the problems of mankind, like suffering from illnesses of the body and of the mind. And as an example I then showed the contradictions of those who propagate the theory of evolution and how circular reasoning often predominates there and how the theory of evolution is used to prove the theory of evolution and how funny that actually is and that the whole situation is actually a humorous one and that again caused me to call scientists comedians, dangerous comedians.

Now when scientist are asked for an interpretation of the results of quantum mechanics they sometimes like to refer to the science of philosophy and say that it is their job to do this. And philosophers come up with ideas about this. But also here it is important to know that they, the philosophers, basically belong to the same sect as the rest of the scientists, to atheism and materialism, and when you go to them, they will, in principle, dish out the same religion, simply because they belong to the same denomination and way of thinking. The main purpose of this religion, of materialism and atheism, is to fight God and everything that has to do with God and to keep you away from God, just like all the other denominations. So there is only one way to handle this and that is to completely break loose from them and after that one will have still plenty of work to do to get all the stuff they have imparted into a person out of the system. Again and again areas will be discovered where they have deceived a person and let astray with their so-called scientific methods. Now in order to understand what denominations are all about one has to make quite a study of them and there I can only refer to The Man-Made Church, a book that deals with this problem in many details.

Now in order to be able to completely break loose, you really have to understand that there is really something wrong with the mind of these people – the majority of scientists – that they are deranged. If you do not reach this point you will not only carry on being impressed by all the things they have put into your mind over the years, but will also in future be open to their suggestions and claims.

I just want to give you one reason why scientists are insane and that is that they not only do not read the information that is available and that describes how things work but that they even do not know that it exists. And the reason for this is again them being religious guys who only read and believe what their denomination says.

The word science denotes knowledge, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’. They claim to be people with knowledge, who have knowledge, und that is what they actually do not have.

Have a look at the webpage 2012 Mar 12 (4) – The mentally disturbed – the mad and you will find some more reasons for calling them insane.

Now this does not only apply to the majority of scientists, it also applies to all the people who write about science and publish this tuff and it also applies to the masses that read this and believe it.

And on the just mentioned webpage you will also find spiritual reasons for them being insane. Just read what Emanuel Swedenborg has to say and it will become clear that we are dealing here with people with a split mind, who are schizophrenic, experiencing or maintaining contradictory attitudes, emotions. They either think Einstein and relativity or they think quantum mechanics, but they can’t think both.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind. Romans 1:28.


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