The relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran has deteriorated.

Azerbaijan - Comment on 2012 June 6

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2012 June 6

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The relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran has deteriorated amid deep unease in Tehran over expanding military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel. Read more:

I am interested in Azerbaijan since I read Daniel 8:4 and found that this prophecy could apply to our time and that the ram mentioned there could be Iran and that the ram butting northward could be an attack on Azerbaijan.

The last webpage dealing with Azerbaijan was 2011 Feb 23 Ė Will Iran attack its neighbours?.

Today I read an article about Azerbaijan which had some current information about this country and I now bring some excerpts from this article:


Iran and Azerbaijan, wary neighbors, find less to agree on

The perennially tense relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran, wary neighbors on the Caspian Sea, has deteriorated in recent weeks amid deep unease in Tehran over expanding military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel.

Officially, Azerbaijan says it wants to remain neutral in the confrontation over Iranís nuclear program. But the government of President Ilham Aliyev has loudly defended its right to strengthen military ties with Israel, signaled most recently by Azerbaijanís purchase of $1.6 billion worth of Israeli-made weapons. However, both countries have denied reports that Azerbaijan has given Israel access to its military bases to keep watch over Iran.

With overland supply routes closed in Pakistan, NATO is relying heavily on airfields in Azerbaijan to move supplies to and from Afghanistan.

Ties to the West, however, are only one factor in the tensions with Iran. Azerbaijan has long chafed at Iranís support of Armenia, Azerbaijanís western neighbor and sworn enemy, in the long-running war over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Moscow is now seeking to renegotiate a lease for a major radar installation in Gabala, Azerbaijan, that is used to track missiles across a huge portion of the globe. Baku demands $300 million for a new five-year term, a jump from the current $7 million lease.

Russia has blamed the United States for pressing Azerbaijan to raise the rent, and has recently threatened to abandon the radar station.

The strained ties between Azerbaijan and Iran also raised the prospect of unrest among the more than 20 million ethnic Azerbaijanis who live in Iran, mostly along its northern border.

It is in the border areas where the current tensions are felt most. Every day in Bilasuvar, truckers line up to cross into Iran, many of them heading to Nakhichevan, an exclave that is cut off from the rest of Azerbaijan because of Armeniaís control of Nagorno-Karabakh. By land, it is accessible only through Iran.

For Israel, Azerbaijan has emerged as an extraordinary ally ó a friendly Muslim nation that is willing to cooperate on military and strategic issues. And Israel, more than other countries, seems to feel empathy for the tough neighborhood in which Azerbaijan finds itself, bordered by a declared enemy and two other countries it cannot fully trust.

From Azerbaijanís view, Israel has been more understanding than European countries that have criticized Baku about rights abuses but that do not acknowledge the challenges on its borders or the difficulty in building a secular culture in a predominantly Muslim country.

In a clear rebuke of Iranís theocracy, Baku has loudly emphasized its desire for a secular society.


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