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The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions - Comment on 2012 May 27

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2012 May 27

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Quantum mechanics is about the producing of material things, and that is about material things coming into being out of spiritual things. Read more:

A couple of days ago I read in a book about physics the expression "The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions" and I noted down this expression because it so nicely describes the present concept of scientists about the Sun.

I used this expression already four days ago when I wrote the following about our scientists:

This year we had the news that the experiment IceCube did not bring the results they hoped for and expected,
2012 Apr 28 – Astrophysics: Where does the cosmic radiation come from? and
2012 May 02 – Cosmic radiation
and this new situation is probably at the moment digested by them and we will probably soon hear about some results of this transformation and we will have to see if things and theories like “The Sun’s energy-producing fusion reactions” are getting dismantled.

It is here about the following and I quote from the entry 2011 Oct 02 – Neutrinos and science:

I come here back to the entry
2010 Sep 25 – The heat of the sun
and there it was about the corona of the sun being very much hotter than the surface of the sun and that the corona is heated by something else than direct heat transfer from the photosphere – the surface. And then came the following:

“For the maintenance of this high temperature energy has to be supplied to the corona. To explain the mechanism of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. It could not be solved up to now but only many possibilities were considered.”

Today now I read the following in the writings of Jakob Lorber:

But the Sun is actually no fire, but that what you see as light is the radiation of its atmospheric surface, which is caused by the revolution of the sun itself again around its axis und even more so by its extraordinary fast move around a middle sun, which is still much further away from it. Through such movements of the Sun in the wide ether space an extraordinary great electric effect is achieved on its atmospheric surface, and its light gleam is therefore in a very heightened degree (the same) as it is the shine of your lightning, only with the difference that the extraordinary development of the lightning on the air surface of the Sun is an uninterrupted one, while the lightning on this Earth only develops here and there through greater friction of the air parts in a very little degree and that is why it always only shines an extremely short time.

This is now an explanation of what really takes place there on the Sun and it is an explanation that is reasonable and makes sense.

This just quoted material is one and a half century old and is therefore not something entirely new. For 150 years this explanation exists. I read this material already four years ago, only that I was not particularly interested in scientific things at that time. Today I was on the lookout for something else and came again across of this and was quite pleased having found it.

Therefore for 150 years a reasonable explanation exists where the energy of the Sunlight comes from.

And what do scientists say? They say the mechanism of the energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. It could not be solved up to now but only many possibilities were considered.”

This claim of scientists one can actually described no other way than that it is a lie. They tell us lies.

I am quite often engaged in checking my negative attitude toward scientists, scientists in general, and to consider whether I am not going too far with it. But the more I devote myself to this activity the more things cross my way which cause me to revise my attitude, but upwards: The entire misery of our scientists cannot be criticized enough and their negative influence emphasized.

Yesterday I dealt with String theory and quantum mechanics and when one has a look at the entire quantum mechanics then it is there about the producing of material things, and that is about material things coming into being out of spiritual things. The whole crucial point in quantum theory is exactly the observing of him who executes the experiment. This observing, this mental, spiritual activity it is what determines everything there. Yesterday I brought the quotes because they emphasize this point of view and describe them quite well.

And here we come back to the fact that scientists are liars; they deceive us with fair words. They use a pile of unintelligible expressions to describe something what can actually simply be described as spiritual activity. It is about life and consciousness, and about that it is these things which bring forth the material world, and not the other way round. They are not material processes which create consciousness. The entire theory of evolution is wrong; it is not evolutionary development which finally produces consciousness, it is exactly the other way round. And the entire quantum physics runs for nearly 100 years in the wrong direction because our scientists simply do not want to accept this and desperately look for things, for other physical particles, for the Higgs boson, which are now supposed to prove their wrong way.

Our scientists, the majority of them, are liars. They have all the proof, at least for decades, at least since Einstein and Heisenberg, that all material things and all material events are brought about by spiritual things and beings, and they veil it all and tell us lies. And why are they doing it? Because they are actually no scientists. They are adherents of a religious faith, of materialism and atheism. In earlier times it was naturally for scientists to not exclude any areas of life from their considerations. For them spiritual sciences were as important as natural sciences. To exclude the spiritual side of life from his science immediately makes a scientist a quack, he becomes someone who doctors and is therefore a crook.

For normal people spiritual things and events and beings are quite natural because they deal with them the whole day; they experience them and exercise them. The best example for this is thinking, what man does the whole day, and also at night, and this is independent of the brain, because when he awakes in the morning he must exert quite an effort to store away, to save, in his brain that what he first dreamt, what he experienced, so that he can again retrieve it when he wants it. When he does not practise this saving of data and is not used to it, then everything disappears quite fast after he wakes up. So thinking is purely spiritual activity and has something to do with the body only then when the soul is just inside the body; outside of the body the brain and the body is not needed for this.

Just six days ago we read in 2012 May 21 – Not Church that only 4% of Americans identify as atheist or agnostic. But these liars, the scientists, try at all costs to lead us astray with their lies.

As an example I want to pick out a scientist and a generally known one. This person is not so much known as an actual scientist but as a science manager. She manages science insofar as she participates in decisions what is to be researched and she does it mainly by deciding about money for research. The entry 2011 Oct 02 – Neutrinos and science reports the following:

Today I read the following news: Expensive visit. Schavan flew with air force to pope. The audience was short, but extensive: Federal education minister Schavan used the flying service of the air force for a date with Pope Benedict XVI. About 150,000 euros cost the outward and return flights – but there was also scheduled traffic to Rom.

The federal minister for education is also responsible for the greater part of the financing of CERN and CERN is the place in the world where an important part of neutrino research is done but especially the acceleration of particles is done there and this could be exactly what causes the last day of this Earth and there Europe would have a good opportunity to shut down this plant, exactly like the Tevatron plant is going to be shut down, what was a news item yesterday.

The closure of CERN would give the opportunity to the scientists working there to think about real science; but it would also save Europe a lot of euros which it could use for other purposes which now seem to be quite urgent.

Mrs Schavan should stop making propaganda for the patron saint of child abusers and using tax money for it and she should stop supporting pseudo-science and financing it and she should start making the works of Jakob Lorber and the works of Bertha Dudde compulsory reading at German schools – and also compulsory for CERN people and also for all education places. This literature is available, school books could be saved, translation is not necessary, everything is already available in the German language, and not only that, it is also available on the internet and even free of charge. The reading and the studying can start immediately.

This minister came into the headlines recently worldwide because she was accused of having cribbed parts of her thesis.

She supports and finances all the liars. As a member of a Christian party she should not support people who wage war against God. She should eliminate them from her list.

Mrs Merkel has already removed one of her deputies in the presidency of her Christian party from her cabinet and there she should best carry on and on that occasion also turn off the money supply to Cern. Her Fukushima decision was in the right direction. Yesterday is was reported that solar cells supply so much power in Germany as 20 nuclear power stations. A new record. Germany is now leader in solar energy production. 20,000 megawatt, a year ago it was only 14,000 megawatt.

Mrs Merkel should also immediately on the same occasion change radically the entire sciences and push again the spiritual side of life into the foreground, and with that the spiritual side of sciences, and with that sort out the religionists. Germany can effort it; at the moment it is, especially through the stable politics of Mrs Merkel, the most respected country in the world and many others could take example by it.

The scientists, the liars, therefore tell us lies. For 150 years this report exists, in the German language, which tells us how energy of the sun really comes into being and they, the liars, say, it is a classic problem of astrophysics that could not be solved up to now. But actually this knowledge is available already for 2000 years because Jesus taught it to his disciples, it is only one of the many things which were never written down, it was just repeated 150 years ago, for Jakob Lorber, in the German language, and he wrote it down.

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. John 21:25.


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