Key to how pigeons navigate still has scientists in a flap.

How pigeons navigate - Comment on 2012 April 12

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2012 April 12

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Scientists have sent robot scouts into deep space and unravelled the genome, yet yesterday they were forced to admit they were still baffled by how homing pigeons navigate. Read more:

Today I read an article about scientists trying to find out how pigeons navigate and that article is a nice example how scientists are searching in matter and in the dark and find nothing because they are ignoring the spiritual side of life.

Our whole life comes from the spiritual side of life and that includes our coming into being as well as everything else. Our thoughts come from there and thoughts are something spiritual and we use our mind for thinking and all that is spiritual and works perfectly without material things like the body of a man or his brain. And thoughts or thinking is the universal way of communication and that is also the way animals communicate and the way we communicate with animals and how spiritual beings communicate with animals and have them know in which direction they have to fly to reach the home pigeon loft.

Last month I reported about my own experience of communicating with animals, 2012 Mar 17 – Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth, were I communicated with birds and asked them to relocate and that worked very well without problems.

I here now bring a message coming via Bertha Dudde which I read yesterday and which explains nicely what thoughts really are:


Thoughts are spiritual power.

30. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1757.

Standing in enlightenment, man looks at his range of thoughts as no longer acquired by himself, i.e. as coming from himself, but as that what it really is – as the radiation of spiritual beings, who want to hand over their knowledge to man and therefore try to impart it to him until he has acquired it for himself as thought goods. Consequently every thought is spiritual power, therefore something spiritual, that has made its way out of the opposite kingdom to earth, to be received by the thought apparatus of man, and which now comes to his consciousness. Consequently the thinking of man must correspond to the spirit of the being, which takes possession of man – or to whom man leaves himself. The power radiation of the spiritual beings is enormous, but good and evil beings are in like manner intent on sending this radiation to earth, and this radiation will always be received by like-minded earthy beings. So every man will therefore be supplied with the mental transmissions, which corresponds to his nature – always that will be handed out, what is desired, and therefore is truth there offered where man is hungry after truth, but the lie there, where the lie is likewise at home. Consequently the thought material of man will be in that condition, as man himself wants it, since he is also provided for by the spiritual beings according to his will. Man can bring forth nothing of his own; he is completely unable to let thoughts come into being out of himself, exactly because thoughts are spiritual power, but this power has to first be given to him out of the kingdom of the spiritual. Only the ignorant man believes he is the originator of his thoughts. He only repeats the words of the opinion of those who are of the world, that thinking is merely a function of certain organs and comes about completely independently of foreign influence, that consequently man cares for all his thoughts himself and thinking is based on no direct or indirect influencing – that therefore good or evil, deep or shallow thoughts always start with man himself, thus being one’s own merit. The spiritual power he denies because such he does not acknowledge at all. And that is why such men are also not easily convinced of truth, when it was imparted the mental way, because they do not yet really grasp the process of thinking, therefore also cannot believe. The actual nature of thought is still some incomprehensibility to them and will also remain until they recognize their own shortcoming, when it is a matter to solve deep problems – when the train of thought fails, when man is to give the final explanation out of himself. Only when he trustingly turns to the spiritual beings desiring truth, and asks them for enlightenment, he will experience in himself how spiritual power in form of thoughts now flows towards him, and he will recognize that he cannot be the originator of such thoughts, but something spiritual is imparted to him from spiritual beings out of the opposite kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 1757.


Now this problem with the navigation of pigeons reminds me of another entry, 2012 Feb 06 – Evolution, and there the scientist Rupert Sheldrake was mentioned and how he is looking for phenomena that “conventional, materialists science” cannot explain and arguing for a more open-minded approach to scientific inquiry. And there was talk of apparent telepathy in animals. Here one quote: "There is a lot of science that you can't directly experience," he says, "but to concentrate on quantum physics when we couldn't begin to explain homing pigeons seemed to me," he suggests, "a great distortion."

Rupert Sheldrake is a great pigeon fan and especially interested in their ability to navigate.

Here now excerpts of the article I read today:


Key to how pigeons navigate still has scientists in a flap

Scientists have sent robot scouts into deep space and unravelled the genome, yet yesterday they were forced to admit they were still baffled by how homing pigeons navigate.

Experts at Vienna’s Institute of Molecular Pathology said they had overturned claims that the birds’ feat is due to iron-rich nerve cells in the beak that are sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field.

“It is really disappointing,” molecular biologist David Keays said after years of endeavour. “The mystery of how animals detect magnetic fields has just got more mysterious.”

Keays’s team used 3-D scanners to search for the cells and sliced pigeon beaks into 250 000 wafer-thin slivers for analysis.

They found that the particles credited with the pigeon’s homing skills were actually macrophages, a type of white blood cell that protects the birds from infection.

“They are not excitable cells and cannot produce electric signals which could be registered by neurons and therefore influence the pigeon’s behaviour,” the researchers said. Nor are these cells exclusive to the beak.

One of the authors of the original study published in 2000, Guenther Fleissner from the University of Frankfurt, fired an angry rebuttal.


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