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Desire for earthly goods - Comment on 2012 April 6

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2012 April 6

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Everything is there what he desires, however no longer available, but only in his imagination, so that his inordinate desire rises to the highest and still remains always unfulfilled. These are true torments of Tantalus. Read more:

Today I want to bring a message from Bertha Dudde and after that a few examples to that.

In the previous entry, 2012 Apr 04 – Transfiguration of Jesus, we read that the body of Jesus became the overcomer of all matter through the disdain of all earthly pleasures and strict self-discipline, and today we now want to have a look at what happens when this disdain of matter does not happen and when no self-discipline is pursued.

First therefore Bertha Dudde, examples follow after this:


Agonies of the soul in the hereafter. Desire for earthly goods.

17. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1741.

In what desperate situation a man is whose desire is meant for the world only and its goods that will only become really understandable after his death. Because what he now desires, is unattainable for him, and still the desire for it torments him inconceivably. The inordinate desire for it is far greater than on earth, exactly because it remains unfulfilled. The desire for spiritual goods he does not have; he only strives for to win that what seemed to be desirable in life on earth, and calls in all these things in thoughts. Such desirable thoughts are now also met, i.e., everything is there what he desires, however no longer available, but only in his imagination, so that his inordinate desire rises to the highest and still remains always unfulfilled. These are true torments of Tantalus as long as he becomes aware of his despairing state and he overcomes his desire, i.e., until he recognizes that he chases phantoms which remain unattainable for ever. Only then he starts to think about the hopelessness of his state and to consider the possibility of a change, and now he also finds support of the beings from the kingdom of light, which first need that state to be able to intervene with help. But the desperate situation of a soul can last endless times until it finally comes to the recognition of it. And as long it is also near earth; it cannot free itself from the known surroundings, and that is why it often applies its own desires to weak-willed people of the same nature. It seeks to prompt them to the same what seems to be only desirable to it. And that is why prayer cannot be pointed out enough for such souls, which is help for them in the painful situation by letting the desire for earthly goods become weaker and at the same time letting the soul feel the power of such prayer by it now starting to become thoughtful and so can now do the first step into the spiritual kingdom. The prayer for the deceased is always to be meant for the still weak will of them and thereby the power to be bestowed on them to strengthen this will that it desires to ascend. Amen. B.D. NR. 1741.


So that was therefore Bertha Dudde and now the examples.

The examples which now follow come from Robert Monroe’s second book and there he describes what he has seen with his out of body experiences. So he was out of his body, left his body at home, and with his soul he moved in the spiritual kingdom and there he saw a combination of the physical and spiritual world and how the present people did not perceive the present spiritual people and how the there present spiritual people perceived the also present physical people, but were spiritually so dead that they did not notice that they, as already at the time of their physical existence, were spiritually dead and also did not notice that they were physically dead.

Therefore now his observations:

The man, who rushes from the curb onto the street, to get a taxi, and simply runs through and stops confused when one car after the other passes the place which he seems to occupy.

The slight young man with the long hair, who does not look older than 18 and tries to attract the attention of the young people who are leaning against a parked car; he wants to ask them for a puff from the joint, which they hand around, but is not able to draw their attention to himself because they can neither see nor hear him.

The beefy policeman in uniform who plays with his rubber truncheon and walks along the front of the shops, completely unsuspecting that he is not noticed.

The smartly dressed woman of uncertain age who looks in her purse for change for the newspaper and in the process, without noticing it, runs through the side front of a building next to her.

The older man who wants to accept the offer of two young hookers who stand next to a staircase leading up, gets furious because they know nothing of his presence, watches how a physical man joins, waves a 20 dollar note in front of the face of one girl, who turns round and leads him up the stairs, while the older man follows them.

The old woman, who slowly goes along the road, notices nothing around her, occasionally bends down to pick up a half smoked cigarette, but her hand reaches through.

And now comes a comment from Robert Monroe to this:

“Bodily they are dead and do not know it. The only thing they remember is their earthly existence as man, and they try to cling to it. That is all what they have, so they believe.”

And now still follows a train of thought of a former earth inhabitant, a middle-aged man with grey hair who stands there with folded arms, who is on a somewhat further developed level, but also still completely controlled by matter:

“I have done what I could. Left money in the bank, a house in good condition, the insurance sorts out the mortgage. The right front tyre of the station wagon has to be replaced. Hope Ben takes care of the contract with Holmes. The firm will miss me. Would have liked to eat again at Luigi, will never again get such fish…”

And an again further developed level would then be ex-earth inhabitants who are religious but nevertheless bound to matter and who now have to come away from their religion and develop spiritually.

More about Robert Monroe’s adventures in the hereafter: Creation – Part 3 .

A somewhat more drastic report by Robert Monroe about the sex pile is in 223.


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