All spiritual substances which were deformed in Jesus could join the soul.

Transfiguration of Jesus - Comment on 2012 April 4

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2012 April 4

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The body of Jesus became the overcomer of all matter through the disdain of all earthly pleasures and strict self-discipline and consequently needed no further course of development. All spiritual substances which were deformed in him could join the soul and leave with it the earth valley at the same time to enter heights of light. Read more:

When we have a look at the spiritual in man then we have actually two spheres of the spiritual. Once there is the actual spiritual, on one side, and that is the spirit itself, the spirit spark in man, which comes directly from God, and then it is the soul of man. And on the other hand there is the body of man, and because there is nothing that is not spiritual, also the body of man is spiritual, only this spiritual, which forms the body of man, is a spiritual that is less developed.

When a spiritual living man dies, then the spirit of this man and his soul enters the spiritual kingdom, goes into that part of the spiritual kingdom which we call heaven, therefore into that part, which is the kingdom of light.

But his body stays behind. It dissolves and unites again with other particles to new forms.

But now there are exceptions. A highly developed person, a spiritually highly developed person, can also have caused, through the high development caused of his soul, that also his body has advanced spiritually so far, that also his body, therefore nor only his spirit and his soul, enters the spiritual kingdom, that therefore at death of such a person this just mentioned separation does not take place and also the body enters the spiritual kingdom. So at the death of such a person just no body stays behind.

An example for this is Enoch. In Genesis 5:24 we are told that God took him because Enoch walked with God. And he was not, it says there. So also his body was taken away.

A further example is Elijah. In 2 Kings 2:11 the following is reported about Elijah and Elisha: And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

Now the most well-known example is Jesus; he also left no body behind as he died. A proper understanding of this process is very helpful to understand spiritual things and to deal with spiritual things and to think about them, therefore to fix our eyes on what is unseen and to live by faith.

We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. For we live by faith, not by sight.

Now follows a more detailed description of this process at the death of Jesus. It is a message from Bertha Dudde:


Transfiguration of Jesus. I and my father are one.

15. December 1940. B.D. NR. 1739.

The problem of the transfiguration of Jesus after his death on the cross is with the right solution at the same time also a (making) becoming understandable of the words of Jesus I and my father are one. God brought himself as a sacrifice through a man, who overcame all what is human out of love toward God and who therefore formed his soul in such a way that God could make a home in him in all fullness. His outer form, his body, obeyed fully the will of the soul and was at the same time only turned towards the divine; therefore all substance was spiritual turned towards God so that it no longer needed the earthly course of development and therefore could enter the kingdom of the spiritual in all completeness after the bodily death. All perfect spiritual unites with the original power and becomes one with it through most intimate fusion. The course of development of the spiritual beings once fallen away from God lasts endless times and will also lead in the hereafter via innumerable steps up, but the outer form, the still less developed spiritual, will always stay behind and release the soul, which then, as spiritual being, seeks the joining together with likewise mature beings in the hereafter. The outer cover dissolves, and the individual spiritual substances contact again similar ones to continue their course of development. But the body of Jesus had already achieved spiritual perfection in its purity and its love work, and the immense sufferings at the cross were the last purification process for the spiritual having become form, so that it, completely purified, could join the perfect soul, therefore was not obliged to remain on earth, and now the God spirit, the soul and the body united, therefore became one. The man Jesus was the mediator between God and men but God and Jesus Christ is now one they are not two beings who are to be thought to be side by side, but it is only one being, which includes everything perfect in itself. The divinity Jesus is not differently conceivable than the eternal divinity itself, which only has incorporated the outer form of the man Jesus to itself, i.e., his spiritual substances were allowed to fuse with the original power because they had already reached the degree of perfection at the death of Jesus, which is precondition for the most intimate union with God. The body of Jesus became the overcomer of all matter through the disdain of all earthly pleasures and strict self-discipline and consequently needed no further course of development. All spiritual substances which were deformed in him could join the soul and leave with it the earth valley at the same time to enter heights of light. So from now on most radiating light was the environment of this soul, consequently the body and the soul of Jesus had to leave earth in the transfigured state, because a being, which is completely fused with God, now also had to receive light and power from him and had to radiate it the same way as the eternal divinity itself, because it now was one with God, consequently also light and power in all fullness. This process of radiating light remains otherwise hidden from men, but the infinite love of God towards men had the transfiguration of Jesus happen visibly to give them a sign of his might and glory, to give them a sign of his power and glory, to strengthen the faith of those who were to announce his might and glory in the world, and to give to men the proof that Jesus had overcome death that there is now no longer death for those men who follow him, who make an effort to go the same way on earth. The transfiguration of Jesus has been a much disputed question for mankind, and it was mostly rejected as fable because men lack every spiritual understanding for the final aim of each being for the final union with God for the becoming one with him but Jesus says: I and the father are one. Because in him the union had already happened; his soul was so formed that it could receive God in itself and therefore was already light and power receiver out of God; he therefore could teach all wisdom and could have an effect through divine power. He was perfect as his father in heaven was perfect, and could create and form like him. His nature was love; his words were love, and so he could work by virtue of his great love towards men. Because everything what is and happens only love accomplishes. His course on earth was an endless series of miracle acts without splendour and glamour, but which he ended in radiant light by transfiguring himself before the eyes of those who are his and ascended up to eternal glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 1739.


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