The pure seeks the sublime, beautiful, pure.

Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt - Comment on 2012 March 25

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2012 March 25

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The great pyramid with the two obelisks was a "man, recognize yourself!" schoolhouse. It had in its interior great chambers and for a long way passages in all directions, in which all kinds of strange establishments were found for self-knowledge and from it for the knowledge of the highest spirit of God. Read more:

During the last days I dealt with Africa and also with the gathering near Caesarea Philippi of which I reported already, 2012 Mar 17 (2) – Hinduism and Buddhism, and today I came across interesting information about the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt which was given at this gathering 2000 years ago and about which Jakob Lorber writes in his Great Gospel of John and I will quote this here:


       Here the old landlord Markus asked, interrupting the angel in his explanation: »Highest lovely friend, because you already once stand in the process of the uncovering of your pearls, wouldn’t you then also explain to us what it is all about with that highly strange sphinx, which, as half woman and half animal, posed the famous riddle of life and death for men: what kind of animal it namely is, which goes along in the morning on all four, at noon on two and in the evening on three feet? Who was not able to solve the riddle was killed by the riddle sphinx; but who would solve it, by him the sphinx would let itself be killed! – In actual fact is some truth in this or not?«
        Says Rahpael: »See there, this sixth pearl will answer your question for you! Here you have it uncovered; what do you see at first glance? «
        Says Markus: »There I see again the colossal image of Shivinz and several pyramids; before the great stand two pointed columns, called obelisks, and at the side of the great pyramid, in reality may be in a few hundred steps distance, what one can hardly determine from the picture, is also again a quite colossal statue visible. This has a woman’s head, female hands and a female, strong breast. Where the breast ceases, at that place of the stomach, a quite undeterminable animal body starts. Behind this strange statue is wide spread a circular wall, through which a great pasture meadow is enclosed. That seems to make up a whole and belonging together. – What does that all mean?«
        Says Raphael: »The colossal breast picture is exactly the Shivinz, which the people, to honour the great benefactor, have had carried out on their own initiative from the best chisellers and also bricklayers at their own expense. The great pyramid with the two obelisks was a >man, recognize yourself!< schoolhouse. It had in its interior great chambers and for a long way passages in all directions, in which all kinds of strange establishments were found for self-knowledge and from it for the knowledge of the highest spirit of God. Now and then the establishments looked really cruel; but only extremely seldom they did not achieve their purpose. The other pyramids are mostly only signs of those underground places where a lot of sarcophaguses were, which have been over bricked as such has already formerly been shown.
        But in this time there are still a lot of pyramids and all kinds of temples in the wide and extremely long Nile valley, which originate much later under the pharaohs at the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; there is no talk here about them, but alone only of those which were built under Shivinz.
        Piramidai was the actual original name and means as much as: >Give me wisdom!<, and the two pointed columns meant with the name oubeloiska: >The pure seeks the sublime, beautiful, pure<. >Belo< really meant >white<; but because the complete white colour was regarded as a sign of the pure, sublime and beautiful with the old Egyptians, so one also described the sublime, pure and beautiful with it.
        The good effect of such schools soon became known far and wide, and soon foreigners came to visit, such schools, and there were so many of them that they could not be accommodated and provided for. Then our Shivinz devised a somewhat ominous means in his reign to prevent the foreigners so that they did not come too often to visit the schools built by him. But what exactly were these means?
        Here on this pearl you see the half human and half animal statue. It was hollow, and inside a man could get into its head on a spiral staircase and could talk quite loud and audibly out of the mouth of the statue, which was hollowed out downwards funnel-shaped, and due to the strong voice it also gave the impression as if earnestly the colossal statue had talked.
        When now the foreigners came there and demanded to be admitted to the school, then their attention would be drawn by a servant of this statue to the fact that they had to stand on a determined place before the lofty statue, which is dead on the outside, but alive in the inside, in fact one after the other. Then everyone who wanted to become a disciple of the pyramids received a mysterious question on life and death from the lofty Shivinz. When the questioned had solved the riddle, he would be admitted, and with the admittance the counter right was granted to him, to also ask the statue a counter question and in the case the statue would not be capable of giving a satisfying reply, to destroy and so to speak murder the same.
        But the question was announced to the client to think about three days before; but on the third day, where they had to receive the same question out of the mouth of the statue on life and death, nobody of course took a chance, but withdrew quite modestly, paid the demanded preliminary question tax and travelled to his often far away home.
        Falling into a later time, myth says that a Greek succeeded to solve the old riddle; this alone is with hundred thousand others certainly a fable and misses all truth! For the famous riddle was solved by Moses, but he did not destroy the statue because of it, while also this statue, even if somewhat gnawed away through the ravages of time, is still seen today.
        Of course the inner establishment can now no longer be found because it is completely silted up and got choked with mud; because the Nile overflows usually every hundred, sometimes also after two hundred years quite unusually strong, so that it passes over its waves over thirty cubits high over the usual water level in the narrower valley areas. With that much is devastated and made unusable because a lot of detritus and sand and mud is deposited over the former most beautiful agricultural areas.
        After the time of Shivinz there have been two Nile floods whose waves passed over high above the tops of the pyramids. One flood also happened, calculated from now, 870 years ago, through which the temple of Jab u sim bil was nearly up to half silted up and got choked with mud, and one has not been able to completely clean it, and many other monuments, of the sand and the mud since that time. And so it also stands with our mysterious statue; it is inwardly full of hardened mud and sand, which hardly anybody would clear out! So, my dear Markus, it is in reality with the mysterious sphinx!- Are you now aware of it?«
        Says Markus: »Has then over about the course of thousand years no courageous dared to let the sphinx tell him the known riddle on account of his life? And when he would have done it what would have happened to him when he quite logically would not have solved the riddle?«
        Says Raphael: »At the place where the interviewed were to stand there was a trapdoor fixed, by means of which he was to have been quickly sunk into a well and once he was down several servants would have seized him, had brought him to the school through underground passages because of his courage, even so he had solved the riddle incorrectly, from which he would not have come away sooner than he had become a complete man. But it never came to pass; and at those times when the riddle was solved, this very old installation was already so silted up and bogged down that it was completely useless, and the first shepherd kings and their people have until then already long been defeated by a Phoenician people so to speak, and the Varaones themselves were already Phoenicians at Abraham’s times.
        Now you also know about this a short information, and we now go over to the uncovering of the seventh and last pearl!«


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