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Insects and worms - Comment on 2012 March 23

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2012 March 23

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“Reball”, the shortened form of resonant energy balloon, an energy field around the body for shielding and for protection. Read more:

During the last few days I was dealing with Africa and there I also read a statement which carried on moving around in my mind. It appeared in an answer which Justus Platonicus, a governor of Egypt, gave to Oubratouvishar, a leader of the Blacks.

Here therefore this excerpt:

And there you have to shoe your feet according to our way; because at night time a lot of small insects and little worms creep up over the always sandy grass ground, creep away under the toenails and gradually cause great pain.

My consideration now was why must these people protect themselves this way from insects and worms when Oubratouvishar protects himself from an approaching lion simply by commanding it, with faith and a firm will, to remove itself:
2012 Mar 17 - Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth.

It occurred to me that I once had read about an envelopment into which a man can wrap himself which protects him from intruders. Today now I was still dealing with this problem when I remembered the book in which I had read about this.

It is Robert Monroe’s second book and his books are highly informative and I have dealt with his books already before on webpages of this website. One of it is Creation – Part 3.

As an observer, therefore not as a person involved, Robert Monroe went, accompanied by spiritual beings, to one possibility of the physical earth at a point in time, which according to our time lies beyond the year 3000. The main inhabitants are, as they are called by the spiritual beings, H-plus, human-plus, to make clear the change with regard to those of our present time. So he was there a visitor.

So he visited the future.

So Monroe experience the world as it will be after the times of the end, after the second coming of the Lord:
New redemption period.

So after the Last Judgement the earth will have a new surface.

He started at a height of about 2400 metre, with his companions, to orbit earth close to the 27th degree of longitude above the northern hemisphere in east west direction.

The first thing Monroe noticed was the lack of ships on the sea.

Then he noticed the absence of aeroplanes.

Then he noticed other things that were absent. No roads, no buildings, no cities and villages, no transport vehicles, no air pollution.

There was therefore no indication of human artificial production.

Monroe landed to the west of the Atlantic on a meadow.

There he meets people whom he knew before and they tell him that they hibernate. Monroe is wondering about this and it is explained to him that they store their human bodies under trees until they make use of them again - what does not happen too often. When he thinks about this information he recognizes that it is simply a considerable improvement of the old out of body experience. But to just let the body remain lying underneath an oak tree that he just cannot understand.

As a result he is told, or rather informed via telepathy, that they surround the body with a super reball. This is so dense that not even a virus can go into it. It will therefore certainly not be impaired by ticks, mosquitos or larger animals. “Reball”, the shortened form of resonant energy balloon, an energy field around the body for shielding and for protection, which they tried to produce with changing success and extremely clumsily – at that time. And there are obviously still ticks, mosquitos, viruses and bears. And then Robert Monroe is taught that they make use of their human body about twice a week and that it is now the other way round, that they do not remind each other like at that time to be more than their physical body, but that they now remind one another that they are more than their energy self.

And then the basics are explained to him. They are still human beings, or beings who are men.

And then Monroe wants to know how it is that men live there when there are no cities, factories, air planes, cars, and then asks: I can understand that one can sleep underneath a tree at such whether. But how is it in winter? You have to keep warm after all?

He is told that the reball takes care of that. It surrounds the physical body with a tempered air layer when one wants it that way.

All this information from Robert Monroe’s second book is therefore quite informative and I now get the opportunity to think about this possibility of the reball.

We have just read: “Reball”, the shortened form of resonant energy balloon, an energy field around the body for shielding and for protection, which they tried to produce with changing success and extremely clumsily – at that time.

“With changing success and extremely clumsily – at that time.” So one could already today produce something like this – or at least try to produce. With changing success.

Also today something like this is definitely possible but probably more with the help of our spiritual friends. An example for this is Vanya, 2011 Jan 05 - The supernatural way to keep warm.

With this young man it was about a Moldavian, who was called Vanya. As a conscript he served in the Soviet army and was persecuted there because he was a Christian and lived an active life as a believer when he was a soldier. Vanya was kept warm – supernaturally. That was in the Ukraine, in the Ukrainian seaport of Kerch. Vanya – Ivan Vasilievich Moiseyev - , a Moldavian (Moldovan) from Volontirovka in Moldavia (Moldova), lived from 1952 to 1972 in the Soviet Union.

So let us keep on thinking about this reball.

This thought guided me to Genesis 3:21: "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them." This sounds very much as if Adam and Eve have lost their Reballs and now God had to keep them warm by providing clothes for them.

And why did they lose their resonant energy balloon, an energy field around the body for shielding and for protection? Because they had died spiritually.


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