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The seers in Africa - Comment on 2012 March 22

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2012 March 22

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They can see the souls of the deceased, at times also such which according to their own confession have still never born a body. Read more:

Today is the 22nd of March and this day reminds me of an event many years ago and I bring here a report of a man about this day on the 22nd of March 1945 on which Hildesheim, in Germany, was bombed:

One day I received a request to present myself at the Hildesheim grammar school “Andreanum” for the medical examination for military service for the Volkssturm (people storm). The Volkssturm was the last defence contingent before the collapse. It consisted basically of man who up to then had not been conscripted to military service, for instance because of age, sickness, important war action at home or something similar, and male youth who were partly younger than 17 years old.

A couple of days before the examination date Hildesheim was bombed. We experienced the night attack in the garden before an anti-splinter bunker.

On the day of the examination I conscientiously drove, together with a new acquaintance who was also a refugee, to Hildesheim. The city centre was a big field of rubble, and the Andreanum, situated more at the edge, was likewise destroyed. Everything was surrounded by a weird silence.

Sometime later we received a second interview date to the closed down restaurant “Berghölzchen”. It took place and consisted merely of a registration of those present, but we were no longer conscripted.

A few days later the area was occupied by the other side and therefore the war was over for it.

The man who wrote the above report was at that time, about which he wrote the report, 15 years old.

Today now I read something by Jakob Lorber which gives information about details of the spiritual kingdom and that is that part of the spiritual kingdom which is immediately around us on this planet Earth.

I bring first this quote from the writings of Jakob Lorber and will then add something to it:

       But as quite basically simple men we are also much more receptive for all sorts of special appearances and impressions. So we can see the souls of the deceased, at times also such which according to their own confession have still never born a body. These nature souls are also easily recognized that they can suddenly change their form and dissolve into all sorts of other small beings and again assemble into human form, which is a phenomenon we still have never discovered with souls of deceased brothers and sisters.
       We asked the wise leader in Memphis whether he also perceives such with his eyes. But he said: This is all just a quality of quite simple and ordinary nature people who know no overdone life even according to the name only. With him and the Egyptians it had never happened. Now and then it may happen in isolated cases but so uncertainly and so inexplicably as just always possible, while with us everything is certain, naturally and therefore also more explainable.

Now the man who speaks here is Oubratouvishar, about him there were already reports in the entries
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In the first entry it is already about spiritual seeing and there Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian, reports of his experiences and practical knowledge, and in the third entry we had a good description of the spiritual world and of the invisible servants there and there it reads:

He believed in some far away, almighty God, of whom all things originate. But this God has innumerable many and extremely mighty servants and helpers, visible and invisible. Some had to rule over sun, moon and over all stars, some over the earth kingdom, some over the water, some over the fire and so on, some over the grass, over trees and shrubbery, some over the waters above and under earth, some over metals, some over birds in the air, some over all animals in the water and some over all animals which walk and crawl around on earth.

These invisible servants are therefore part of the spiritual kingdom in our immediate surroundings and so are the souls of the deceased and also the souls of those who according to their own confession have still never born a body.

People in Africa therefore are often close to such beings of the spiritual world and there are two further entries which bring details about this:
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