There is indeed a writing from Kienan, Jared and Henoch.

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2012 March 17 (2)

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There is indeed a writing with us which is supposed to come from the patriarchs of this earth. The makers of it are supposed, according to the command of the highest God, whose right name is known by the high priest only, to be a certain Kienan, Jared and Henoch. There also exist extended reports from Nohai and Mihihal in the great world book of books. Read more:

In the first entry of today, 2012 Mar 17 – Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth we had a discussion between Peter and Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian, who was the leader of the black people of Africa. They are descendants of Cain and not Noah, because the highland, like several other countries of the earth, escaped the great flood at the times of Noah.

Now this discussion between Peter and Oubratouvishar was part of a meeting that took place near Caesarea Philippi and other partakers in this meeting were, first of all Christ, but also some other leaders.

There was Cyrenius. Cyrenius, governor of Syria (Luke 2:2), ruled the entire eastern part of the Roman empire and that was Asia and a part of Africa, the whole of Egypt. He started to rule before Christ was born and also the whole time when Christ walked on earth. He was a quite close friend of Jesus. He met Jesus first when Jesus was a few days old and he was one of the people who helped Jesus and his family to flee to Egypt. Jesus told Cyrenius about his dying on the cross and Cyrenius reacted by saying that he would tell Pilate to never allow anything like that, but Jesus told him not to interfere. Cyrenius was, a brother of Caesar Augustus (Luke 2:1), from a high Roman patrician family.

At this meeting there were also the rulers of the northern empire, Pontus, the area of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and beyond.

And there was another interesting leader, and that was the leader of the Essenes, Roklus, a Greek. Now at that time the Essenes were followers of Epicurus (c314-270 before Christ), an Athenian philosopher, the author of Epicureanism. He preached a materialist, sensationalist philosophy. It regarded the purpose of human life as the attainment of pleasure, by which was meant contentment and peace of mind in a frugal life.

Now this meeting caused a change in Roklus and in the Essenes, a change from Epicurus to Christ.

This Roklus was a very rich man and he was in search of truth and travelled to different places to find truth. And he ended up joining the Essenes, atheists. Cyrenius tells Roklus what the teachings of Epicurus really are:

But the soul of a man awakened by God’s breath makes it shudder before it because such an Epicurean still is always only a cunning egoist and only cares for his skin! What does he care for all men? When he can draw no advantage from them then they all can be killed by lightning.

These are then the main characteristics of an Epicurean! How much spiritual can have place in such a stony mind that will hopefully certainly already be grasped with hands even for every blind. Yes, for becoming rich on this earth the teachings of Epicurus are suitable mostly, especially when they are under peppered with the stoical cynicism as it is the case with you; but to become spiritual rich they are not suitable at all because they completely exclude the pure love toward God and toward the poor neighbour. So much to your self-enlightenment. And now let us hear your reasons for your quite Essene atheism.

Roklus then confirms Cyrenius’s assessment of the Epicureans and states that they are atheists.

Roklus for example found out what was behind the veil of the temple in Jerusalem and uses that as a proof of his atheism:

Everywhere wherever one turns seeking, there stands a muffled up man in the foreground so like in the temple in Jerusalem before the precious curtain stand guards so that no layman can ever step behind the mysterious curtain. But such as us, through his gold as Non-Jew, came also behind such a veil of Isis and found behind such nothing than what hands of men produced: a sarcophagus like box from black and brown wood, and in the middle of this box was a brazen basin fastened, out of which naphtha burned in bright and high flame, which flame represented the presence of the most high God!

But I ask, how much blindness and stupidity is required to be able to believe that!

Now Roklus uses all such his experiences as reasons for being an atheist and he speaks at length of his experiences in India and how terribly people were treated there by the religious leaders. But with all these details of the religious system of India at that time he also brings some interesting details about the original writings of their religion.

Here follows a statement of an Indian priest whom Roklus forced to tell him about their religious system:

There is indeed a writing with us which is supposed to come from the patriarchs of this earth. The makers of it are supposed, according to the command of the highest God, whose right name is known by the high priest only, to be a certain Kienan, Jared and Henoch. There also exist extended reports from Nohai and Mihihal in the great world book of books; but we do not know their content and can also never glance into it because the most excruciating death penalty is set upon it.

Not one of us lower priests has ever seen the Lama!

So here we have some valuable information about the original writings from which the Indian religion derives, and so also Buddhism.

Now Kienan, Jared and Henoch are Cainan, Jared and Enoch from Genesis 5, the table of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah.

More to the patriarchs from Adam to Noah:
The time of Adam’s creation
Bar chart of the lives of the 22 patriarchs

Adam was the first, Cainan was the fourth, Jared the sixth and Enoch the seventh. Especially Enoch was a holy man, because he walked with God, and because he walked with God he was not; for God took him (Genesis 5:24).

This information also shows that there have been books written by Noah – Nohai.

The writings of Jakob Lorber, from which all these quotes come from, give ample information about the time of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah. They lived around a valley that became the Caspian Sea during the flood. Right in the centre of that valley was the metropolis Hanoch and the more worldly people lived in the valley and the more godly people like Adam and Eve and Cainan, Jared and Enoch and Noah lived in the mountains away from the valley.

So the original writings of the Jews and the Christians and the Hindus are the same.

God spoke to all his people on earth. And he spoke all the time. He not only spoke then but he also carried on speaking to his people. And he still speaks now to his people. He never stopped.

Only the religious guys want him to stop speaking or prevent his messengers from reaching people. They just use the original writings as a base for their religion and then keep them away from the people and use them to enslave men.

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