The lion turned back and got lost somewhere in the desert.

Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth - Comment on 2012 March 17

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2012 March 17

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And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Read more:

Next to the terrace stands a big tree. The diameter of the trunk is half a metre and the tree is quite high and its leaves are more on the outside and therefore one can look quite fare into the tree from the bottom. The tree overshadows part of the terrace and when I sit on the terrace I can still see the large nest resting on a fork of a branch about 7 metres above ground. After I discovered the nest I watched two birds flying to and fro the nest and then I also noticed two young birds in that nest sticking out their heads, especially when fed. The young birds were already quite big and all four birds were more than half a metre long. The young birds tried their wings a lot and started to more and more venture outside the nest. There came the day when they started to fly themselves and the nest was soon no longer used as sleeping place but all four birds now perched on branches of the tree. At sunrise they left to attend to their manifold business and returned at sunset to spend the night in the tree. Now one of them had a permanent perching place above the terrace and from sunset to sunrise now and then dropped its excrements and they fell onto the surface of the terrace. So after they had gone out, the terrace had to be cleaned and during the day there was no muck and the terrace remained clean. But after some time the excitement to observe such wild life so close by wore off and I started to think about ways to avoid this cleaning work. I did not want to remove the tree and I also did not want to chase the birds away and also other ways I considered and tried did not seem to be the right solutions.

It then occurred to me that this situation had arisen to make some spiritual progress and that I should now not only write all the time about spiritual things but should, for a change, practice something I knew about but had never done consciously and purposely and that was to communicate telepathically directly with another earthly being.

So I formed some mental pictures in my mind approaching the birds and explaining to them my problem and my wish to not have to clean the terrace every morning and suggesting to them to please cooperate with me and be of help and perch somewhere else but not above the terrace. I did this a couple of times and actually met with instant success. Just a few days after I started there was no longer muck on the terrace and I was quite impressed and started to carry on communicating with them and thanking them for their cooperation.

For me this event was a direct proof of the existence of telepathy and I felt that it confirmed the fact that such things are difficult to prove scientifically but have to be confirmed personally and that it has to be done by the inner self and that the outer self and the outer senses were not to be used but the inner senses.

I have described another experience of mine with telepathy somewhere else:
2010 Feb 19 – Quantum physics, the soul and extraterrestrial communication
and there I experienced something that just happened without much input of my own but this experience with the birds was completely caused by my own mental action and my own initiative.

Now the cause why I undertook this action was of course my knowledge of spiritual things but that was not the only reason why I did what I did. I had read stories about such things and such stories actually came to mind and caused me to act.

In one of such stories there was a man who liked dolphins and liked to experiment with them and as he was swimming in the see a dolphin approached him and they both recognized each other and the man suggested to communicate mentally and the dolphin was obviously interested and showed this and then the man suggested that the dolphin, as a sign of having received the man’s message, would swim in a circle, what the dolphin did. And then the man suggested that the dolphin would now stop swimming clockwise in a circle and start swimming anticlockwise in a circle. And this the dolphin also did.

Then there was a report by a female healer in England who was approached by a farmer from South West Africa who had problems with a group of animals on his farm. They might have been wild dogs or cheetahs. The woman suggested that the farmer gets into contact with these animals mentally and ask them to relocate from the present place to a place where they would cause no problems for him and these animals did what the farmer wanted from them.

Another such story I remembered was from the writings of Jakob Lorber and I bring here an excerpt of it where Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian, talks about his experience:


      Said Peter: »Yes, friend, when you know that what we know what do you then still want more? Is the “firm and undoubted” not just as much as “seeing in the spirit”?«
      Said the Upper Egyptian: »You are certainly right partly but nevertheless not quite completely! Firm and undoubted faith of the soul awakens in man certainly a full endeavour with the hope full of confidence that he that, what he believes, would also like to see once in reality and also will see; but with the increase of faith in power and firmness also the desire and the longing to once also see what is believed in its completeness and thereby to enjoy in the highest degree of life. And see, friend, accordingly the seeing certainly stands indescribably much above pure faith; because seeing is exactly the eternal crown of faith!«
      Said Peter: »Yes, you are certainly already quite completely right; but the Lord is not exactly very generous with the gift of seeing. For moments he has also granted us now and then to see; but of a remaining of this most blessed ability of the soul was still no talk of up to now.«
      Said the Upper Egyptian: »Ah, that I also mean! But he still has promised it to you already often. But the ability also you will only then get when you will be completely born again in the spirit out of him. And then we here who are therefore still walking around in the flesh must not assume this as if we then are to do nothing else than only look at the endless wonders of his endless creation; because out of love towards him and out of love towards the neighbour we still have to fulfil many duties on this earth, and that then means, not to see all the time. But man is to also allow himself a Sabbath rest now and then, and there he can and is supposed to look or at least practise spiritual seeing in the interior. Remaining, full seeing, only overcomes man after the putting down of the body. – Are you not also of this opinion?«
      Said Peter: »Now certainly quite completely; it just takes me to a high degree how you reached such inner, true wisdom of Life in your wilderness! Who was your teacher?«
      Said the Upper Egyptian: »Mostly I myself through my restless seeking and searching! But my father was surveyor in Memphis, Theben and Diadaira (Diathira), which art I also have learned from him. But when I had held this art already completely, he started to initiate me into the great and hidden secrets of the temple at Ja Bu Sim Bil; but he died still before I was initiated into everything.
      His death was a loss for me of thousand lives. That is why I went with my companions up the Nile upstream so far as it was just possible. There we found grottos which gave us adequate protection from the blazing sun rays. The grottos were just at the Nile which meanders through the mighty rock faces in thousands waterfalls. It was no longer possible to come further than to that point at the river, except we had turned off much further down to the right into the great desert and had carried on the way of the Nubians; but our goats we had taken with us would soon be, including us, dying of thirst without water. Short, at our grottos we still found a last small place with some lawn reasonably overgrown where our animals found quite considerable food. And so we decided to remain there with our small families.
      When I passed the first night in the grotto recommending myself to the protection of the great God, there appeared to me in the dream my father deceased according to the body and taught me what I had to do and how I had to behave to be able to carry on living there. He also showed me that there are in this area a lot of beast of prey, lions, panthers and even gigantic eagles and taught me how I could have all such animals under control, also without weapons, merely through the firm trust in the great God and through the firm, completely fearless will.
      When I awoke in the morning and stepped out of the grotto into the outdoors, there came a mighty lion quite comfortably towards the grotto, which certainly was his home. When he saw me he paused and started to whip the air with his tail quite violently. I came towards him with my courageous, firm will and commanded him with a firm look in my eyes that he leaves this area for ever. And see, the lion turned back and got lost somewhere in the desert! The same happened soon afterwards with two panthers and on the same day with a giant eagle whose eyes caught our grazing goats.
      Therefore already on this first day I had convinced myself of what all a man is able to achieve in true trust in one, true, great God and through his courageous, firm will. In the evening I stood myself before the grotto, recommended everything to the protection of the almighty, great God and commanded the entire nature to leave us alone. Such then also happened.«


So here we have it. Quite clearly expressed.

The Bible calls it to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

That is our job to have dominion.

And to have dominion means to behave like a responsible divine being and respect every creature on earth and expect to be respected by every creature on earth.

It is about having a positive influence on animals, to remind them of their task und to help them achieving their task and to work on the progress of their soul, to then become a human soul and to then leave the material existence completely and to take up again the spiritual, divine existence, as it is described in Creation.

Now this communicating telepathically with other beings, especially with animals, might be a thing that does not come up too often as a need, but we need to be aware of the basic use of telepathy in our life. In our earthly life our subconscious operates all the time with the help of telepathy to coordinate the construction of the material world between us and the others beings so that we all construct with our subconscious more or less the same things. And in our life in the hereafter telepathy will be the only way of communication and without the ability to communicate this way a person will be quite helpless there. Now when we communicate with God, may it be here on earth or later in the spiritual kingdom, then this is the only way to do it, in the heart with thoughts. Just using words spoken with lips will not work. So the inability to communicate telepathically will cause a man to be in hell, here in this life on earth and also there in that life in the hereafter. So already here in this life we have to, if we really want to live a spiritual life, communicate via thought transfer.


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