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The mentally disturbed - the mad - Comment on 2012 March 12 (4)

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2012 March 12 (4)

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Most scientists simply ignore issues like quantum physics as well as spiritual aspects of life like their inner self. Read more:

Today I had to think of two recent entries, 2012 Feb 22 (2) – Jesus the Christ und 2012 Mar 07 – Research with and without God’s help and of common ground both entries have.

The first entry describes an explanation of Emanuel Swedenborg and shows the discrepancy which exists with so-called Christians who “know” from their theology that Jesus Christ is God, but when it then comes to their real belief then they don’t believe this, then they believe not in that what they “know” theologically.

And with the second entry it is about that so-called scientist “know” from their training that there is something like quantum mechanics and that there is actually no past and future and that particles react immediately on each other, even so when they are far apart from each other, that therefore an exchange of information takes place which is considerably faster that the speed of light, but when it comes to practical work, for example with neutrinos, than it shows that they do not think of this theoretical knowledge and also do not believe in it, but simply ignore it and keep talking that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

In the first entry Emanuel Swedenborg describes these so-called Christians as such who cannot do otherwise than think of the Lord's Human as they think of the human of another man, thus they cannot think at the same time of His Divine as being in the Human, still less of His Divine as conjoined with His Human as the soul is conjoined with the body.

And then Swedenborg says: It is true that men of the church at this day, when they speak from the doctrine of the church think of the Divine of the Lord in His Human; but when they think and speak by themselves aside from doctrine, it is altogether otherwise. But be it known, that man is in one state when he is thinking and speaking from doctrine, and in another when he is thinking and speaking aside from doctrine.

Swedenborg says that such people are in two states, once in the theoretical and another is then aside from theory.

They have a split personality. There is something wrong with their spirit. It is disturbed. They are mentally disturbed.

Swedenborg says man does not know that regarding belief and love he has two states; one when he is in doctrine and another when he is aside from doctrine.

In the second above mentioned entry the editor of a scientific magazine was now quoted what he says about scientists. He writes: “If we’re honest, most scientists simply ignore this issue - first, because they’re as baffled as the rest of us.”

And with this bafflement it is about quantum physiks, 2011 Nov 22 (3) – Most scientists simply ignore this issue, the issue being therefore quantum physics and its aspects.

As the so-called Christians forget their theology so scientists forget their theory, they simply ignore it.

And they have a split personality, their head is split, it is not quite all right, they are not really okay in their head. Something in their head has been rearranged. They have been deranged.

In quantum physics you have the influence of the observer. The experimenter finds out that his activity of observing influences the experiment. That it is what scientists at least tell us. They think that the instrument and that what the instrument measures is influenced by their own observation. But now it looks as if this interpretation, this Copenhagen interpretation, is based on a wrong assumption. It is a model of reality. But the real model seems to be that their observation actually does not really influence the instrument and the object to be measured, but that all that what takes part there in that experiment, therefore the instrument and the object to be measured and in addition also the body of the measuring scientist is not only influenced by the consciousness of the scientist but is brought into existence by it.

And what is the reason that scientists do not see the true model of reality? Because they leave aside the spiritual side of their life. The thing that is the really important thing with all of this is their own consciousness. It is not the outer self what is the true reality but their inner self. When they would stop to deal with their outer self and all the other externalities, which are all brought into being by their own inner self, and when they would start to deal with this their inner self, then they would come across the true model of reality.


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