A sore point which causes a wounded mankind.

People education stupefying campaign - Comment on 2012 March 9

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2012 March 9

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Modern sciences buoy us up with false promises, to be progress, but reality is the opposite, they are guilty of a lot of the problems, and the area of healing, or rather the lack of healing, caused by modern sciences, is just one example of many. Read more:

Yesterday I brought 2012 Mar 08 – Scientists - Something is desperately wrong and in it was the following quote at the end:

“So-called respectable science comes here along with outrageous models, which are declared to be a paradigm, but which are more and more difficult to maintain and involuntarily little by little reveal their true colours by themselves as aid money supply mechanisms. Against this people education stupefying campaign carried on by science elite gods to incredible extents a healer is downright genuinely honest.”

This quote now kept me still busy today and I had to think of practical examples of this people education stupefying campaign mentioned there and the outer and the inner senses came to mind and I now want to bring here such practical examples.

To understand the inner senses it is best to compare them with the outer senses and see what they have in common and where they differ.

The outer senses perceive with our sense organs. With the eyes we see, with the ears we hear, with the nose we smell, with the interior of the mouth we taste and with the skin we feel. We can improve such perceptions with technical aids. With a microscope we can see smaller things than without it; with binoculars or with a telescope we can see objects better which are far away; with a radio we can perceive certain waves and a television set, and a mobile phone allow us also to perceive other waves.

Here we therefore have examples what we can perceive with our outer senses. On one side they are the natural things and then things have to be added with which we can perceive in addition when we use technical aids.

The things we perceive with our inner senses we are mostly not aware of. But these inner senses can be trained and when we make some effort and consciously practise perception with them then they can be valuable aids. One example it thought inspiration. When we learn to consciously experience such thought inspirations, learn to recognize them as such, and then receive them with thanks and then perhaps even react to them and carry out what the thought suggestion gave us, then something like this can be extremely creative.

But the interesting thing now is that there are also aids for such inner senses, that therefore something that belongs to the apparent extra sensory perception one can also alternatively experience with a manmade machine. There are people who have the ability, naturally or acquired, to see the radiations of a person. Such an ability has for example the advantage to see the actual cause, the spiritual cause, of a sickness and thereby the possibility is then given to tackle the problem directly and to remove this spiritual cause and one then does not need to doctor around the bodily consequences of this problem.

A person with such abilities can for example “see” how hate looks like because it leads to the radiation with a certain colour and this person can then bring that person, who radiates this colour, through this help that he causes him to get these feelings of hate under control and by this be healed spiritually and also bodily.

Now today there are cameras that can take pictures of these radiations and can reproduce them as pictures. One could therefore take a picture of oneself; have a look at the colours of the picture and compare them with colours that are known to represent special characteristics of a personality and so start to work on oneself.

So this would be a quite simple and direct thing to improve one’s spiritual and bodily health. And now we have already something what has to do with our title people education stupefying campaign. Why is such an aid not applied everywhere? The entire medical and pharmaceutical industry and everything connected to it would just be endangered and that is why a campaign would start immediately against something like this the same way as there is a campaign against all the things which are not based on orthodox medicine.

We must always keep in mind the basic things because when we lose them we become prisoners and victims of the people education stupefying campaign.

Here a basic matter: The trouble is that many in the sciences do not comprehend that there is an inner reality. It is not only as valid as the exterior one, but it is the origin for it. It is that world that offers you answers, solutions, and would reveal many of the blueprints that exist behind the world of your experience.

Here another: Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they only probe further and further with camouflage instruments into a camouflage universe.

Here another quote from Seth: If you did not feel any need to destroy reality (in your terns) in order to understand it, then you would not need to dissect animals, hoping to discover the reason for human diseases. You would have attained a living knowledge long ago, in which diseases as such did not occur. You would have understood long ago the connections between mind and body, feelings, health, and illness.

When we would not have the people education stupefying campaign then we would have discovered a long time ago the reason for human sickness, then would have gained a living knowledge long ago where illness as such did not occur.

Modern sciences buoy us up with false promises, to be progress, but reality is the opposite, they are guilty of a lot of the problems, and the area of healing, or rather the lack of healing, caused by modern sciences, is just one example of many.

Still another comment from Seth about scientists: The nature of matter is an extremely difficult sore point in your scientific circles.

A sore point Seth says. A sore point which causes a wounded mankind.

And still another from Seth: The healthy physical body, therefore, is eloquent testimony of inner balance. And in all cases of illness, the inner cause must be uncovered; not only uncovered intellectually, but understood intuitively if recovery is to take place.

And a further one: You just focus your attention on a totally specific place in the space time coordinate system, accept this as present reality and close your mind to everything else.

Scientists close their mind to all other places and therefore do not recognize true reality.

And again something to the use of the inner senses: It is not a matter of inventing new instruments any longer. It is a matter of using the invisible instruments that you have. These instruments may be known and even examined by their effects.

And: The one instrument which is more important than any other and which has given you, that is mankind, all its breakthroughs and advance is the brain. Or rather the mind which contains the brain, and which is the meeting place of the inner and outer senses.

And now something of what Seth has to say about Jung: He does not realize however, nor do your other psychologists, what I have told you often – that there is an inner ego that organizes what Jung would call unconscious material.

Men, who have the ability to be able to see the radiation of things or of men, can for example see the spiritual counterpart of a hand which has gone to sleep. They then see that this part of the spiritual body, which represents the hand gone to sleep, hangs down loosely.

There are devices that can show spiritual radiation of an object or that can show certain effects of such radiation. When one uses such a device to have a look at a leave, which was picked from a tree, then effects of the spiritual of this object are represented. The interesting thing with this matter is that when one now picks a second leave and also has a look at it through this machine, but before one puts it in the machine cuts off a part of the leave and removes it, that then the device still renders the effects and radiations of the entire leave. So such a device can show the difference between an object, the bodily, material side of an object, and the actual spiritual part of this object. And it can furthermore demonstrate that the material part of the object is passing and that the spiritual part of a thing is everlasting.

What is now the reason why such a device is not used by scientists everywhere to make progress in research? It is the people education stupefying campaign.

What are now reasons for the existence of these people education stupefying campaigns?

One of the reasons is the aid money supply mechanism. And for whom is this aid money supply mechanisms a help? These are the science elite gods.

Now also here we have the characteristics which scientist and clerics have in common; it is the aid money supply mechanisms.


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