Other worlds may not be so far away.

Multiple universes - Comment on 2012 February 27

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2012 February 27

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The multiverse and quantum physics. Read more:

Today I read an article that is more than half a year old and here are some quotes from it:

The multiverse and quantum physics: Other worlds may not be so far away

A new paper simplifies - slightly - our view of the cosmos by reconciling two theories relating to multiple universes.

Let’s take two of the biggest, most bizarre and mind-blowing ideas in cosmology. First, the multiverse, the hypothetical set of possible universes that comprise all that exists. Second, the suggestion that the cosmos constantly divides into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens somewhere.

What happens if we blend the two? Well, it happens to solve one of the most persistent problems in physics. At the moment, our most successful theory describes a universe that is larger than any observer inside it can see: to view the whole thing, you’d need what cosmologist Raphael Bousso calls a “godlike” view of the cosmos.

This problem has been apparent ever since the development of quantum theory, which describes the behaviour of atoms and their constituents and has given us many profound insights into nature - such as explaining why the sun shines and the ground underfoot is solid - as well as contributing to the development of technology, such as computers and lasers.

In the article a description of Schrödinger’s Cat experiment, an experiment highlighting a problem in quantum physics, is given, which I will not quote here but rather bring some more other quotes from it:

One cunning way past this problem was devised half a century ago by Hugh Everett III, a Princeton graduate student. Called the many-worlds interpretation, it holds that both possibilities continue to exist, but that “we” (the observers) are split into two: one of us observes a live cat, and the other a dead one. In this interpretation, the paradox of the alive/dead cat disappears: the cat perishes in one universe and survives in another.

Apply this idea more widely, and an infinite number of parallel universes sprout, in which every conceivable outcome of every event actually happens.

Now two distinguished cosmologists - Bousso, from the University of California, Berkeley, and Leonard Susskind, from Stanford University - have taken this idea and used it to make the universe a (slightly) simpler place. They argue in a new paper that the multiverse, the multiplicity of universes we suspect exists around us, is actually a representation of the many-worlds hypothesis.

Some have, inevitably, written off the new idea as quite mad. Still, that has never been a problem when it comes to quantum mechanics. As Bohr once quipped to a fellow quantum pioneer: “We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question that divides us is whether it is crazy enough.”

Now for someone who is familiar with spiritual writings all this does not sound crazy at all. The above actually gives the impression that some scientists are not leaving aside the spiritual side of life and might be quite familiar with spiritual writings or are open to spiritual intuition.

In the last few weeks we had a number of entries about the Seth material and people who are familiar with the Seth material will also hardly find all this to be crazy.

And when it comes to the material coming from Bertha Dudde, then all this can be described with a statement of hers:

Auszug aus Buch 91, Botschaft 8648:
Antwort auf Frage über Wiederverkörperung.
18.10.1963 B.D. NR. 8648

Wenn euch gesagt wird, die Seele des Menschen geht in das jenseitige Reich ein, so versteht ihr noch nicht recht, was unter letzterem alles zu verstehen ist: Alles außerhalb des Erdenlebens ist Jenseits. Und alle Gestirne bergen Geistiges in den verschiedensten Entwicklungsgraden, wo wahrlich jede Seele ihren Entwicklungsgang fortsetzen kann, wenn sie nicht so hartnäckig in ihrem Widerstand verharrt, daß sie in schöpfungslosen Räumen ihr Unwesen treibt zur eigenen Qual.

Now I stated this statement of Bertha Dudde in its original German wording because it might be important. I am now going to translate it into English and hope to do it accurately:

Excerpt from Book 91, Message 8648:
Reply to question about re-embodiment.
18.10.1963 B.D. NR. 8648

When you are told the soul of man enters the other kingdom then you still do not properly understand what is to be understood by all of the latter: Everything outside of earth life is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different development degrees, where truly every soul can continue its development course, when it is not so stubborn to remain in its resistance, that it makes trouble in creation-less spaces to its own agony.

Now with this short statement, “Everything outside of earth life is the hereafter,” is much said and one aspect of it could be that our present situation here on planet Earth is just one of innumerable many other possible situations or states of consciousness.

So a planet like Mars or Earth can hold a nearly infinite number of possible situations or consciousness states and what we see of Mars may just be some rudimentary celestial body which we see but our present state of consciousness does not allow us to see more. And what we see on our own planet Earth is everything what our present state of consciousness allows us to see and all the other “worlds” or “universes” related to Earth we do not see, at least not in this state of consciousness. When we switch states of consciousness and go to the state of sleep, then also all this simply disappears and we live in a completely different world, a world that also exists all the “time” the same way as the world we see exists all the time when we are in the awake state, but we only see it when we are in this state, only then is our focus turned to this “universe.”

And in reality it might be a bit more complicated that the universe we all live in in our awake state is for everyone a personal universe and that the universe I live in is not the same universe you live in, but a different one. We both might sit at the same table but you actually sit at your table and I at mine as you sit in your body and I in mine.

When one understands that our whole existence, our imprisonment in our body and in our environment just has the purpose to provide a backdrop for us to act so that it can be found out if we are genuine or fakes then the material world can be understood quite easily. It is the soul that is the real thing and it is telepathy that is the real thing. This life here on Earth is just a short test, do we want to become again gods as we have been or do we want to carry on rummaging in muck – living like materialist in the world of matter.

So real progress, scientific progress, will only then be made when scientists turn away from what Seth calls their high fiddle-faddle which makes them ready to go out of their minds, when they stop chasing particles around circles and start to turn to the real thing, to the mind, to consciousness, then they will find what really causes matter to come into being and because there seem to be spiritual scientist around, there is a chance that Seth’s prediction, that they will find the real cause of the origin of matter, will become true.


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