Child molesters commit an average of 60 offenses for every incident that comes to public attention.

Two years Catholic abuse scandal - Comment on 2012 January 28

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2012 January 28

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Careful studies have indicated that child molesters commit an average of sixty offenses for every incident that comes to public attention. Read more:

Nine days ago I found something that got my attention and reminded me of things I had written previously.

Here first what I read nine days ago:

William Reid has written that "careful studies have indicated...that child molesters commit an average of sixty offenses for every incident that comes to public attention."

William H. Reid, The Psychiatric Times, 1988-APR-24. Quoted in: A. W. Richard Sipe, "Sex, Priests and Power: Anatomy of a Crisis," Brunner/Mazel, (1995).

So I went back to some things I had written previously.

Half a year ago I wrote (2011 Jul 28 – 1.5 Years of Catholic abuse scandal):

This assumption, that the great majority of Catholic priests are criminals, seems to be a strong exaggeration, but I refer to a report which came from Belgium, and I am quoting here what I already wrote half a year ago:

“Just this week I read that in the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium no congregation escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members. So when normally one congregation has one priest then one has to assume that a priest who does not sexually abuse is an exception. When people belong to such an evil organization and do not stop that, then one can only assume that they themselves must be evil.”

Direct quotes from news reports are:
'No Belgian church escaped sex abuse', finds investigation.
Child sex abuse by clergy or church workers has taken place in every Roman Catholic congregation in Belgium, according to an independent commission investigating paedophilia allegations.
Investigators, working with the support of the Belgian Catholic Church received 475 complaints of child abuse committed in the 1950s through to the late 1980s by Catholic clergy.
"We can say that no congregation escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members," the commission concluded.
The 200-page report, published on Friday, contains testimonies from some 124 anonymous victims, revealing that abuse for most began at the age of 12.
It noted a "high number of suicides" with 13 deaths and six attempts attributed to "sexual abuse by a cleric".
"We are talking here about anal and oral abuse, forced and mutual masturbation," said Peter Adriaenssens, the psychiatric specialist in paedophilia who chaired the commission.
"None of us was prepared for the severity of some of the accounts of abuse that we were given. All of us at one time questioned our faith in God, the Church and humanity."
There was outrage in Belgium when it emerged on Friday that the disgraced bishop was still receiving his full pension of £2,300 a month despite the abuse scandal.

So this was what I wrote half a year ago and now to something I wrote two days after that (2011 Jul 30 (3) – Only a very small percentage of abuse cases becomes known):

What is now the actual purpose of this John Jay Report?

It is to make us believe that 4 per cent of Catholic ministers are criminals. It is a report that comes out of the Catholic Church. And when the general public believes this report then it has achieved its purpose. And the real aim is of course that the world does not perhaps gets the idea about the real situation, that the percentage is not 4% but not much less than 100%. And when one reads the comments to the John Jay Report then one can definitely get the impression that the Catholic Church is successful. The commentators do not seem to have grasped at all the real purpose of the John Jay Report.

On the 30th of July 2011 I also wrote that I think of a percentage of one or two per cent when I speak of a percentage of abuses that become known, compared to the sexual abuses of children that really take place. When I now take the number of Mr William Reid that 60 offenses are committed for every incident that comes to public attention, and convert this number into per cent, then I get 1.7 % and that corresponds quite well with what I assumed.

The John Jay Report now is about priests who are known to be abusers, and that are 4 %. And this percentage of 4 % caused me then to write that basically all priests are abusers. When I now take these 4 % and assume that of one hundred priests 4 priests are known in public to be abusers and then take the number of William Reid that 60 offenses are committed for every incident that comes to public attention, then therefore multiply the 4 priests with the number 60, then I get the number 240. And that would then be 240 priests of 100 priests.

Nine days ago I also read: “Priests have freer access to many children than does the average male. His position of authority and trust can facilitate abuse. Thus the number of abused young people per abusive priest may well be larger than for the average molester.”

For me there is growing evidence that a Catholic priest who is not an abuser is an exception.

One could now think that this abuse scandal, continual for two years, has caused the abuse to become less or even to stop. Such an assumption is probably absolutely wrong. The priest Andreas L. from Salzgitter-Lebenstedt in Germany,
2012 Jan 16 – Germany: Start of trial in Braunschweig – Minister confesses sexual abuse in 280 cases and
2012 Jan 25 – Germany: Abuse before mas
has just shown this. He abused right up to his arrest and was only arrested early because otherwise he would have gone on holiday with a boy.

The scandal itself probably hardly causes abusers to no longer satisfy their sex obsession. What it certainly has causes is that disguising has become more sophisticated. The case Andreas L. has shown that the superiors still assume that as good as no cases are reported to the authorities, and when this still once happens then one is prepared for this thoroughly and always has an excuse ready.

Next to nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is that one has become more aware ot this problem in North America and in North West Europe. And practically only in North America it led to financial losses for the Catholics, not so in North West Europe. And this fact one can feel with the church leaders in North West Europe; they are actually not really worried about the present situation because in North West Europe it has practically not led to any financial loss. Bankruptcies of dioceses, as in the USA, are non-existent there. So they can carry on quite undisturbed.

Children are raped now as ever and that, what above figures indicate, on a large scale. That is the actual problem. And also that the people responsible for these furthermore continues crimes, therefore those politicians and officials who are to actually do something against it, do really nothing. Facts quite clearly indicate that the Catholic Church is probably the worst terroristic organization we have, and that by far. And the real extent of the whole matter is only then moved into the right perspective when one takes into consideration that North America and North West Europe is only a relative small part of the world and that the Catholic Church operates worldwide and rapes worldwide and that someone who reports a priest has to fear for his life.

The solution of the problem certainly lies in what the prophecies show us. God will have to destroy this organization. The great harlot Babylon will have to experience that what the prophecies show.

But I want to come back to the case of the priest Andreas L. That this case was reported to the police seems to be based on special circumstances. One report about this court case states the following: “The priest, who covered his face with a ring binder as he went into court on Thursday, said that while working in Braunschweig in 2004, he had begun a close relationship with the widow. When Fr Andreas was moved to Salzgitter, her son often spent weekends with him, and the two would go off on short trips.”

Another report brings this: “The mother of one of the victims was in love with the minister. She even had entertained affections for him and also informed him that she was in love with him. To which the minister replied, that for him as a church man a relationship is impossible. … The next day she reported him. The minister was arrested.”

So a motive like jealousy and revenge could have played a part in this which led the mother going to the police. The worry about the son may not really have been in the foreground. This is a further indication that in most cases the police is not called in, even then not when the parents realize that something is going on.

So may be the acts of Andreas L. would never have come to light if there would not have been this Potiphar’s wife’s problem – rejected love and for this revenge (Genesis 39:1-20).


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