Uniformitarianism versus catastrophism.

Earth in Upheaval - Comment on 2011 December 22

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2011 December 22
It is a matter of becoming more aware of the fact that a comet coming toward us and threatening us is a possibility. Read more:

Three days ago there were two reports about comets and on this website comets play quite a part because prophecies announce an earth upheaval and such an earth upheaval might be caused by comets.

Now this possibility of the Earth being threatened by celestial bodies is relative new in the thinking of present mankind and for many people this possibility does not even exist and only few people seem to be aware of it and have knowledge about the things astronomers deal with.

A good example of this present state of awareness of the public, and even of the scientific community, is the Velicovsky affair and this affair happened only a few decades ago.

Immanuel Velicovsky (1895-1979) is today called a scientific controversialist. He hypothesized that a comet had collided with earth about 1500 BC, supporting this view with evidence from history and mythology. His books were best-sellers but dismissed by scientists.

He adduced geologic and paleontological evidence supporting his belief that catastrophes have overwhelmed the Earth.

The animosity of the American scientific community toward his books caused the original publisher, threatened with a boycott of its scientific-textbook division, to turn Velicovsky’s work over to a firm not involved in textbook publishing.

Now this Velikovsky affair is a nice example of how scientists behave and how scientists are really interested in truth.

Velikovsky’s opponents were the followers of uniformitarianism and they dominated science – at that time. Uniformitarianism is a principle opposed to catastrophism. Uniformitarianism claimed that the same geologic processes are at work in nature today as have always existed and operated throughout geologic time. Then geologists have suggested discarding this concept in favour of actualism, a more general concept that the laws of nature have remained invariant through time. And also this is now discarded – silently. And all this just happened in the last few decades. And that is what science is all about. Scientists change their mind every day. They have to - evidence forces them to do it. But the general public carries on believing in science, science that changes from one day to the other. And the truth, the spiritual teachings, that have not changed for millennia, they discard.

What geologists taught half a century ago made no sense to the student and looking back from today this teaching can only be considered to have been quite senseless and can now only be described as nonsense.

Some geologists are still today attached to these out-dated ways of thinking. Examples of this are seismologists who claim there cannot be any earthquakes in Europe of the magnitude which affected Japan this year.

Another example are seismic loads given in building codes. These are normally based on past experiences going back just a few centuries. Now imagine a structural engineer asking the project architect and therefore indirectly the client and future user of the structure, to what seismic load he is to design the structure, because the astronomers say, a major collision with a celestial body is over-due. And now these guys have to make up their mind how far they want to go and how much money they want to invest in the future safety of the client. Perhaps this may cause them to once really think about the really important questions about life.

Or people asking politicians why they don't revise the building codes in view of the fact of coming events. Have a look at
2011 March 24 – The great earthquake
where it is also about the 5.70 metre high wall that was to protect the power station, but the tsunami was 14 metre high and where it says that seismologists had not reckoned with such strong quake in that region.

The first entry on this website related to our subject was
2009 February 2 – Matter is passing, just changing into something else all the time
and there it was stated that countless universes, planets and comets smash into other unimaginable objects and that we might be forced to look around and inward for solutions, for meaning and values.

So this set the tone for this subject on this website and since then we have paid attention to reports dealing with objects that might threaten Earth.

So it is a matter of becoming more aware of the fact that a comet coming toward us and threatening us is a possibility.

So let us have a review.

An idea of the goings-on gave the entry
2009 February 5 – Cosmic Delivery Room:
a gigantic star factory in which about 1000 stars are born per year.

Then there was
2009 March 21 – A star is on the advance
and that this star approaches the earth exceedingly fast. The scientific stage is now nicely set up for this event and the announcement of this event will be, for the insider, a sign that the earth upheaval will follow. According to the prophecies this event, the announcing of this discovery, can now take place any time. This announcement will provide a fertile ground in the hearts of men and give us the opportunity to sow seeds.

Then in 2010 there was
2010 March 15 – Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets
and that Nasa scientists are searching for an invisible ‘Death Star’ that circles the Sun, which catapults potentially catastrophic comets at earth and
2009 March 16 – The Star that is in advance
and that this star will be of such kind that anxiousness will attack men.

And this was followed by
2009 March 17 – Does our solar system have two suns?
and there Sedna was mentioned, a known object which causes astronomers to speculate about our solar system having two suns.

The next item was
2010 March 18 – Russians devising plan to deflect Apophis asteroid
and that was the first time that something was mentioned on this website related to man’s effort to divert an asteroid or comet.

An on the next day was
2010 March 19 – The relevance of Bertha Dudde’s prophecies wins momentum,
an entry that points out that such an attempt, to deflect an asteroid, was predicted by Bertha Dudde, and that therefore her prophecies are true.

Three days later followed
2010 March 22 – Nemesis can act as a Death Star because it is the sun’s companion star
where the possibility of a binary star system for our solar system is considered.

Then there was
2010 May 21 (2) – Astronomy: A star devours its planet
which again underlines the collisions that take place all the time in the universe.

After that followed
2010 July 30 (2) – The search for Nemesis is getting captivating. Will WISE track down the star Nemesis? and
2010 August 7 – Bigger asteroids one would well discover 10 or 20 years before their impact on earth
which was about the first meteorite that hit Earth and was discovered by astronomers before in the sky.

2010 August 19 (2) – To divert celestial bodies to prevent them hitting earth
shows again that Bertha Dudde’s prophecies are true. One sentence there is: The deeper astronomers look into space the more the realization grows how vulnerable earth is.

Another entry was
2010 September 9 (3) – Two large asteroids narrowly miss earth and
2010 October 14 (2) – Mini asteroid races only just past earth and
2010 October 24 – Changes in Cosmos
and there it says: You will in fact only then be able to speak about it when the first events have taken place because beforehand no man wants to listen to your talk – you will only find open ears and hearts when one tremor has preceded it, which lets men ask, and only then you are to speak, and it will depend on the willingness of men which benefit he/she is reaping from those happenings.

And that is what this webpage is for: Providing information for that time when the first events have taken place. Then people can use this webpage because then they have been shaken awake and will be attentive.

Then the first entry this year was
2011 March 24 – The great earthquake
and there the earthquake in Japan on the 11th of March 2011 was compared with the coming great earthquake which will probably be caused by a celestial body hitting Earth.

The next one was then
2011 May 10 – Giant rock heading close to Earth
and was about an asteroid that will pass close to earth later this year.

And then there was
2011 May 16 – Asteroid in horseshoe orbit – A faithful companion of earth
and this asteroid is on the same orbit around the sun as earth.

And then one about a real collision
2011 May 16 (6) – Comet collides with the sun
which was filmed by Nasa.

Another about special planets
2011 May 20 – Lonesome Rider: Planets without home star discovered
and then again about asteroids near earth
2011 June 27 (2) – Giant asteroid to ‘narrowly miss’ Earth
and then again about Nemesis
2011 August 8 – Nemesis – invisible companion star of the Sun

And then again something about what Bertha Dudde has predicted and what therefore has come true and proves the truth of her predictions:
2011 August 18 (3) – Scientist to fire spacecraft at asteroid in Earth defence test

An entry about sunlight and about the radiation of God:
2011 October 1 – Star approaches Earth

And more about asteroids:
2011 November 7 (2) – Asteroid is to come quite close to Earth and
2011 November 7 (3) – Collision course: the space rocks that threaten our lives

And then come the two entries mentioned already at the beginning of this webpage:
2011 December 19 (2) – Space travel: Nasa wants to harpoon comet flying past and
2011 December 19 (3) – Million degrees Celsius: Comet survives rendezvous with the Sun

Now while I was going through these entries I noticed something interesting in
2010 October 24 – Changes in Cosmos
and that was about tremors.

Go and read this information because there we have some additional happenings we have to look out for: tremors.


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