Physicists agree there is no paradox if you go back in time.

The separation between past, present and future is only an illusion - Comment on 2011 December 12

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2011 December 12
The fundamental laws of physics are reversible. We always assume that the past influences the future. But that is not necessarily true in physics. Read more:

Today I read the following in an article:


Physicists agree there is no paradox if you go back in time.

We always assume that the past influences the future. But that is not necessarily true in the physics of Newton or Einstein. According to physicists, all you really need to know, mathematically, to describe what happens to an apple or the 100 billion galaxies of the universe over all time are the laws that describe how things change and a statement of where things start. The latter are the so-called boundary conditions - the apple five feet over your head, or the Big Bang.

The equations work just as well, if the boundary conditions specify a condition in the future (the apple on your head) instead of in the past, as long as the fundamental laws of physics are reversible, which most physicists believe they are.

"For those of us who believe in physics," Einstein once wrote to a friend, "this separation between past, present and future is only an illusion."


Here a couple of quotations from spiritual writings:


First from the Great Gospel John by Jakob Lorber:


For the divine spirit also in man there is neither a transitory time nor any limited space and therefore also no transitoriness, nor any distant future but only an eternal present! But in this world everything has its time, and no fruit at the tree gets already ripe with the blossom; but when you firmly have resolved to immutably live and act as from today according to the will of God, then you will soon talk quite differently.

Out of this you can once again draw the certain conclusion that your soul, as a spiritual being, along with its activity, is also out of time and space, and you can move with your thought also in the same speed to the star known to you and again back here, and you will also not need more time for the flying through such a vast wide space.
Then you will also see that there can be neither a time nor a space for the pure spirit!
The spirit of God and all angels certainly also exist in infinite space and continue and continue through all eternal courses of time; because without such no creature would be, also no earthly space would be, nor an earthly time. But these pure spiritual powers and highest intelligences stand endless far above time and space.


And now from messages by Bertha Dudde:


Concept for time and space as free or unfree being.

7. August 1942. B.D. NR. 2440.

Just an excerpt:

Therefore always only the incomplete being will have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the complete being is neither subject to time nor space law. Everything is at all times present to him, therefore the complete spiritual knows no past, present and future, but everything is only one idea. The being can experience everything at the same time, what is incomprehensible to men on earth. 2440.


Time and space law in eternity.

5. December 1942. B.D. NR. 2575.

Just an excerpt:

The soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul; as long as it still has the feeling to be dependent on time and space it still has not reached its goal; it has not yet entered the spheres of light in which every idea of time and space dwindles. 2575


Past – present – future.

30. June and 1. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4074.

The concept past, present and future is ruled out in the kingdom of pure spirits, i.e., when the degree of perfection is reached, the idea is invalid for the soul; everything in eternity is in a way timeless. So the soul can again experience everything looking back, it will not have the impression to stand in the past but as spirit the idea for time vanishes, for time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection. But something limited cannot be concomitant in the state of perfection because there are no limitations for this state. And that is why then also the time and space concept has to cease to apply because it always includes a limitation in itself. But man cannot form an idea, but it has to be made understandable to him because this contributes much to the explanation of mysterious phenomena, which man is not capable to believe otherwise. Mature men, also due to a mission, can have visions, which reach far back into the past and are still given an account of close to life without ever having had a connection with prehistoric times. And then only that explanation can be applied that the degree of maturity of that man enables him to see past experiences, that he therefore then becomes detached from earth, his soul with the spirit in it dwells in spheres of light and there has the most marvellous experiences while looking back and can give an account of, in so far as this is beneficial for man through God’s will. Then therefore the soul so to speak still lives on earth but is already a candidate of the spiritual kingdom, except that his soul again and again returns to earth, to be able to also give an account on earth of the impressions out of the spiritual kingdom, to awaken or enliven the faith of fellow men. This is a mission which likewise requires a maturity when man wants to serve God and pass on his experiences to encourage fellow men to eager soul work, to reach the state of perfection on earth. Because men need convincing hints, teachings and also reprimands, when they take it too lukewarm. From time to time men need unusual phenomena which prompt them to think, and when they do the latter then they are also to get true enlightenment when it matters to them. But the putting back into the past is only possible in a high degree of maturity, and it is a sure sign of perfection which already entitles to the entrance into spheres of light, and such a person only still dwells on earth because of his mission, otherwise the imparting of past experiences would not happen without faith compulsion but that is not allowed to happen according to God’s will. That is why also such obvious proofs of divine work often take place in all naturalness, only always leaving that problem open how a person comes to such knowledge when the idea of spiritual seeing is not yet understood by him. Spiritual enlightenment is always only to be given, and the concept of space and timelessness can also only then be understood when man has likewise reached a higher degree of maturity through his own striving which earns him spiritual knowledge. Then also the enlightenment about mysterious phenomena will be understandable to him and only deepen his faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 4074.


Time and Space Concept.

9. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7474.

They are eternity ideas would you imagine the times where your soul is on its way back to me, and you are lacking all estimation ability, which is why there is talk of eternities. Once however this state comes to an end; once also for you the idea of time and space changes - as soon as you have entered the state of perfection, which no longer knows limitations. Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine. But the being only knows restrictions in the state of imperfection, however all restrictions are invalid when the being has become perfect, thus again has returned to its original state in which it was at the very start. That is why the soul will again be able to experience all past things as present and recognize my great love because only now it also grasps the wonder of its course of development from the deepest fall to the highest height, and it is exceedingly happy being aware of now being and remaining eternally my child. Because then there are no longer restrictions, then it can stay where it wants, and also put itself into that state, which it wants, even if it already was down in the past because this one now has become for it a present state. The idea for time and space belongs to the state of imperfection, as every restriction is always a sign of faultiness, what you men also will only understand when once every restriction falls off you. But the prerequisite for it is that you enter the kingdom of light. Also this is a degree of happiness in which scale all restrictions fall off you - because the kingdom of light means lifting of all restrictions, it means looking through time and space, the soul will be able to stay where it wants, where it transports itself to in thought and when it wants it, and therefore also events of the past will become alive in it, because it can experience everything as present. And then it will praise and extol and eternally sing thanks to me that I have led it back to its father's house, where happiness finds no end for it, which it now can enjoy near to me and is always conscious of my love and favour, which cause these wonderful things forever for it. And then the soul will experience my work of redemption and only then realize what this work of redemption has meant for itself. Because only now it recognizes the great love, which has expiated its great sin to be able to disclose to it all the wonderful things of the heavenly kingdom. It recognizes the unfathomable distance in which it once was from me; it recognizes the great favour and mercy which followed it into the depth and lifted it again out of it; it recognizes the never tiring patience and love on the way of return because it also sees its former resistance and warding off of my great love and favour towards all of the once fallen. It cannot help it than to praise and extol him who has created it and who has rescued it through his work of redemption from eternal agony. And again and again it experiences this work of mercy anew because it gains through it always deeper knowledge, what has been done to it to so make it exceedingly happy. And the soul full of thanks will do everything to also help other souls to the same happiness because it sees the great misery of them, which still stay in darkness, and to help them is now its constant will, because love to all the unredeemed is aroused in it in view of the wonderful things, which my love has prepared for my child and will prepare for it until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7474.


Time and space concept.

20. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7924.

The time concept is only for the imperfect spiritual which still lives in the limitation of thinking and which is therefore also bound to time and space while the perfect spiritual knows no limitation, and past, present and future is the same idea because the being which is perfect can see and experience at the same time past, present and future events, and that is why it will be happy forever because nothing is there any longer which could ever burden the being. Because everything is recognized in its usefulness because it helped the being to perfection. It is overcome, therefore would have to belong to the past and still is alive in the present and always visible in its effect – however never bound to time and space. To understand this is already a sign of approaching perfection – but not completely comprehensible for man as long as he is still on earth because so long he is also not yet perfect, and so long time and space still keep him bound. Eternity ideas are therefore unimaginable for man, he certainly can imagine endless long times but cannot grasp them with his intellect, as he also cannot imagine that time will once be switched off – that he lives and that he equally can move in the past and in the future alike – that everything is visible to him, what took place for eternities. Then he will certainly also know about a beginning, but this will equally be present to him as also the reached target of all beings, which took their start in God and have again returned to him. Then there can no longer be a limitation for a being because through its fall into the deep the being created a limitation for itself. The state of lack of light started; for the time being gaps in knowledge arose, in cognition – the lack of light was time wise limited because the state of the beings changed epoch wise. And so also the stay changed again and again, what makes a spatial limitation understandable – time and space are characteristics of the imperfect which therefore was now limited in its work, exactly because it was imperfect – or also, it was bound to space and time, it was no longer free, as it once emerged out of God. It had put on fetters itself or let put on by the opponent of God, and itself determined the duration of its bound state. It also made itself dependent on time, as long as it did not earnestly aim at perfection. But once also time and space will be overcome; once these concepts will no longer be valid because once perfection will certainly be reached. And then the being will not be able to understand that it kept away from God for such a long time, that it was limited in every way, and it again will be able to understand that with God a thousand years are as one day because for him there is no time – because that is why also the idea: God is from eternity – does not mean anything because he is always in the present; for him there is no past; he sees the future exactly in the present as the past. He was and is and will always remain the original centre, the life spraying power source, the beginning and the end. He was and is and remains the timeless, unlimited being, which none of his created beings will ever be able to fathom. And for him there is no before and after. He is always in the present, and it never stops. And every time and space idea is always only typical of the beings once broken from him, who for themselves created a limitation through turning their nature – which let the perfect become imperfect, who formed themselves to something God opposing – who turned their original state into the opposite. And the time and space law was now created by what had fallen away, by all imperfect now having to move because all imperfect moves (is) in a certain limitation. Only the perfect is unlimited; what however is subject to limitation is also imperfect according to law from eternity. The being emerged from God perfectly, and for this being there was neither time nor space, and it was unlimited happy. But its fall into the deep has created boundaries in every way which will only then be again abolished when the being has formed itself back to perfection, to its original being, to that state in which it once was created by God. Amen. B.D. NR. 7924.

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