The tokoloshe lives in the wild, is a short, human-like creature.

Tokoloshe - Comment on 2011 November 16

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2011 November 16
The tokoloshes are partially visible, not everyone can see them. They are often seen by children. Small children cry when they see this creature, and the older ones will point at it. Read more:

Yesterday I read an article that brought my thoughts to a subject about which there were reports especially on the 22nd of September 2011: Science.

There it was about maximum speed.

But I was mainly concerned about the contradictions in today’s scientific thinking.

Now these inconsistencies in scientific thinking are nothing new. Here an example from antiquity: Nebuchadnezzar challenged the scientists, and through it he exposed them and their ghetto thinking.

The existing report about this does not speak of scientists but there the scientists at that time were called: magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans.

These magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans the king commanded for to shew the king his dream (Daniel 2:2).

And how did these scientists react? “That possibility does not exist!” They reacted the same way as today’s scientists. Today the scientist Stephen Hawking says: “Heaven is a myth.”

In Daniel 2:9 Nebuchadnezzar accuses the scientists of lying and this behaviour of the scientists has not changed till today.

How do the scientists lie?

In Daniel 2:10 we find it: “The Chaldeans answered before the king, and said, There is not a man upon the earth that can shew the king's matter.”

What do scientists say today?

“The theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson said a very good argument against the possibility of time travel is that we’ve never met any time travellers. If someone in the future had done it, someone would have come back.”

That is from
2011 Sep 27 – Weird relativity and quantum physics.

At the times of Nebuchadnezzar there was Daniel. He achieved exactly that what Nebuchadnezzar wanted and today there is no difference, also today there are men who are independent of time – independent of past, present and future – and can see and report what once happened and what will once happen in future.

But the scientists say that possibility does not exist. Already alone the fact that they say, something does not exist, proves that they are liars – and that they are no true scientists, that they contradict the simplest laws of logic and don’t know them.

Time travellers existed at the times of Nebuchadnezzar and they exist today. Nothing has changed there. And lying scientists exist since antiquity and also now – no change.

Nebuchadnezzar was in Babylon and the report I read yesterday comes from Durban, a city which is much in the news at the end of this year.

That “reputable” media now bring something about the spiritual realm is not exactly normal. In this case it was probably political correct and acceptable because the subject was dealt with in court, therefore became officially heard in a case in court.

It is about the spiritual world and especially about things like spiritual beings of which people claim that they exist.

In the western world such beings are “officially” considered as not existing, and when one talks about them then it goes without saying that everyone thinks them to be fairy tale figures. Examples are gnomes, fairies, elves, angels, ghosts.

I now want to bring a report from Jakob Lorber’s “The Great Gospel of John”:


    Say I: »See, for this purpose I have let this our light sphere being brought from the deepest middle of Africa to open up for you the world of the spirits of nature, so to speak without miracle, for you more on a natural way which is up to now still completely unknown to you!
    The light of this stone has the quality to have an effect on the life nerves of the pit of the stomach in such a way that the soul draws its powers of vision there after a longer effect and because of this starts to see even the most hidden things. Your seeing will now completely move there, and because of this you will see with closed eyes better than now with the most open eyes of the flesh.
    For some people also the Moon has a similar effect, however never to the high and powerful degree as the light of exactly this stone. Now close your eyes and convince yourselves whether you cannot see with the pit of the stomach better than with the natural eyes!«
    Upon these my words all closed the eyes and could not be more surprised about this most sharp power of vision of the soul through the pit of the stomach.
    Only Mathael and his four companions said: »This miraculous seeing is definitely not foreign to us; because this way we often saw the most rare things and often walked over places over which in the natural awake state no mortal could get over without the most dreadful fall, and saw in the process all air as also the stretches of water of the oceans and lakes, rivers and streams always densely filled with all kinds of amazing grimaces and masks, which moved in the air quicker or slower towards all known wind directions; they also hovered up and down, soon turned slowly, soon very fast in circles. Some sat down so to speak like snowflakes on the ground and crawled away in a way quickly in its furrows; some were absorbed like dew by the plants, others by the soil, and still some by all kinds of rocks.
    Those crawling away in the soil and those being absorbed by the plant and rock world did not appear again; but where some kind of tree or herb or some animal decomposed, there, in the beginning looking like a light, shimmering vapour, all kinds of forms rose up, which soon seized themselves to hundreds of thousands and melted together in a quite well developed form.
    Once the form was completed then it did not take long that this form, like being equipped with its own kind of consciousness, started to move and acted like a dog that looks for something what its good nose had tracked down somewhere.
    Usually we saw these beings hovering towards the herds of sheep, goats, cattle. When they had reached such one they remained among the latter; and when a mating was committed by the animals, to which they very much seemed to incite the animals, there they were absorbed by the animals, again like a dew by the grass that had already become a little dried, and then no longer appeared.
    Many of such forms also hurried towards the waters and swam, lightly gliding, around on the surface for a while. Then some dipped determined under water; some pressed themselves more together to a misty mass and only then submerged when they again melted together in a new form, which often looked like a water animal.
    But what was the strangest was when we saw how now always thousands of grimaces, masks and forms rose up out of the water, and they had the casual shape of all kinds of flying insects, as well as of small and big birds of any possible kind and genus. They had literally quite well formed wings, legs and other extremities; but they did not use them like the birds, but everything hang on them. And they then hovered around more like downs or flocks in the air. Only when a swarm of real birds came flying close to them, one saw real life movement with these hazy masks and forms; they then also moved with the swarm and were soon consumed by the same.
    But we always discovered like a light dust raining down from above, sometimes more, sometimes less dense, and especially often was it seen above the water areas. When one had a closer look at this dust then one also found some form with it, which either looked like smaller little eggs or extremely small water animals, but this dust was also immediately swallowed by the water.
    Oh, there one could tell very much, when one would have the time for it! But what we saw beforehand in our unfortunate state, that we now see with really closed eyes, and this seeing again awakens in us the remembrance which now loudly shouts to us: »All this you have seen through several years every evening and all night!« Sometimes we even had the same visions during the day, when it was so really autumnally cloudy, but obviously did not know what we should have made out of it; but now we fortunately understand the thing and know what becomes of it, and from where it comes, and what it is! To you, o Lord, all honour, all love, all thanks und all worship because of it!«

    Now Jarah, who rested close by, said: »But Lord! What are then those little men? They came from the woods and now surround us in troops in all colours! Some seem to have a hazy dress; but most of them are completely naked and all have the size of hardly two year old children.«
    Say I: »That are this-earthly human souls, already concrete, which have not gone through the way of the flesh. Until now they also still don’t especially really want to because they are very much afraid of a new imprisonment into matter. The dressed ones even have a kind of language, which is certainly of little value; but they all have a certain ape intelligence!«
    Says Jarah: »Would the dressed ones understand me when I addressed them?«
    Say I: »Try it for once on the off chance!«
    Upon this Jarah takes a run of courage and asks one of the hazy dressed light blue ones: »Who are you then, and what do you want here?«
    The light blue little man now stands quite close before Jarah, stares at her quite fixed and then says: »Who ordered you, you stinking flesh, to ask us pure ones?! Except for the one and except for another one you all stink quite disgustingly of matter; and that is the greatest enemy of our nostrils! As a result, ask us only then, you stinking rotting carcass, when you will have received an order for this from the almighty spirit of all spirits, - otherwise worry about how you get rid of your fleshly sack of moths in a good way!«
    I ask Jarah: »Now, my little daughter, how does this answer taste to you?«
    Says Jarah: »Lord, Lord, no, no, these beings are completely terribly rough and coarse! Am I then such a stinking rotting carcass at all? I now can’t help myself out of nothing but sadness; yes, I now could quite easily despair!«
    Say I: »Look, look, my little daughter, the little spirit has actually done something good for you! Why do you grieve over this? The little spirit could certainly have told you this with more delicate words, that still a quite small pride of beauty lives quite hidden in you; but the little spirit is no language artist, has only a meagre wealth of words and therefore quite really speaks more out of its feeling than out of any understanding.
    Is your happiness of disposition destroyed that you have addressed the light blue one? Would you first have asked such a glowing red one for something similar like the light blue one, he would have really given you a reply that you would have to faint due to nothing but anger. But now give thanks for the good deed, which the light blue one has given you, then it will certainly be better to talk to him!«
    Jarah takes it to heart and says immediately to the little spirit which still stares at her: »I thank you, dear little man, for the good deed which you have done to me through your little word without all mercy; but because of it do not be cross with me! You will not be or remain really cross with me because of it, little man, will you?«
    Here the little man makes a high laughter and says, still laughing: »The one who said this to you, he would certainly be okay, - but you little snow goose not by any means; for on your stinking ground neither the thought nor the will has grown for it! But now you are already more bearable to me than before; but your small pride of beauty is not by any means completely outside. Do not be conceited about it at all; for everything what is yours is bad, - the good thing belongs to someone else!«
    Says Jarah: »But tell me, you dear little man, from where then do you know all this?«
    The little man laughs again and says: »What one sees that one does not need to know! You of course now also see more than what you see otherwise! But I still see more than you because I have no stinking flesh hanged around me; and so I see exactly how you and everyone else of you is constituted. I am telling you, do not be conceited about all your merits; because they are still for a long time a foreign good with you!«
    Says Jarah: »Really, how come? Explain this to me further after all!«
    Says the little man: »When one who has made many journeys and has gathered all kinds of knowledge and experience through this with much effort, informs you about what he has seen and found out, then you will also know that what he knows and remembers himself; can you be conceited about it? Because that what you now know more than earlier is really only a double merit of him who first with much effort and with many sacrifices gathered such knowledge and experiences with difficulty, and secondly was still so good to impart all this to you. Tell me, whether you can take the acquisition of such experiences and knowledge into your account as a merit?
    See, there you stand as a book written on with much useful and good sciences and experiences and not by any means as a wise writer of the book! To whom then belongs the merit of the good what is written in the book, to the book or to him who has written all that into the same? See, you are a really written on book but by no means a writer! That is why you are not to pride yourself!«
    Hereupon the little man laughs again and stands up like a general and says to his army: »When you have stared enough at the crowd then we move on; because here it stinks too much for me!«
    All at once they march off and disappear in the woods.

    But Jarah says: »Who would ever have sought so much wisdom in these airy little men?! But basically I am just glad that they again moved on; because they would have still made us completely curiously warm with time although on their own they seemed to be of complete cold nature. There seems to live in them very little love; but they very well know to differentiate the true from the false. What becomes of these beings afterwards when they do not want to go through the way of the flesh?«
    Say I: »Once they will go through it. But it will still be a long time until they will decide to do it. The light blue ones sooner than anyone else, but the others not by any means!
    Because the souls which have come out of the nature of this earth and come out daily, extremely reluctantly decide on it; only much experience and much understanding and best hopes coming out of this are that what moves them to this when they come to the sure realization that they never lose something through the way of the flesh but can only win, by, in the worst case, becoming again that what they are now.
    These souls of nature mostly like to stay in mountains, but also go into the homes of quite simple, poor, plain people and do good deeds to them; they only are not allowed to be insulted. In this case it is best not to tangle with them.
    They also secretly visit schools and learn much from men. To the miners they not seldom show the best and richest metal deposits. On the Alps they serve the shepherds and the pasture animals; they only are not to be allowed to be offended.
    There are still several such souls of nature on this earth which have reached close to a fivefold age of Methuselah and still have not walked the way of the flesh. Otherwise everything would be right for them, - only the loss of reminiscence keeps them back the most, because they consider this as a kind of death of their present being.
    But now you also know what is the case with these beings. Now pay attention to further details which will come!«


So that was from “The Great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber and now to some excerpts of what I read yesterday:


All eyes have been on the three accused who, during their nearly three weeks on trial, have referred to Bugs Bunny, Harry Potter, Satanism, cults, a third son of God, a tokoloshe, demons and witchcraft.

The court heard her speak of witchcraft, being raped by a tokoloshe.

Who is this creature blamed for evil deeds?

He has been accused of causing unrest in families, bringing bad luck, suffering and death to people as well as violating women without their even knowing.

The most recently spoken-about reference to such a creature was last week when double-murder accused Nicolette Lotter said in her testimony before the Durban High Court last week that she had been raped by a tokoloshe.

Ndela Ntshangase, a lecturer at the University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal School of IsiZulu Studies, said yesterday there were two types tokoloshes that African cultures believe exist.

One lives in the wild, is a short, human-like creature that can be found in thick forests and caves situated under mountains.

According to Ntshangase, this type can be found near rivers, lives on wild fruits and avoids human contact, like any other wild creature would.

But, he said, they are partially visible because not everyone can see them.

“They are often seen by children. Small children cry when they see this creature, and the older ones will point at it. Once a person reaches puberty, chances are very slim to spot a tokoloshe,” Ntsangase said.

He said it is believed that they love maas and have little knowledge of human language.

“The man is short, muscular and would have a beard if he is old.

“The woman is also short and has lady features. The men cover their bottoms with leaves. They never come close to humans unless they are very hungry,” Ntshangase explained.

When a tokoloshe tries to come near a household, dogs will bark, but a person will see nothing, he said.

“A person may notice a door opening by itself or a tap running or even a cup moving by itself. It could be in the house but it’s invisible to you,” said Ntshangase.

They may be harmless, but there are people who know how to catch them and then use them to commit evil deeds.

“There is certain muti called ikhubalo used to catch them and to be able to communicate with them. Those who capture and use the tokoloshe can see it because they use muti to overpower the creature,” Ntshangase said.

While some may use these creatures to do harm, others, he said, capture them for domestic chores. “Some are seen by children herding cows,” said Ntshangase.

Another type of tokoloshe, which harms people, is the one created by a person using different types of muti until the figure is complete.

“This creature will only be visible to its creator and a person authorized by the creator – not even children can see them. It cannot be seen even by the person who is being harmed by it,” Ntshangase said.

Its physical appearance cannot be described, but if it brings harm to a person, traditional healers can sense it.

The creature can be chased away by consulting a traditional healer who would then prescribe muti.

The tokoloshe is also reported to have a penchant for sex.

Referring to it as a demonic creature, Bishop Johnny Frank from the New Life Christian Church in Chatsworth said the witchcraft underworld was a reality.

He said demonic spirits have the ability to take over a woman’s body.

“There is a third world out there. Those who resort to demonic ways are selling their souls to the dark world. Demonic souls tend to be very violent and aggressive,” he said.


Now this webpage contains quite some interesting material about the transitional state of the spiritual that has moved out of one form and then moves into the next one. After the spiritual has left one form, and before it now enters the next form, this spiritual stays in the spiritual realm and we do not see it and are not aware of its existence. A special stage is when the spiritual leaves its form and is now about to enter its final form to become a human being. So all these spirits awaiting a new form are all around us, but they are just one kind of spirits that surrounds us. There are many other kinds of spirits. Another kind of spirits are the spirits that are leaving and have left the last form, the human body, and are now still around us or are busy leaving earth and proceeding to other celestial bodies or now enter the kingdom of light. Also at this stage quite many different situations occur and to make a study of this stage of the spiritual development is also recommended.

Just two days ago we dealt with the situation when spirits have to leave their form before they have actually achieved the proper state of maturity and what the results of such a situation are:
2011 Nov 14 – Connection between end time disasters and negative spiritual state of mankind.

So there is plenty of information to be absorbed about the spiritual kingdom. This is what should keep us busy and that is what the Bible calls fixing our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, or we live by faith, not by sight.

229 - The Silver Cord and
231 - The Vibrations of the Soul
and study the spiritual stages which occur while or after the spirit leaves the human body and moves on into the spiritual realm, either to the kingdom of darkness or to the kingdom of light.

Read also
2010 Oct 03 – The hypnagogic state
and this hypnagogic state might be a good situation to study the same what Mathael and his four companions saw and experienced and reported.


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