One powerful explosion will follow after another.

Explosions - Comment on 2011 November 13 (2)

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2011 November 13 (2)
In a period of time of few hours one powerful explosion will follow after another and this will occur early in the day and continue until the next morning. Read more:

Today I read the prophecy by Bertha Dudde that follows below and then thought when this might take place. First I thought it would be part of the earth upheaval. But then it rather seemed to me to be a locally restricted thing because it starts early in the day and is therefore not worldwide but just there where the day then begins. But also this does not have to be this way; the start of the explosions can certainly be connected to the start of the day and therefore take place everywhere on earth, just everywhere at the beginning of the day, therefore for example start in the east and then carry on in the direction of the west and so seize the entire world within 24 hours and continue everywhere the whole day and the whole night, therefore continue locally for 24 hours and on the whole world for 48 hours.

Therefore it could be part of the earth upheaval, but could also take place before or after it, and is just one of the plagues which befall mankind.

Here now the prophecy:


Divine intervention. Explosion.

26. and 27. June 1940. B.D. NR. 1493.

In a period of time of few hours one powerful explosion will follow after another and this will occur early in the day and continue until the next morning, and men will fear for their lives and for their possessions. They will be in a panic and without any support because they do not pay attention to the repeated admonitions which they receive before; paralyzed they look at the work of destruction which they never thought possible. It is a unique chaos which is caused by that voice from above. Great work has however still to be done before. Terrible dangers, which seriously threaten earthly life, will have to be brought home to men to give them already small indications of the transitoriness of it. A timewise change of living conditions must also likewise cause man to think how unsteady earthly life is and everything connected to it. And then the word of God has to be brought home to him if possible so that he is now able to recognize a connection of everything earthly with the divine will, when he wants. Only then he pays attention to the indications and starts to express his view about it, i.e., he decides for or against God. When it is now possible for him to detach his heart from earthly possessions and to recognize a higher purpose of life in his existence then the obvious intervention of God will be a visible proof of the legitimacy of his most inner feelings – to recognize earthly goods as worthless, on the other hand to strive for the knowledge about divine truth and a deep faith as the only desirable thing. And this enlightenment lets him so to speak calmly face the great divine sending. The soul recognizes the necessity of it and accepts it humbly and composed. And now it will be shown how deep the word has penetrated and what power man is prepared to draw from it. This is the most important thing that man makes a certain contact with God, that he lets God himself and his power have an effect on him through acceptance of the divine word and that he now forms himself according to this word. When man would hear the word of God and live accordingly before, then such a powerful intervention would not be necessary, but so this is the only means to move men to accept the word of God. God recognizes the spiritual state of men and in his love applies the last means so that mankind does not get lost completely, what is inevitably the case without God’s word. Many a man wants to rebel, with all one’s might he will try to keep his life; he does not want to bend himself and never acknowledge a higher power; but he will also recognize his powerlessness, and happy is he when he still acknowledges a Lord above him in the last hour and gives himself and his life over to him – when also he lets divine love seize him by him pleadingly stretching up his hands. For God certainly lets nothing overcome men without purpose, and he will help everyone who acknowledges the divine Lord in this sending and subordinates himself to him and his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1493.


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