Must one now finally burry the dream of a realistic view of nature?

Quantum physics. The reality that does not exist - Comment on 2011 October 9

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2011 October 9
The teaching that finally once brings quantum physics clearly to the philosophical point. Read more:

Last month there was the news that the speed of light is maybe not the maximum speed but that neutrinos are possibly faster than light.

I noticed then that there are considerable contradictions among physicists. First of all they say that there is nothing faster than light and then they tell us that two particles react on each other, react immediately on each other, even when they are infinitely far apart from each other.

This contradiction among the physicists became today quite noticeable for me when I read an article which dealt with exactly this subject. The article dates from 2007.

First of all I noticed the name Anton Zeilinger because it appeared already once before on this website:
2010 Feb 19 – Quantum physics, the soul and extraterrestrial communication.

I now bring a couple of excerpts from this article which I read today and after that remarks:


Physics’ view of life: The reality that does not exist

Physics’ view of life is based on measurements. But does also a physical reality exist behind the measured data? A new experiment deepens old doubts.

Because already for decades certain doubts exist whether those things which we just do not observe really have those qualities which we notice in the case of observing them. Of course this applies … for elementary particles, whose behaviour is described through quantum theory. And with such particles, more precisely said with polarised light particles, a group of physicists around Anton Zeilinger of the University Vienna has now made an experiment which result, which was publicised last week in the journal “Nature”, is likely to strengthen these doubts. Because the experimental finding suits that philosophical interpretation of quantum theory, which according to the sphere of activity of one of its fathers, Niels Bohr, is also called the “Copenhagen” one.

Is the Copenhagen school after all right?

One should actually think the assumption of an outer reality is the prerequisite for every kind of experimental physics. The relevant Vienna experiment is though not the first which indicates that the Copenhagen school may be right.

Today we know that physics, which describes nature on the quantum level, cannot be a local realistic theory. That was once controversial. No one less than Albert Einstein …

Contradiction to theory of relativity

One can now predict no individual measuring result in conventional quantum theory but only the probability with which a certain value occurs. According to the Copenhagen interpretation the measured quality, here the spin, realizes obviously not until the moment of measurement because before also other measuring results were possible which with one – generally another – probability could have appeared but now did not even appear. But this leads to a paradox in the situation devised by Einstein: Because the two particles are correlated, with the measuring of the one at the same time the measuring result of the other is realized – and even immediately, no matter how far the particles have already gone away from each other. But that contradicts the theory of relativity according to which one event at one location can only become noticeable with time delay at another.

As Einstein also Bell believed that the quantum theory of the Copenhagen guys could not be really the last word. But in view of the experiments Bell was now prepared to allow the non-local effects, which Einstein once mocked as “ghostly long-distance effect.”

It is this non-equation which Zeilinger and his co-workers have now verified with pairs of light particles. And look: Also the Legett non-equation is violated. So the relaxing of the locality condition is possibly not enough. Is now with this also still the physical realism in for it? Must one now finally burry the dream of a realistic view of nature, in which objects also have qualities outside of the measuring devises of the physicists?

That physical realism is exactly for philosophers so dear, Anton Zeilinger now finds astonishing on the other hand. “I am stunned how conservative the philosophers are”, he says and hopes for a thinker who finally brings quantum physics once to the philosophical point so clearly as Kant did for his part with the Newton physics. “Of that also physics could learn something.”

For what entitles us actually to infer the qualities of a particle in the measuring device from the particle itself? That would be incompatible with a realism which thinks the existence of a world possible which is independent of observation. But it means a fundamental restriction of what can be said scientifically about this world.


So these were the excerpts.

We just read that Anton Zeilinger hopes for a thinker who finally brings quantum physics once clearly to the philosophical point.

The physicists, therefore the scientists, and also the philosophers, therefore the spiritual scientists, all seem to be in a thinking ghetto. They cannot see beyond the worldly worlds, beyond their plate rim. And the spiritual scientists, who should give them the answers, the “theologians”, are also just worldly and not really “spiritual” ones.

But really spiritual teachings like the ones of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde they cannot find because they are outside of their plate.

Would they once look beyond their plate rim then they would have something which brings quantum physics finally clearly to the philosophical point.

But this article also shows how wide quantum physics is still rejected by men, and this also by scientists, even physicists, and this again shows that it is not really about science, that it is not really about researching truth. The real discussion takes place on the faith level. The Atheists fight against quantum physics because it leads away from their materialism and because it goes in the direction which sees their reality, the world of matter, materialism, as not really existing.

Many physicists seem to suppress the knowledge of quantum physics in their thinking and the result is then that they only move in the classical old mechanical physics and therefore do not notice that they contradict themselves when they talk of the speed of light being the maximum speed.

It is quite astonishing that physical knowledge which is now almost already 100 years old, still gives problems with physicists, that they still do not get on with it.

The atheists, the materialists, are just religious fanatics fighting for their religion. All this has little to do with truth and science. The dispute takes really place on the spiritual level. Lucifer has always been their god.


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