The protons collide in the Large Hadron Collider with always higher energy.

No new physics in sight - Comment on 2011 September 19

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2011 September 19
That the current theory building of particle physics is not the final end of truth is already presumed for a long time. So in two years’ time scientists will let the protons collide with twice the energy. Read more:

Two days ago there was the news with the headline
2011 Sep 17 – Particle physics
and today I had a look at the article and now bring excerpts from it:


There is still no new physics in sight at the research centre Cern in Geneva. The protons collide in the Large Hadron Collider with always higher energy, but now, after the Higgs particle also the super symmetry has evaded proof.

Nature seems to want to play a trick on physicists of the European research centre near Geneva. Although the new particle accelerator, the “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC) and the four detectors run far better than hoped, and already more data could be won than were expected for the whole year, the yield of new phenomena is meagre up to now. All known elementary particles could be proved in short time, but the ominous Higgs particle, which figures in the search warrant for forty years, has still not put in an appearance in the 27 km long accelerator. Until the end of this year, so the hope at Cern, enough data will have been gathered, to be able to definitely answer the question of the Higgs particle whether it is or is not. Now also the hopes have come to nothing one could quickly get hold of the lightest so-called super symmetry particles and so confirm the theory of super symmetry (“Susy”), which could explain many of the still unclear puzzles of particle physics in one go.

After no traces of Susy particles were found several months ago in the two detectors CMS and Atlas, researchers of the LHCb experiment now also had to have to signal nil return. As reported recently on a meeting in Bombay all findings until now are in unison with the tried, but partly still incomplete standard model of elementary particle physics.

That the current theory building of particle physics is not the final end of truth is already presumed for a long time.

Great were the hopes of the Cern researchers to be able to produce and prove at least the lightest variants of the super symmetric particles in the course of this year with the LHC. The hydrogen nuclei, which circle in the particle accelerator, collide with energy of seven milliard electron volts not reached until now and with a frequency that also seldom events can be easily identified comparatively. But hopes darkened in spring of this year when the large-scale experiments Atlas and CMS could not find traces of super symmetric particles.

Should nothing be found then still the hope continues that Susy particles show with higher collision energy, therefore in two years’ time, when protons collide in the LHC with twice the energy. And should nature still not show itself from the super symmetric side then the theoreticians have to think once again fundamentally.


So in two years’ time scientists will let the protons collide with twice the energy.

“That the current theory building of particle physics is not the final end of truth is already presumed for a long time.”

Their theories are exactly just that - theories, but that will not prevent them to then finally destroy the entire surface of the earth with their tests, consequently achieving the end.

They do not really have knowledge, and that because they reject spiritual knowledge. When the so-called God particle really does not exist then they would need another explanation what keeps the world together in the innermost. What keeps the world together in the innermost is known for a long time but they ignore truth. "He is before all things, an in him all things hold together" and "he is sustaining all things by his powerful word." The entire material world was created by God and he also keeps it from falling apart.

Just yesterday I read something from Bertha Dudde, which comprises this power and which especially also goes into this influence, which this power has, and that this power advances us, our soul, and also, that when this power has no effect in a person, as it is the case with most scientists, that then everything is in vain what they do.

Here now this interesting enlightenment:


Prayer. Power of the spirit.

2. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1124.

To stand in direct connection with spiritual power promotes tremendously the spiritual development of the soul, which urgently needs the support in the imperfect state. A conscious request for this power is of invaluable worth and therefore also has to bring results, which are clearly recognizable. But an incorrigible denier of this power does not find this support, and the state of his soul is inevitably affected by it; i.e., the soul has no opportunity to bring itself up; it cannot develop and therefore remains what is was before it enlivened the human body. And in this the explanation is again to be found why the spiritual state of men has such low level. It is explainable that exactly man, who relies on his own power, no longer advances, but always remains in the same state and therefore his life can be called a useless one when there is no enlightenment from one side. Therefore it first has to be pointed out to man that unlimited power is available to him, but that this power only then appears when man, through his prayer, announces his will to receive it, and therefore it is now given to him, even if tons of obstacles are set against it. Uninfluenced by earthly obstacles this power gradually gets through to his soul that it noticeably feels the relief, that it imagines itself from now on to stand in the light, that it eagerly pursues a certain way, which promises the safe goal - and that it is now suddenly enlightened by this light, which is eternal truth. It no longer seeks because it has found – it does not doubt because it believes – it does not search because it knows. It accepts everything what the spirit announces to it, and therefore the divine power expresses itself in it and made the ascent easy for it. Therefore this power is never a phantom, it is rather tangible and of such extraordinary effect, that this is also pure outwardly already recognizable – because also the entire outer life of man assumes other forms. Man simply cannot remain in the old when the power of the spirit works in him. This has an effect that everything advances, not only the development of the soul but also bodily a greater sensibility for everything what is spiritual – and therefore it makes man suitable for spiritual seeing and experiencing. It makes the soul receptive for everything high and pure; it guides it into higher spheres and opens its sight for everything perfect – because it has some day the same mission and therefore has to experience an everlasting increase. It must desire to stand in the light and is not allowed to hide this light under a bushel, so that it shines in the vicinity and therefore serves as it were as signpost to the still mistaken. Amen. B.D. NR. 1124.


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