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Scientists find planet orbiting two suns - Comment on 2011 September 16

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2011 September 16
What man is able to see always suits his intellectual capacity, however the whole of creation shows so diverse miracle works which are of complete different kind and form than Earth. Read more:

Just today I read about new discoveries in space and then a little bit later messages by Bertha Dudde about the diversity of creations.

I now bring excerpts from two messages and will then make some remarks to them and then quote something about these new discoveries.

Here the excerpts:


Diversity of creations.

27. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1119.

Creation, so as man sees it, is only a negligible small part of the work of creation but does not at all allow drawing conclusions from the miracles of divine creation which are hidden to the eyes of man and also have to be because these are not of such kind that man could grasp them. What man is able to see always suits his intellectual capacity, however the whole of creation shows so diverse miracle works which are of complete different kind and form than Earth. Viewing the numberless creations, which are accessible to man, the question has to be raised whether only these forms exist on Earth or the same law also still governs on other celestial bodies or world bodies and also the same creations exist. And this has to be denied. In innumerable variations the celestial bodies are created, and man cannot form a picture of this, how diverse each celestial body is in itself and how they, which are still subordinated to the one law giver – hold so diverse creatures and still again all these creations serve the same purpose, to contribute to the perfection of the soul. Everywhere the creatures have a certain ability to change their outer form, and they therefore enliven the star to which they are assigned, and there fulfill their task, which was given to them from the beginning. This has to be explained first before man can have insight into the many-sidedness of creations, which are not visible to him. And this is also only allowed for the purpose that they pay more attention to the earthly phenomena in the coming time, when the coming into being of creation is made understandable to them and also the coming changes are illuminated from the spiritual side….
B.D. NR. 1119.


Research work. Celestial bodies. Venus.

28. September 1939. B.D. NR. 1120.

Excerpt only:

The most untiring research work does not come closer to this aim as long as help is not desired at the same time from the spiritual side because the researcher goes without knowledge to a work, which is to be achieved only spiritually. Out of human view all works of creation, also those outside of Earth, would have to have the same material legality, and they further would have to be subjugated to the same laws of nature because otherwise an existing and arising is not imaginable by men. But all creations are for the first time now based on other laws of nature; then also the composition in material respect is so entirely different with every individual work of creation and moreover also the basic condition for the possibility of existence of the beings inhabiting the creation so deviating from each other that human science would stand here before a completely unsolvable puzzle when they would approach the research of this work of creation pure scientifically. And all results until now are completely worthless because they approach truth not in the least. The mind of man, the capacity and the ability of judging does not stretch beyond the Earth sphere, and only few possibilities are there to explain other creations so that they are grasped by man. The basic elements, which man has to know for the understanding of their effect, are completely meaningless in other celestial bodies, and that is why the knowledge cannot be used for the establishing of any phenomena, which one would like to settle. In order to penetrate into the secrets of other works of creations a complete detaching from the earthly sphere is needed first, liberation from all what is visible on Earth; man must connect himself with the spirit powers of those worlds and receive all explanations regarding this as newcomer.
B.D. NR. 1120.


We just read that the researcher goes without knowledge to work when he does not desire help from the spiritual side and all these space explorations scientist do are pretty worthless when these scientist are not even aware, or do not want to be aware, of the spiritual side of Earth and of life on Earth. When they already deny the existence of spiritual beings here on Earth, when they are not even aware of their own different states of consciousness, before their embodiment into the flesh and also during their embodiment in the flesh and also after they have left their fleshly body, then there is no way, that they will see something like this being possible on other celestial bodies. And to even imagine that other celestial bodies could have completely different basic states of consciousness than we have would be far beyond their ability to grasp. And one of the results of this kind of mind framework is that they can only imagine life on a world body when the physical conditions are more or less like they are here, on this planet Earth.

And not only laws of nature and states of consciousness are different there than they are here, but laws of nature and states of consciousness here with us can also change. Just during the times of the end such changes will happen. First there are the changes in the constellation that will take place and which already now start to be noticeable. The present constellation, which always has remained the same from time immemorial, will change. Then laws of nature will change, especially the closer we come towards the end, such extraordinary things like the rapture will happen. And then, after the day of the Lord, and before the return of the saints to the planet Earth, there will be a “space of time” which does not fit at all into our time-space-understanding. It will the “time” when God refurbishes the surface of the Earth.

The creator also created the laws of nature, and not only that, he can also change them.

That the laws of nature exist for immemorial long time does not postulate that they cannot be changed.

This subject has been dealt with before, for excample
2011 Jan 18 – All celestial bodies are inhabited and their laws of nature are all different.

Today it is about the findings of scientists, that they found a planet orbiting two suns. This is something new but they may also soon find that our own solar system is also such a circumbinary orbit system, that also our solar system has two suns and that therefore also our planet Earth is such a planet. Have a look at
2011 Aug 08 – Nemesis - invisible companion star of the Sun.
And also
2011 Sep 05 – Bar chart end-time, Rev. 6.

So now some excerpts from the reports I read today:


Scientists find planet with two suns

Planet with two suns ‘discovered’

Nasa detects planet dancing with a pair of stars

Scientists find planet orbiting two suns like in 'Star Wars'

The planet, Kepler 16b, is a ball of rock and gas the size of Saturn 200 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus.

NASA astronomers say it was found by the Kepler spacecraft launched in 2009.

On Thursday, astronomers announced the discovery of a real planet that orbits two suns, a scenario that breaks so many galactic rules that it was thought by many to exist only in science fiction.

It orbits two stars that are also circling each other, one about two-thirds the size of our sun, the other about a fifth the size of our sun. Each orbit takes 229 days; the stars eclipse each other every three weeks or so.

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has been a driving force in the recent explosion in the discovery of distant planets.

The effort is a building block in the search for life; the next step is to determine which of those planets are Earth-like "candidates" for harboring life — too big and they're made of gas; too small and they won't have enough of an atmosphere.

Kepler monitors tens of thousands of stars, and it was during its survey of unexplored pockets of the galaxy that it detected the two stars eclipsing each other.

Astronomers then found that the brightness of the system dipped again when the stars were not eclipsing each other — the first evidence of a third body.

Further study showed that the third body popped up time and again as it circled both stars in what is known as a circumbinary orbit.

The team of astronomers, based out of NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, southeast of Palo Alto, then calculated the mass of the third body by measuring the time sequence of the eclipses, which provided a roundabout look at the stars' gravitational strength.

The planet is so cold that it is not thought to harbor life. However, scientists expect the discovery to dramatically alter the search for planets because roughly half the distant stars that are being studied are part of "double star" systems, and many believed those systems to be so disjointed and volatile that they could never sustain a planet.

Scientists have been searching for a planet orbiting two stars for decades.

"We didn't really know whether a planet could actually evolve in such an unstable environment. Now we know that it can."

"I think that the best discoveries — the most exciting ones — are still awaiting us.


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