Apocalyptic riders – religion versus science.

The plagues of the end-time - Comment on 2011 September 12

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2011 September 12
Through God’s own country, one could think in the face of the disasters, the apocalyptic riders were passing and cut a lane of destruction. Many Bible loyal Americans actually see the rule of supernatural forces in the concentrated natural disasters. Read more:

Today I read an article with the headline “The plagues of the end-time” and it contained an addition of environmental disasters in the USA and comments to them by politicians and comments of the writer of the article who made fun of the comments of the politicians and who then contributed his own comments to explain in detail everything scientifically.

I bring a couple of excerpts of this article because they reflect nicely the reaction of the public to these environmental disasters, but the main thing here is that these reactions are exactly what the prophecies predict.

I omit the addition of disasters and most of the long explanations of the author of the article how all these disasters came about because they are just normal scientific jargon - atheistic propaganda. But I have left some of this atheistic stuff because it gives a good idea of things to come.

The typical arrogance of an atheist is also evident.

Here therefore a couple of excerpts:


Environmental disasters: The plagues of the end-time

Apocalyptic riders

This year the USA is struck by an unusual series of bad natural disasters – currently the fires in Texas. Many Bible loyal Americans see a punishment of God in it.

Through God’s own country, one could think in the face of the disasters, the apocalyptic riders were passing and cut a lane of destruction. Many Bible loyal Americans actually see the rule of supernatural forces in the concentrated natural disasters. The ultra-conservative presidential candidate Michele Bachmann for example sees in the hurricane “Irene” a “sign of God,” directed towards the current US government under President Barack Obama. “I ask myself what all else God has to do to get the attention of the politicians”, she said according to media reports. “We had earthquakes; we had a hurricane. He (God) asks himself, will you slowly listen to me for a change? Listen to the American people because the Americans are angry.” Bachmann’s Republican Party friend Rick Perry, governor of Texas and also a candidate for the office of the president, prayed for rain with other politicians for a change. Their word obviously had little weight at higher places because the longed-for precipitations failed to materialize.

Religion against science

It is now well known that enlightenment in wide circles of the US population is not up to much, and also the deep religious Bachmann ignores with her reference to the Almighty the true origins of the disaster. But they are well known to science.

They are founded on the topographical situation of the North American continent; moreover the recent change of climate caused by men is to be added. According to the knowledge of climatologists it causes that extreme weather situations occur increasingly often. But especially conservative US politicians close the eyes before this. The Texan Perry explained for instance, the change in climate is “nonsense”. One should not endanger the American economy because of a not verified “scientific theory” he sounded these days at a television debate of the Republican applicants for the president candidature.

Certainly also the earthquake of the magnitude of 5.8, which shook among other thing the White House at the end of August, is not thanks to the anger of God as warning to its occupiers, but several unusual geological effects.

But also Irene was not a sign of God but simply one of the many tropic storms which are brewing over the tropical Atlantic when the water temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius there. Though studies verify that the tropical whirlwinds have increased in intensity in the last decades. But that is the work of man because global warming is the cause of this.

New extremes announce themselves

The most damage-pregnant year of all times

There it is decreed that the reinsurance society Munich Re stated already after passing of the first half of the year, 2011 will be the most damage pregnant year of all times through the unusual accumulation of most severe natural disasters. The economic damage of about 265 billion US dollar until the end of June surpasses already the total of the most expensive year 2005 until now with a damage total of 220 billion dollar.

Though the greatest part of the damage falls to the devastating earthquake in Japan on the 11th of March with the atom disaster of Fukushima following. But the disasters caused by weather followed closely. Such a massive occurring of tornados, flooding and droughts as in the course of this year “never happened in the recorded history of the United States,” stated the climatologist Deke Arndt of the National Climatic Data Center to the news agency AP. But all these have natural causes. Perhaps the heads of the Republicans, first Michelle Bachmann, should face up to this reality at last – and also acknowledge which part especially the USA has in the global warming. Instead of referring to the act of God as being force majeure they then could remove the evil – namely the American economic and living way – with completely earthly politics.


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