The sun takes its brightness out of the universe.

Sunlight - Comment on 2011 August 10

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2011 August 10
But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations. And think about what light basically is - and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin. Read more:

11 Days ago, on the 30th of July 2011, there was this entry, 2011 Jul 30 (2) Plasma waves heat up sun, about the sun and about the fact that the corona of the sun is much hotter than the surface of the sun and that scientist have now come up with a new idea about this paradox.

Today now I read the following announcement by Bertha Dudde, which gives some insights into this seeming paradox:


Sunlight. (Rotation increased).

13. August 1956. B.D. NR. 6620.

Never will something be contradictory what I announce to you through the voice of the spirit. Only you men cannot always grasp the right meaning and that is why you now and then believe to find contradictions where there are none. Consider that the earth is one of the tiniest heavenly bodies - and that this heavenly body is held by the sun into which range it belongs. This sun shines through, i.e., gives light to it and guarantees therefore also all life of plant, animal and man. The sun again takes its brightness out of the universe; it is fed with light and power from myself or also from all light receiving beings, to whom all visible and spiritual worlds have been handed over. The ceaseless exchange of light and power between me and all my creations is necessary to also sustain the endless many creations. So you know that also the light of the sun is nothing than constantly overflowing light out of me into the perfect beings, and through these all creations are fed with light and power. So you can explain the light of the sun as a spiritual radiation from myself. But then also one thing has to be clear to you: that this radiation from myself penetrates everything. That it therefore is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness. Do you understand this? You men reckon with laws of earthly matter and earth-generated light. But these laws switch off, or they can be switched off, when disorderliness has occurred in my great body of creation, which has a spiritual cause, so has to be repaired spiritually. Unheard-of spiritual revolutions prepare themselves, and this always means increased activity - increased movement. I do not stem such a revolt of the spiritual, but I limit its effect on the heavenly body affected by it. And I certainly have the power and the wisdom to also adjust such unusual processes to the lawful order, which rules in my complete creation. It will surely be well possible for me to integrate one individual heavenly body into the great order of creation despite unlawful processes, so that still the existence of the former remains secured until that point in time, which I have planned to end such a chaos and to restore the original order. I have given every law, and I myself can abolish every law again. And so I also can let be day and night according to my will and the prerequisites for it are given in the actual explanation of the sunlight, which is always only spiritual radiation from myself. Is it not said: The powers of heaven will move - sun and moon will lose their shine. Men on earth will notice quite a few changes when they clairvoyantly and clairaudibly look around, and these changes will not be explainable pure earthly. But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations. But I put the spiritual first; I announce to you the spiritual processes, but they also reveal earthly effects. What takes place in the great man of creation you are in no position to know, but the world of light also looks after the smallest earthly work of creation and supplies it with light. Thus also the heavenly body earth is looked after by them and is provided with light, in such a way, as it is determined by my will and as it is good for mankind, that it does not suffer want, but also not have to inevitably reach a view, which is detrimental to the spiritual development. Because man has his own assignment, but the revolting spiritual also wants to assert itself, and its work still is to remain hidden to man, as long as he does not yet know about the connections. And that is why therefore also no such noticeable changes of the laws of nature will be recognizable, although they exist. But think of it that nothing is impossible for me. And think about what light basically is - and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin. And do not doubt, but believe. And you will always find the light in yourselves, as soon as you desire to have it from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6620.


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