Asteroid impact on earth.

Nemesis - invisible companion star of the Sun - Comment on 2011 August 8

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2011 August 8
The phenomenon of an approaching star is to be expected soon. Read more:

Today I read an article with the title “Asteroid impact on earth. More probable than millions of years ago.”

I am bringing some excerpts from it at the end of this entry.

The reason I am dealing with this article is the fact that it is about what astronomers do and report, but mainly because they mention Nemesis, because this shows me that Nemesis is much on their mind and its existence is seen by them as a very possibility.

On this website we deal with the prophecies regarding the times of the end and one event prophesied is the Earth Upheaval.

Now the event before the Earth Upheaval is the Struggle Between Nations and this Struggle Between Nations is an event that has already started and is now in progress. It started on the 17th of December 2010 2009 Mar 30 (2) – The beginning of the wrestling of peoples and will end with exactly this Earth Upheaval. Now this Struggle Between Nations is at present mainly observable in Libya and Syria. It started in Tunisia and then spread to Egypt and is still smouldering there and in other countries and its further development will have to be seen.

So the next big event is this Earth Upheaval. It will end the Struggle Between Nations. The Earth Upheaval is an event that will happen suddenly, but this does not mean that it comes unexpectedly. At least it will not be an unexpected event for people who know something about prophecies, but all people will know about the possibility of such an event, it is then rather a question if they believe that it will really occur and what kind of result it will bring.

They will know about the possibility of such an Earth Upheaval because the people mentioned at the beginning of this webpage, the astronomers, will start to discuss this possibility very much more than they do this right now.

Let us see what the prophecies have to say about this.

In B.D. NR. 4661 – Announcement of Judgement. Doubt. Star on the Advance. we read the following:

“I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true.”

So there will be a phenomenon of an approaching star.

Now this phenomenon of an approaching star will happen before the earth upheaval and the earth upheaval is the next big event in the schedule of things to come and therefore this phenomenon of an approaching star is to be expected now any time. It will happen before the earth upheaval because it will be the cause of it.

Men are now fully equipped for this: to discover this phenomenon of an approaching star. In the last few years several means have been provided to look out and find this approaching star. One example is WISE, the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, it is expected to discover a 1000 brown dwarfs within 25 light-years of the Sun – right on our cosmic doorstep. So WISE is especially equipped to discover suns. WISE is an unmanned satellite carrying an infrared-sensitive telescope that will image the entire sky.

I very soon expect this phenomenon to be known because its purpose is to make men think and the longer this phenomenon is known and is discussed the more men have an opportunity to think about life and its meaning.

Let us have a look at some details about this phenomenon.

In B.D. NR. 6324 – Approaching of a star we read the following:

“A sure sign of the near end is the becoming visible of a star, which moves in the direction of your earth and still takes a strange path - which will often escape your view and then suddenly come up again, because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebula, which now and then dissolve to again and again solidify anew. You men experience something which is unknown to you up to now because the effect of this star on your earth is of such a kind that an anxiousness will attack you because you believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which causes noticeable disturbances on earth, which are however inexplicable to you. There are men on earth who are completely unflappable no matter what hits them - but who now lose their calmness because they see themselves, as well as the whole earth, at the mercy of natural forces, which they fear because they cannot counter them. And for the sake of these men the powers of heaven move. These men I want to reach particularly to get that they confide in a God and creator as soon as they see themselves completely powerless. What human will causes - and no matter how terrible it is in its effect - does not shake such men, but they become small and weak when they see themselves at the mercy of the elements, and then it is possible that they seek shelter in him who is Lord of all creation - then it is possible that they find me in greatest trouble. And this spectacle of nature will cause enormous commotion among men, and the fear will also not be unwarranted, because however unusual phenomena accompany the star, it constantly comes closer to earth, and a crash seems to be unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and follow its course. But I have predicted this long before that I send to you an enemy out of the air, that a natural disaster of greatest extent still awaits you men, which precedes the last end - i.e. the total reshaping of the earth's surface - and will cost innumerable victims.”

In B.D. NR. 6313 – Phenomena in the Universe we read this:

"And they will discover a star, which continually comes closer to the proximity of the earth and seemingly takes its course in unlawful paths. They become aware of always new peculiarities when they observe its course. And they will recognize it as a danger for the earth - and on the other hand not want to believe in the destruction of this because such was never yet experienced before."

In B.D. NR. 6405 – Changed Constellation of Stars we have some more information:

"The constellation will change. Stars will be guided into other courses; they will be in another relationship to earth than up to now. And through this stars will become visible which have never before been seen, and one will appear as a direct threat to earth because its course is feared to cross with earth. No man wants to believe that such will happen; no man will believe that laws of nature change but you men are before the end."

The problem at the moment is that they, the astronomers, do not know where to look in the sky but once they have an idea where this phenomenon could be, then every stargazer will have a go at it and speculations will abound and the news will be full of it.

Suddenly the astronomer profession will be highly popular and enjoy great attention.

So now comes what I read today:


Asteroid impact on earth. More probable than millions of years ago.

Today the probability of an asteroid impact on earth is at least as great as 250 million years ago. Possibly it even has increased slightly. That is shown by a new study of German astronomers.

Until now it was assumed that the frequency of hits in the course of millions of years in- and decreases periodically. As explanation walks of the solar system through the Milky Way plane were used or else an invisible companion star of the Sun - called "Nemesis." It was supposed to be responsible that again and again asteroids are thrown out of its course and steered towards earth.

When an asteroid or comet of several hundred metres or even of some kilometre size would strike earth today, it would result in a global disaster.


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