The inseparable spirit of eternal divinity.

Unity - Comment on 2011 July 19 (2)

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2011 July 19 (2)
Under eternal divinity one has to understand the inseparable spirit, and everything coming out of it is spirit out of God. Read more:

The word Trinity does not exist in the Bible; it is an invention of the clerics. The article I read today and which I bring in the following, goes into this.

A detailed discussion of the word Trinity in relation to the Bible is part of the webpage Concordance.

But the reason why I noticed this message was the short, succinct explanation of unity: The spirit of eternal divinity is inseparable.

There is only unity. There is nothing else. And when someone thinks not to belong to this unity then he can have this opinion; he has free will; free will is a sign of his divinity but that does not change the fact that he belongs to this unity and is inseparably connected to it.

Only understanding this fact lets a man really understand the world.

An example of this is faith. This example faith is also used in the following article as such an example. When unity is clear to me, when I become aware of, that there is only one thing and nothing else, then it will also be easier for me to understand that this unity can accomplish everything in itself and nothing is impossible for it, and that even when parts of this unity, by virtue of their free will, transgress against the common weal of the unity, this misguided action can be kept under control.


Mystery of Trinity. God-father. God son.

26. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0930.

See, my child, I see into your heart and know your will to serve me; I miss however your soul’s faith in the omnipotence of divine love, and so you will always hesitate when obstacles put themselves into your way where absolute faith can remove these obstacles for you, because who desires my love will obviously not be abandoned by me, and when he now needs my help, it will become his and at all places. And when your heart pushes yourself towards me, I will be close to you and keep everything far from you what could disturb the connection with my child. For I need souls trusting in me. I still have much to tell you and that is why I am always prepared for you when your heart longs for me.

And so detach your thoughts from the world and hear the voice from above: The mystery of divine trinity has still been hurdle for man that was his undoing. And that is why an instruction reaches you today again, which, without leaving doubts open, is to contribute to the solution in all clearness and easily comprehensibly unveils the problem to the thinking man. And so the spirit out of God became alive, and the light shone brightly and clearly. For the divinity had pity on mankind and sought to enlighten it in every unsolved question. Man is not able to grasp the one thing that divinity is able to hold itself in all fullness in a being, but that pure spirit is inseparable and the most unworthy being is most closely connected with it, so that also under eternal divinity only this inseparable spirit is meant and everything coming out of it is spirit out of God – only the sense of belonging to this is no longer properly recognized and therefore separates or removes itself, yet nevertheless is always only divine product, therefore is always and eternally spiritual as original substance out of God. Who therefore goes away from the divinity does no longer recognize himself, but still remains what he is – but who seeks the connection with it, his spiritual feels the relationship and therefore is consciously the same. And now you will be able to grasp that the mystery of the trinity of God can be explained like this: God’s love has made itself known to men as father – therefore as starting-point of mankind. Love has bridged the separation of mankind from its procreator and has therefore embodied itself in a man whose spirit recognized its belonging to God and who therefore was also one with the divine father spirit. And therefore the man was only sheer externally a being of its own, but the spirit was God’s. The original relationship was established; spirit recognized itself; and therefore God was in all fullness in him who became the stay for him on earth to be visible to mankind. The divinity united with the human body had therefore also become visible to let men recognize the distance, which they had created for themselves. So divine love had become active and now also laid divine wisdom into the heart of the God-man. For his spirit was just one with God and therefore also had to be in all wisdom and be able to use all divine power – God’s wisdom had to express itself through the mouth of man, and therefore all work of Jesus on earth was the work of God through the son of man, but not that a second being expressed itself through it. And the term God the father – God the son is not to be explained differently than that the father spirit from eternity revealed itself through the mouth of man, that therefore God the son is the same as God the father, only having become understandable to man through Jesus Christ, who had overcome the separation from the father spirit exactly though the recognition of the common bond with eternal love. No-one comes to the father than through me. It is probably easier explained than that everyone who wants to unite himself with the father, has to also recognize that the divine spirit in him is inseparably united with the father spirit and that everyone has to find this way and therefore follow in everything the divine redeemer who has set his life as an example to those who long for the father like him. This is not possible in another way that only alone through the following of Jesus, who gave the example as son of man that only alone the spirit out of God has to recognize its belonging to him and that then there are no longer barriers, which separate him from the father. Amen. B.D. NR. 0930.


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