Diminishing of the ability to receive.

State of weakness of spirit - Comment on 2011 July 15

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2011 July 15
Truth is to be desired with a hungry heart to be recognized as such. Read more:

Today I read a message by Bertha Dudde which explained the problem which beings have, which do not progress spiritually. A being without spiritual knowledge, especially then in the hereafter, does not know how to receive something spiritual. It does not even know that the supply of spiritual goods is the solution to its problem.

I now bring this message, which shows how our attitude influences so much our spiritual growth.


State of weakness of spirit. Diminishing of the ability to receive.

21. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0925.

The state of weakness of the spirit has to be overcome because too great an assignment is necessary to be fulfilled than that listlessness is allowed to be accommodated. And always only the earnest will will be necessary to overcome such a state of listlessness because man is to receive the word of God joyfully Ė but that spirit, which is weak, cannot also joyfully say yes to a thing which is offered to him. It has such an influence on the teaching spirit beings when the earth child does not fully awake pay attention to the teachings; they cannot easily attract attention and lead the power when the recipient is not receptive. That is why it would not be possible to transmit deep spiritual goods to you (singular) when the spirit is weak and cannot follow attentively. The more willingly the earth child devotes itself to this work the easier it will be for it to take it in, and even when seeming advantages could move man to interrupt the connection from the hereafter to earth for a short time, still a gross negligence of the divine commandment or rather the will announced through God lies in it, because it determined you (singular) to receive the word and it was completely up to you (singular) to take over this office or not. But your (singular) one-off consent also has to remain to be maintained and is not allowed to be withdrawn or made invalid at will because those who teach you (singular) longingly expect daily the moment where you (singular) turn your (singular) thoughts up and prepare yourself to receive. And that is why it is so unspeakably blessed when you (singular) can establish the connection to the Lord quite often during the day, when the state of alienation is never anymore the reason that the receipt is neglected, because only an earth child willing to receive and joyfully expecting is completely in a position to bring such a work to completion because truth is to be desired with a hungry heart to be recognized as such and also to be able to be passed on. Because Godís wisdom is deep and only then to be grasped when the earth child is in fullest agreement with its master teacher on the other side. And then such an earth child will more easily renounce earthly pleasures and enjoyments than to give up the connection with the world on the other side and value the great favour to be connected to its saviour and redeemer and to hear his call, which shows his great love. Amen. B.D. NR. 0925.


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