China has long focused on trying to control dissent and debate on the internet and within its borders.

Hacking attacks a fact of life - Comment on 2011 June 18

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2011 June 18
Freedom rules in the spiritual kingdom and therefore God’s opponent cannot force his will upon us from there. So he has to do it from here. An in order to be able to do this, he needs to be in charge here - establish a worldwide dictatorship. Read more:

In the past 8 days we dealt with spiritual things and there it was also about spiritual communication.

A special aspect of spiritual communication is us receiving thoughts. Most of the thoughts we have we receive from the spiritual world. They come from light beings of the kingdom of light and are intended for us to go the direction towards God and they also come from beings of the kingdom of darkness and they are intended for us to be and to remain turned towards the world, the world of matter, to anger and to hate and to fear.

Now the decision which thoughts to entertain is ours. We are free to choose. Most people are not aware of all this and therefore have plenty of problems. Even people who are aware of this have problems, because this situation, to choose the right side, is the main purpose of being here, and therefore this struggle is natural.

Now a characteristic feature of the times of the end is that the opponent of God oversteps his authority and starts to force his will on men.

Freedom rules in the spiritual kingdom and therefore God’s opponent cannot force his will upon us from there. So he has to do it from here. An in order to be able to do this, he needs to be in charge here - establish a worldwide dictatorship.

And this forcing of the will on men will happen more or less all over the world.

But it is not new. It already exists now. It is a typical feature of totalitarian states.

The best example is China. In that country the art of forcing the thinking of the government upon the mind of their people is highly developed and quite sophisticated.

They had plenty of uprisings there and these have helped them to fine-tune everything. A country on the way to this could be Syria. They have problems now and just switched off land line telephones, mobile telephones and internet. And in future they might not see an enemy in these modern communication methods but their best friend and bring their telecommunication systems up to most modern standard and then do the same what the Chines do now already.

The aim is to force the will of the government on their people. They simply monitor everything and filter out the dangerous elements. When someone in China wants to promote something like the Arab Spring in his own country, then his electronic verbal and written communication is screened and when the software indicates that he also would like some freedom then he is soon fetched and the government will do something to him to change his mind.

And this will happen then in all parts of the world. So the system is already in place. It just has to get extended and further developed.

So Antichrist does not have very much to do. He just has to use the existing system. It is all there already.

I just want to give an example. I was in a meeting and a manager of a telecommunication company gave a talk. He told us that we must not think that when we switch off a mobile phone that that phone is now no longer active. When we want to make sure that the phone is no longer giving away information, like for example our location, then we should take out the battery.

I mention this here because this problem is also mentioned in the article from which I am going to quote.

A mobile phone with a battery inside could send signals which allow others to know about the place where we are. Its microphone could be used so send all sounds that are received by it. The camera could do something similar.

All key strokes of the phone could get monitored and stored and sent.

So it might be a good idea to not only learn to control the spiritual side of communication but to also become aware of what is going on on the physical side and start doing something about it, either to communicate only for what one can stand up or make it already now a habit to reduce the use of modern telecommunication devices.

A thing that is not mentioned in the article is the monitoring of voices for the purpose of voice recognition systems. The more one uses telephones the more one’s voice gets stored and the better such systems can then recognize it and set off the alarm when they hear this voice and are looking for us.

So now some quotes from the article I read today:


Even working on the laptop … or talking on the cellphone going around the city, … suspects Chinese authorities are listening in.

… assumes all the electronic data is already compromised.

Beijing angrily denies any suggestions of official complicity in a string of recent high-profile computer hacks including internet giant Google, which said it traced an attempt illicitly to access accounts of activist and others to China.

“We get dozens of attempts every day – viruses and worms – trying to attack our systems.”

“I simply assume that everything is being read. I would not keep the name of a particularly sensitive contact on my laptop, send it by e-mail or discuss it by phone.”

Such tradecraft has long been common among activists operating in authoritarian states.

The difference now is that the borderless nature of the internet means activists assume the reach of state spies from sophisticated authoritarian states now extends into the very fabric of Western nations.

“Even in the UK, the phone system is not beyond the reach of the Chinese government. I might write a name down… with paper and pen, but often I won’t even do that.”

One colleague was so nervous that he would not discuss sensitive material anywhere near a cellphone anywhere in the world unless its battery was removed, for fear it has been hijacked as a listening device.

The bottom line is that any sophisticated state in the 21st century has formidable powers to read almost any electronic information it wishes.

So do a rising number of independent hackers, despite ever-tightening security systems.

The International Monetary Fund this weekend became the latest organisation to say it was probing an attempt to access its data and some security experts suspect a nation state.

A rising number of major companies – including Sony, defence giant Lockheed Martin and Citigroup – have also suffered high-profile hacking attempts.

But with data stolen ranging from commercial secrets to customer details, experts say firms may have to get used to making the same assumptions about state surveillance and hacker penetration that activists have long accepted.

At the very least, they should be more alert for attacks.

China has long focused on trying to control dissent and debate on the internet and within its borders.

Surveillance is widespread, websites such as Twitter are blocked and officials keep close tabs on officially run social media platforms.

Western spy agencies too are widely assumed to monitor e-mails and telephone calls.

As in Russia – another authoritarian state where those in power are seen concerned about online dissent – dissident websites have come under more cyber attacks this year.

In a 2009 investigation into computer malware and hacking into computers, the civil society group Information Warfare Monitor uncovered a network of hundreds of infected computers they dubbed “Ghostnet”.

Its report said that whoever the hackers were, they were operating from Chinese servers, recording keystrokes and activating microphones and webcams to turn computers into bugging devices.


When one reads all this how cautious people have become who know modern monitoring methods, then one should become aware that the danger, which can arise through the leaking out of data, which are not to become known to others, can be quite extensive, but that this danger is quite small compared to the danger which arises when the same person lets itself influence by negative communication from the spiritual kingdom and this then even has an effect on the acting of this person.

The dangers from worldly circumstances are quite little compared to the dangers which result from not understanding spiritual communication and from not switching them off when they come from the opponent.


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