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Spiritual communication - Comment on 2011 June 17

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2011 June 17
About spiritual seeing and about spiritual hearing: clairvoyance and clairaudience. Read more:

Yesterday we dealt with
2011 Jun 16 – Hearing the inner voice audibly and seeing the inner sight visibly
and there we had the following statement:

Peter now thought, to walk on this way is not difficult because only faith in God and willpower is necessary to penetrate that subject which one wants to explore. Then, observing the outer form, also the most inner appears clearly at the same time, and the spirit explains then also clearly the laws, which now have become visible through examination.

That came from chapter 55 of Volume 11 of Jakob Lorber’s “The great Gospel of John.”

It is here about “and the spirit explains then also clearly the laws, which now have become visible through examination.”

It is about the explaining of the spirit, how the spirit explains something, how one communicates spiritually.

Again and again this subject was dealt with on this website. One of the last webpages which did this was:
2011 May 21.
Another one, but an important one, is:
2010 Feb 19.

Here we want to go into some aspects of spiritual communication.

The statements which are now going to be used on this webpage come from the highest source and are therefore to be considered first in all discussion about this subject.

Yesterday we dealt with information from Jakob Lorber’s work “The Great Gospel of John” and today this work is again used: Volume 11, Chapter 53.

Now follows the first verse:

Here now some words about spiritual seeing are to be added for those who walk my ways and want to recognize themselves how far the soul is already able to develop in the body. Here is not to be taught to gain wonderful or magic qualities, or the recipe to be given to only strive for these, but the way is to be given how the manifold doubts of the heart are to be overcome, which the soul feels as long as it has not loosened the flesh. But this is the true purpose: to become independent from the flesh with all its desires, doubts and errors, to feel happy in the actual, genuine and true world, into which the soul is to enter completely free and independently after death, and to be able to enter it.

So this is the introduction to our subject: To become independent from the body to be able to enter the spiritual world.

Now follows the second verse:

It is obvious that the life of the soul must show itself completely by its own, when the constricting fetters of the flesh loosen. And all who well hear my word, but otherwise feel nothing of this inner life of the soul, are just still stuck in their bonds of the flesh, are hearers but not doers of the word.

So the doing of the word is prerequisite to progress.

Now follows the third verse:

Everyone who takes off the fetters receives a clearer sight over men and nature, first only in the way that he thinks his gift of observation is much sharpened; but in truth it is the stirring of the spirit which receives freer movement. Then man is to get used to look inside himself, which means to recognize the pictures which his spiritual eye sees independently from his fleshly eyes, and can observe, then he will quickly, when he stands in love towards me and builds further on this foundation, acquire the qualities of the spirit, which you call ‘clairvoyant,’ which however is no magic but a completely natural quality of the soul, to which it can close itself just as well, as you can close yourselves in the flesh to the development of different abilities.

We had already looked at excerpts of this verse. When we have closed ourselves to spiritual influences until now, then we obviously have to stop this when we want to achieve progress, spiritual progress.

Now comes the fourth verse:

With sicknesses, in which often a loosening of the soul from the body takes place – but which then, because of the weakening of the body, is a kind of unhealthy clairvoyance, why there much incorrectness happens -, a life of the soul in its world, which is alien to its body, is nothing unusual, and many phantasies are there nothing more than equivalent pictures of the soul world - equivalent pictures because the language of the spirit, with which it speaks to the soul, are not words, but only complete concepts, while words only convey concepts laboriously.

So now we have arrived at spiritual communication, the language of the spirit.

“Equivalent pictures of the soul world” is therefore here the first expression. It reminds us of the statement that a picture is more worth than many words.

So the soul speaks the language of the spirit. And the language of the spirit are not words. The language of the spirit are only complete concepts.

The difference between a complete concept and a word is, that words only convey concepts laboriously.

When we want to comprehend the meaning of a word then we look it up in a dictionary, and there we then find, in few or in many words expressed, the meaning of the word.

With this information we then can form a concept of this word. It becomes a concept for us.

Here we also receive the information that the spirit speaks to the soul. That should remind us that there are always two things which speak to the soul: The spirit and the body.

What now matters is to contain the speaking of the body to the soul as much as possible and to promote the speaking of the spirit as much as possible. The more the soul is addressed by the spirit and listens to it and is interpenetrated through this by it, the freer the soul becomes and the more it is prepared for its aim, life in eternity, and the easier it can separate from the body with “death” and ascend. But the more the body speaks to the soul, the more the soul is bound to the body and with death of the body the separation from it is then an extremely cruel matter

The next verse is the fifth:

To develop this ability to understand this language, which as equivalent language is at least known to you according to the word, is not just useful during life, but even necessary, because otherwise the soul feels like a stranger in the spirit kingdom after the death of the body, who enters a country utterly foreign to it, which language he does not understand , and who only succeeds with greatest effort to make himself understood, - only with the difference that the inhabitants of this country certainly understand the stranger, but he not the locals, who first have to again adapt to ponderous fetters of the soul life to again adopt the unfamiliar ponderous language of the body, which conveys the contact only through words, but not through series of thoughts.

So it is here about training the ability to understand the spiritual language – the equivalent language.

I want to bring here a very simple example of this equivalent language.

Matthew 8:22: Let the dead bury their dead.

The first dead mentioned here are the dead of the equivalent language and after that the dead of the normal language are mentioned.

The burying of the bodily dead we are to leave to the spiritual dead. The spiritual dead love funeral services and ceremonies and everything what goes together with burials, and for them the spiritual language is something that does not mean a thing to them. When a spiritual alive person dies, then that is, for spiritual people, not a cause to mourn, on the contrary: liberation from the fetters of matter, achieving the greatest aim on earth.

The equivalent language already helps us on earth to progress spiritually, and on the other side we would not manage without it. Who does not know how to use it there, will have there more difficulties to learn it than here.

Most people go to hell and remain there so long because they cannot move spiritually. They do not know the simplest spiritual things and that is why they do not know how to get out of there.

They cannot make themselves understood.

When one can communicate spiritually, one can understand all spiritual beings and also the non-spiritual, the spiritually dead. But the spiritually dead cannot associate with spiritual beings but only with those who are also dead, like them.

Jesus says here the following: The language of the body is ponderous and it conveys the contact only through words, but not through series of thoughts.

An example how ponderous the language of the body is compared to the language of the spirit, are experiences in dream life, where we meet beings and events where we have a complete picture of their situation right in the first moment, which even includes information about the past, while we in our life in the body have to gather together all this in a cumbersome way and often never find out about it.

In the language of the body we have words and in the language of the spirit we have series of thoughts.

A series of thoughts is something completely different than a series of words. Thoughts are much more comprehensive than words.

The expression “series of thoughts” very clearly expresses that spiritual communication is a communication with thoughts, that thoughts are used there.

The next verse is verse 6:

That is why spiritually advanced people also often regret the impossibility to express sufficiently their feelings in words, or the impossibility of recording the flight of thoughts so quickly through writing or speaking, as the spirit lets the soul see most quickly. All this would not be possible when there would not be this language of the spirit in quick pictures and sequences of concepts.

This happens often to me. I get the complete picture of a new webpage and now I have the problem not to forget the details until I have completed the laborious work of writing it all down.

Jesus says, “this language of the spirit in quick pictures and sequences of concepts.”

Often it is something like a parcel of information that one gets, in one moment.

Jesus speaks of a flight of thoughts, and therefore also in this verse the language of the spirit is again described as that language, which happens in the form of thoughts.

Now verse 7:

There exists therefore more than word and writing can impart, and no-one therefore should think that the highest developed written language or talent for public speaking is the most brilliant what the soul of man can express; because these are only very weak emanations of the most inner spirit endeavour, to let the soul take part of what lies most perfectly hidden in the spirit. No-one should therefore think achieving something special when he is thought to be a master of these outer middle courses. He is just a wretched amateur against the comprehensiveness of the inner master who does not develop his talents outwardly.

So the soul receives information from the spirit. It receives what lies hidden in the spirit. So it is up to the soul to do something to receive what is hidden. But this also indicates that everything is already contained in our spirit. We already have everything. It is hidden, but not undiscoverable. We can find it. It is up to us. We have to awaken the inner master.

And now to the last verse, verse 8:

The endeavour to bring him however in oneself through my power and through the love towards me to the most perfect language means to walk after my ways and after me; because I walked the same way during earth time in the flesh and laboriously had to wrestle level for level just as every other man. – Let us now return to the ones who are mine!

Here therefore Jesus still talks of the inner master. We are to let him speak – bring him to speak his language.

So what is then left for us to do?

We carry on walking from level to level.

All these webpages of the last eight days deal with material which can let us progress, which leads to perfection: The thinking, communication and the will.

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The entry “2011 Jun 14 – Audible inner voice” contains the statement “See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.”

The disciples could hear with their inner ear because they had learnt this during the 3 months in Ephrem, see 2011 Jun 16 – Hearing the inner voice audibly and seeing the inner sight visibly .


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