Everything what is visible, creation, just merely serves the purpose to give stay to the spiritual, and this way every thing is spiritually enlivened.

Mental influencing of the banished spiritual in matter - Comment on 2011 June 10 (2)

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2011 June 10 (2)
Look at everything what you see not as dead matter, but see through this only always the spiritual being. Read more:

Our first entry today, the previous one, dealt with the remote effect of thoughts and this now with the application of this remote effect of thoughts, with the mental influencing of the spiritual in matter.

This present entry consists of three each other following messages by Bertha Dudde. The title “Mental influencing of the banished spiritual in matter” describes the content of this webpage quite well.

That part of this website called Creation provides background material.

Basically it is about what is described in verses 19 to 23 in the eighth chapter of the letter to the Romans.

Now the three messages:


Mental influencing of the spiritual in matter.

17. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0814.

Pay attention to creation in its shaping; see its diversity which is expressed in the varied form fashioning, and then try to imagine all pictures, which offer themselves to the eye, spiritually enlivened – look at everything what you see not as dead matter, but see through this only always the spiritual being – and you will soon so intimately grow together with all what comes before the eye; you will feel in everything life and be concerned about looking after this life, and to consequently contribute to it that the spiritual in all matter increases through analogous uniting of kindred related creations. That means, he will manage a remodelling of the outer form who looks at nothing as being chance but recognizes in everything the will and omnipotence of God. But this again presupposes a firm belief in the development of spiritual beings in each form. How now man has himself let come into being the most unbelievable creations on earth in virtue of his will of shaping, so it must still also be possible for him to connect each work of creation with its spiritual assignment and to likewise bring spiritual power through mental transference to the spirit beings hidden in them, and this power has to again express itself so that all outer form remains in permanent activity and so fulfils its earth assignment in shortest time and then also devotes itself again to new activity in new form. Amen. B.D. NR. 0814.


Explanation to Book 17 No. 0814. Effects of the struggle for the soul.

18. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0815.

Men demand justice and do not themselves have the right standard for their own conduct and acting, and when each man would be willing to take the feeling for justice into account then soon all fighting and quarrel would be removed from the world, but often men rather thinks to be entitled to demand consideration for himself, but to deny this to fellow man, and so the latter provokes the displeasure of fellow man, and peace is considerably disturbed. And this again results in men being hostile towards each other, that they decrease love in themselves and build a wall between themselves, and such a state will never contribute to the support of the soul, it will rather be forced into a kind of standstill, it gets lost in thoughts which are completely useless and worthless, and therefore stops the soul from valuable time of work which would be useful for its support. When you men so imagine the effects of a dispute then it would be your earnest striving to avoid all such hostilities and to rather take a wrong upon yourselves than to cause far greater harm to the soul by making an effort to have it out with somebody. You use your will power for completely unimportant questions and their solutions and do not consider that you also do not derive the smallest advantage for the soul from a dispute which ends favourably for you, and that should always keep you away from discussing useless things as they just only produce for you harmful effects for the soul. To leave all such questions to God it is far more reasonable and leads to far greater success.
And now listen to the voice of the heart and receive a more detailed explanation for the message which is incomprehensible to you, which concerns the mental influencing of the banished spiritual in creation. As it is evident and understandable for you, creation, that means everything what is visible to you, just merely serves the purpose to give stay to the spiritual, and this way every thing is spiritually enlivened. This applies to everything being visible to you. When the spirit bearer is now exposed to the human will of forming – therefore all mater, which so to speak again serves man as material, to be reshaped in his hand – man now on his side has the possibility to also have an effect on the spiritual power which is inherent in matter – and he can so to speak influence this spiritual power so that it can end its development course quicker and leave exactly this form. So the striving of man must be to recognize the banished spiritual in all matter, to support this spiritual and take care as much as possible that a permanent change and utilization of matter lets every spiritual in it become free – that man as it were contributes to shorten the lifespan of matter in unchanged form – it must become clear to him that nothing in the universe keeps its form for a long time and that a constant change of the outer form helps the being to ascend. Who looks at everything in this sense and is helpful on his part by seeing in all works of creation covers of spiritual substances and therefore is himself active to reshape this cover all the time, and this in full awareness to support the spiritual beings, his assignment is through this really fulfilled, because he is not only still active for himself and his spiritual welfare, but at the same time for the helpless beings, which cannot yet liberate themselves consciously, whose way is then considerably shortened. Because when man believes that all creation is and remains spirit bearer, then it will also be clear to him that he, also being spirit bearer, has to find a connection with the spiritual being by him subjecting the outer form more often to a change and everything, what comes into being under the hands of men, is as it were allowed by God’s will, always for the shaping of a new outer form which is entitled to again receive the spiritual substance in itself. Only the will of man is necessary for this. And only the belief that all creation is spiritually enlivened, as well as all striving for love which is meant for the liberation of the spiritual substance, is a helping factor for these beings which cannot be valued high enough. And every work which you tackle in this awareness will also bear the blessing of God in itself; because they all are his spiritual co-workers who are active for the redemption of the beings, both on earth as also in the hereafter. Amen. B.D. NR. 0815.


Change of outer form. Change of the spiritual.

19. March 1939. B.D. NR. 0816.

As on earth a constant change of all form takes place, as nothing remains all the time in the same shaping, so must also every spiritual holding itself inside of form experience a same change, which certainly does not visibly take place for the human eye, but is clearly recognizable in the spiritual world. The spiritual beings very soon perceive when such a spiritual change upwards takes place, and use every possibility to support this upward development by them lovingly taking care of the being striving upwards. On the other side it is just too understandable that all spirit bearers on earth, that means all matter and all living things, have to record spiritual progress always then when they let themselves being mentally influenced by higher spirit power, because then a united, therefore strengthened, spiritual power has an effect and has as such to record adequate greater success. Wherever a spirit bearer is influenced favourably, it must strive upwards, and everything striving up joins again together as it were and contributes to the increase of spiritual power. Such an increased spiritual substance has to also have understandably an outer form externally adapted to itself, which is why therefore every change of spirit also calls for the change of the outer form. And therefore it is so to speak recognizable in all works of creation to what extent the spiritual substance is inherent in it, because also the outer form will appropriately be greater and more perfect the more developed its soul is, that means all spiritual in it. Now it is also understandable to man why the body, that means the flesh body of man, has to show much similarity with animal bodies which are already quite developed, because the soul of the latter is already so far shaped that it only needs the unification with substances it misses to be able to fully satisfy the requirements which are demanded by it for the embodiment as man, which is why also the outer form of man so to speak unifies everything what has been taken from every form wandered through until now. It is not given to man on earth to comprehend this because there are innumerable beings or soul particles which have formed themselves a whole during the stay on earth – but man does not have the ability to be able to intellectually think through all stations of his becoming, and also not the capacity for the versatility and forming ability of a human soul. He will certainly let himself being convinced with good will, that the soul has reached human form through endless changes, but never being able to grasp this spiritual miracle in its whole greatness and loftiness, as long as he dwells on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0816.


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