Will is not to be confused with possibility of execution.

Free will - Comment on 2011 June 1 (2)

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2011 June 1 (2)
God directs our earthly life according to his will, we are however allowed to use the spiritual freedom of will unlimitedly, both up and also down. Read more:

Today I read something that made the effect of free will more understandable to me. And this was a teaching that free will is available to us especially spiritually, but less physically. This difference makes it easier for us to understand free will. A further point is that a difference exists between our free will and the possibility to carry out this free will.

But these two recognitions about free will are connected because the restriction of free will physically has something to do with it, that our free will physically also exists very much, but that we can be prevented to also carry it out.

The main purpose to make use of our free will is therefore to again turn to God. We, who have a free will, especially in regard to spiritual things, can of course also apply it wrongly, and carry on to rebel against God, but then we not only have missed the purpose of life, but our whole previous efforts were in vain and we have to expect to once again go the whole long way through the world of matter. Out of free will we had turned away from God and now it is our assignment, out of free will, to begin the way back to God.

Today now I read the message by Bertha Dudde which now follows and after that I bring then also the message that teaches us that free will is not to be confused with the possibility of carrying it out.

So first what I read today:


Fate not obstacle of recognition. Free will.

29. December 1938. B.D. NR. 0726.

See, my child, innumerable, far ramified and still always again overlapping events, which you call coincidences, are most closely connected with my creation. Only a director of all things and all events can manage that creation and all work in the universe runs its well-ordered course, and in this connection it will become clear to you that you cannot escape your fate which is determined by me for you for this life, and that is it what then lets you believe that you just always have to carry out what is determined for you since eternities. On the one hand you certainly have to, but you are never forced to adopt a certain belief – or certain spiritual views through worldly events. This is completely left up to you, and every worldly event, whether it seems pleasant or unpleasant to you, certainly gives you more than enough the possibilities to reach the right recognition. Not one of the children of earth will be able to say that life imposed on it would have hindered it to reach true insight, for I decree all world events, whether men make such themselves through their will, always so, that they give the child of the earth the greatest possible opportunity to foster its inner life. So it can happen that in the middle of greatest and most painful events the true relationship of the child of earth to the father is established far earlier than in carefree existence – that however also in it a child can find to the father when attention is paid to the events of the environment and the heart is not hardened and its I is given too much priority. I certainly give all my creatures what is best for them into the hand, because my permanent care is only for the final return of my creatures, and my love and wisdom is therefore also concerned about to let men go the way which offers him the greatest possibility to come close to me. And that is why men experience daily and hourly this my care with every step which they walk in the way of the earth prescribed by me. How they now make use of the possibilities is completely up to them. There then is free will active. If I would also leave free will purely earthly, then they would rob themselves of every possibility of maturing of the soul, because then they could form their life on earth so how each of them likes it, unhindered by higher power. Their striving would be more and more only for the world, matter would be increased and all spiritual decreased. And the work of my creation would be completely destroyed in the end, where my wisdom is eliminated and for it free will of man, whose wisdom is insufficient, would want to rule all of it. And so you again only have to recognize my love for you men in it, that I only, to be able to give to you once the highest, direct your earthly life according to my will – that you however are allowed to use the spiritual freedom of will unlimitedly, both up and also down. From time to time you also have your earth fate yourselves and can form it any way you want, but also then the conditions and events will always approach you so that you have the same possibility of your inner shaping – whether you have chosen fate yourselves so or so – that you therefore apparently indeed can create for yourselves other circumstances through own will, but you still have to go the same walk through suffering and worry when this is intended for you by me for the purpose of spiritual progress. When you base everything, what approaches you, always on this insight, then you will soon leave yourselves to me in full trust and establish the right relationship of the child to the father, which is first condition to rightly fulfil earth assignment in spiritual sense. And that is why all spiritual experience will never depend on the earthly situation, but each one will offer enough opportunity that the earth child can subordinate itself to my will and so draw greatest use for its soul. And consequently the objection is invalid that earthly activity or assignment does not allow a deepening of spiritual knowledge because I guarantee the former to everyone, but the latter is alone left to the free will of man. Amen. B.D. NR. 0726.


And now follows the other message:


Free will. Blow of fate.

19. September 1957. B.D. NR. 6923.

Whatever way you may go on earth, everything will approach you fate-like what is to help you to mature. You certainly can shape earth life in free will yourselves and therefore believe to have determined your earth way yourselves. But what touches you fate-like you will not be able to avert, and this steering of fate I take on myself, always according to your situation created in free will. Because you can certainly create the outer conditions, but it is not them that influence your spiritual development too decidedly. But through my will you will again and again be put into situations where you can make the decision of will which determines the destiny of your soul. These are mostly such experiences which you do not want yourselves and would not create for yourselves when this would be in your power – in which you therefore do not take direct part yourselves. But indirectly you have caused such events yourselves because I thought them necessary because of your spiritual low but which you have incurred yourselves. And these fate-like interventions are therefore the ones which let you doubt a free will of man. They believe when they are somehow hindered in the execution of their plans precisely through fate-like interventions, to also have been deprived of their free will. But will is not to be confused with possibility of execution. Man can direct will according to his judgement, also when it is impossible for him to carry it out. And will is therefore to be stimulated to express itself in a certain direction – to which fate-like situations are just to help to. The course of earthly life is not of such great importance than the influence, which such a situation wins on the soul – how the soul feels impressed through it and which way it goes. Because at the end of earthly life it is completely unimportant which successes man has reached earthly through apparent own will efforts. But when the soul can book a success for itself then it is certainly only a blessing when it is reached through heavy blows of fate. And so man can therefore form his life himself in free will, but he will not be able to prevent that my will intervenes where it is necessary for the sake of his soul. So I use my will but without curtailing man’s own will because it is and remains free, and though his hands are bound sometimes, so that he does not succeed to carry out what he wants, so he still cannot be forced to other wanting, and this will alone is decisive. Will alone is valued. Will it is which produces progress or relapse for the soul. And so that will gets active in spiritual sense, I so often intervene in the fate of men myself - well recognizing which blessing this can mean for the soul of man. Your wanting and thinking is not forced, neither from my side nor from the side of my opponent, but from my side it is made easy for you to steer the wanting and thinking right, by me touching you so that a barrier is set to your own strength but which you can cross when you take the way to me. This alone I intend through blows of fate of all kind that you turn to me in free will for my support, that you acknowledge me through this, that your earth existence has not been lived in vain, that you reach your goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 6923.


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This inner wanting you will always determine yourselves, also when it is impossible for you to carry out that which you want. Because you are not to mix up the will with the possibility of implementation.


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