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Real ancestor worship - Comment on 2011 May 21

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2011 May 21
We are to think quite often of the deceased. Besides of earthly activity our care on earth is to be for the activity in true neighbourly love and this should also apply to the ones who have departed from earth. Read more:

Already several times I dealt with ancestor worship on this website:
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and today I now read a message by Bertha Dudde which describes communication with the deceased in quite simple, clear words, and therefore I bring here this message:


Intercession for poor souls

15. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0669.

Always and at all places think of poor souls. They need your help and so are still in contact with earth until they have struggled through to the light. All means you use to get your souls matured are denied to them, and they are just always concerned about reducing their suffering, and so they wait for help which you men can give to them so easily through your prayer. All worry about your soul will some day be supported in many ways when only you think of the deceased quite often, which, once in the state of light, amply repay your effort to you. Therefore never leave out of consideration that, besides of earthly activity, your care on earth is to be for the activity in true neighbourly love and this also applies to the ones who have departed from earth. Do not allow them to starve, where already a thought in love, a prayer in loving memory gives them great relief. Because innumerable beings are supplied with power when a loving heart turns to the father in heaven to ask for favour. Likewise you are to consider how enormously important it is when love follows the deceased. What here on earth helps men with their bodily welfare can never bring relief in the hereafter, there love is the only power and strengthening, and without it the soul is exposed to all states of suffering. To whom God has given a long life, he is to value and make full use of this favour for eternity and to also think quite often of those who have been called away early to the hereafter. Life often gives men the opportunity to care for the state of the soul, where in the hereafter only the will of the beings is free. When it turns up, the soul is already helped very much, for then also spiritual help is supplied to it from above, but often the soul also lacks the willpower, and then its state is deplorable. And there you men have to give help; you have to try to imagine that you can stand by helpless beings, but carelessly go past their misery - that you need to apply only very little effort and with it you can already make the state of suffering more bearable for them. You must never believe that your prayer could have only little influence on the situation of such souls. Where love is really the cause of a prayer for the deceased there love has an effect on the souls of them which is remarkably alleviating suffering and gives help. No man on earth is able to imagine the suffering of the incomplete souls in the hereafter, and the deep insight can also not be given to them according to the wise judgement of the creator, but you men can yourselves imagine the most horrible situation but will still never be able to hit upon the right extent. That is why you are to give your love to the deceased, and supply them with your love which you can give to them when it is your will. Only love is able to alleviate all suffering, in heaven and on earth, and be in the habit of it and never tire because only love can bring redemption in heaven and on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 0669.


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