Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before.

Judgement of God - Comment on 2011 May 19

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2011 May 19
Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before, so that the mind of men turns – away from the world and on towards the true aim, so that he becomes believing and seeks God. Read more:

Today I read the following prophecy:


Judgement of God

14. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0668.

The judgement of God has to come over men for the Lord has announced it in word and script, and his word fulfils itself in all truth. Because the Lord saw the will of men shaping in such a form as it rules the world at present. And he again and again points to judgement to move people to turn back and so be able to avert judgement for it is only alone because of the will of mankind to escape from this, but when men do not listen to all warnings and admonitions they are themselves to blame for the misery which will strike earth. It is an incessant coming and going, and living and dying, and each generation has received news from above and heard the will of the Lord. But faith has become weaker and weaker – everything what the Lord sent to men for the purpose of instruction has been rejected unbelievingly, and the thinking of me became shallower and shallower. Likewise all so-called religiousness has become just mere formality, and that is it what now forces the eternal divinity to intervene – so that mankind can be led back to true faith, and so it will happen as the Lord has said. The forces of heaven will unite with the good of earth; without any visible instigation a change will occur in nature which will worry and then paralyze all people with horror. Towards the end of the day you see the threatening forms of clouds and know no explanation for it. Your senses hear a strong roar around and above you – you seek to flee and so save yourselves and still do not know where to, because all around you is night. And so you are beyond saving, exposed to the powers and just have one protection – prayer towards the creator – towards the heavenly father. He alone is your refuge and protection; he alone can bring rescue to you and keep judgement away from you. And he will be close to everyone who calls upon him in his trouble. And therefore do not flee wherever you may be. The judgement catches up with you everywhere, and likewise God’s help is ready for you everywhere – not one of you can escape the disaster out of his own strength, because the arm of God reaches all, and also his love and mercy stretches exactly as far, where it is desired. Every disaster is stopped when the child of earth has recognized and turned to the father. But where the hearts are stubborn and hardened, there earth threatens to burst and quite many will be victims of the judgement of God, because they do not listen to the last admonition of the Lord and therefore there is no rescue for them. Earth will be struck by distress of all kinds a full year before, so that the mind of men turns – away from the world and on towards the true aim, so that he becomes believing and seeks God. And suffering will be great, but essential – for the Lord is forbearing and merciful; he would like to avert the great suffering of the judgement, which can only happen when mankind turns towards faith. And that is why also such an enormous spiritual work starts, because the rescue of innumerable souls out of night is necessary towards eternal light. Who has found the Lord does not have to face the judgement with fear; he will find consolation in the promise of the Lord, who knows the ones who are his and will protect them of every danger of body and soul. And all trouble will pass them, when they are only believingly looking up to the Lord and saviour. Who is aware of the coming time and makes an effort to fulfil the will of God, who always asks God for firm faith and commends himself for him and his mercy, he will not be surprised by the time of judgement. Who always just looks up, him judgement cannot frighten, but the word of the Lord is just fulfilled, as predicted, and the Lord just announces visibly his power and his will to the terror of those who do not want to hear him. But his true children are not afraid of this voice - to them he is near in all love and mercy and protects them that they do not come to any harm and become to stagger in the great trouble which will come over earth. Therefore pray constantly that you remain in his love, and you will escape all disaster. Amen. B.D. NR. 0668.


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