The work of the powers of nature is always and forever subject to the will of God.

Natural disasters - Comment on 2011 May 8

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2011 May 8
The whole stupidity and bigotry of most of our scientists und also of those people who have a blind faith in science is described in the following with quite polite words. Read more:

We had identified last year, the year 2010, as a year in which disasters distinguished themselves especially strong,
2011 Apr 10 – The beginning of the end time and its first year,
and also this year, the year 2011, was not only felt like this but we found it to be even more destructive. The disaster in Japan was the climax up to now. In addition to these natural disasters we now have the wrestling of nations which started at the end of last year and stirs the public all the time and soon these events will be overshadowed by the fear of the thread coming out of space, a thread which will then cause the earth upheaval, a climax of natural disasters for the time being, until then the actual end brings the real climax, the complete destruction of the surface of the earth and of all life on it.

This final disaster differs from the preceding ones in that way that then an awakening from spiritual sleep is too late, but the preceding ones just give this opportunity to men to recognize in them God’s announcement and follow this call.

Today now I read a message by Bertha Dudde which explains the spiritual background of all of this. The whole stupidity and bigotry of most of our scientists und also of those people who have a blind faith in science is also described in this message with quite polite words:


Work of powers of nature in God’s will. Disaster.

10. November 1938. B.D. NR. 0661

For the path through man’s life always those laws are valid which God has given to the beings from the start of the world as necessary for the spiritual development. Often forces work against them but an invisible power is superior to them; they will always feel the effects of their disobedience as disadvantageous for themselves and either turn back to activity wanted by God or become more and more strongly to feel the power of God in the remaining of their maliciousness. So is also the work of the powers of nature always and forever subject to the will of God because if this would be abandoned to the opposing power then soon everything would be an entire work of destruction as the opposing forces are always only destructively active, but God’s wisdom and will is for the keeping of all what is created. Where now the powers of nature still behave destructively there is also always the will of God active, but never is this destruction an allowance of evil forces. Then very wisely reasons are there which let God intervene, but which only serve a certain promotion of spiritual beings or the development of human living things. In manifold ways there is also a good side to destructions. Spirits of nature become free from unspeakable long bound form – other spirits of nature are allowed to be abundantly active and through it comply with their purpose – and sleeping spiritual beings are roused from their rest which is always only harmful to one of them. That such destructions often have a sorrowful effect for mankind is also an allowance from God, a pointer of his existence to the complete unbelievers and a test stone for the believers whose power and faith is to be strengthened through it. Because only such unusual appearances, which such natural disasters always remain, are capable to put man into a state of thinking. When all power of men is not sufficient to stop it, and poor and rich, high and low completely alike are exposed to such disasters wanted by God, then the question remains open with one or another why such a judgement affects men and how far a divine power is recognizable. And such questions can lead to a complete change of present thinking and guide man to the way of enlightenment. Small events precede all natural disasters which make such thinking easier for men, and every inner state before is also preparation for the experience following after it. Just to really recognize once that all worldly power cannot create the smallest change with such elementary effects of nature – that all who are in the area of a natural disaster are exposed to these – and men would have to turn his thoughts up and try to reach spiritual enlightenment – but mankind has already advanced too far in its conceit – it still sets for such obvious work of the eternal divinity the word: work of the powers of nature – and with it seeks to dismiss everything what their spiritual attitude does not like. It thinks it is knowing and, what it does not understand, is just an expression of nature founded on itself – but in the rarest cases as a visible intervention of a divine being. The explanation of all natural phenomena which appeals most to them is the development by itself under the influence of sunshine, which is again an inexplicable source of power in space and achieves all life on earth, but therefore all men are also nothing but beings awakened by such natural powers, which have their beginning and their end on this earth. That a being presides over everything in the entire universe which has put on this earth every creation for a definite purpose, from the smallest creature up to the crown of creation, man, according to a plan full of wisdom through his will and his omnipotence, that will such an ignorant man not understand. They do not acknowledge such a being and that is why they never see God’s will expressing itself in the rule of the elements of nature. The ones standing afar, not affected by it, do not at all pay particular attention to such disasters; they always just cite similar cases, and with it such events are quickly dismissed. And God has to reach for more and more obvious means – he has to let such disasters follow each other quicker and quicker and affect men when these phenomena are to make an impression. It is regrettable how little the suffering of fellow men triggers true sympathy – and how automatically an indication from above is received. And so the signs will have to assume a more and more powerful extent when men are to be roused from their sleep. Only when their own life is in danger, do they attach importance to a matter, and that is why still much suffering and fear is to be the lot of men – and things will have to appear which will let men pay attention to a will which cannot be resisted. But even entirely unusual natural phenomena are explained and accepted as if they were the most natural things in the world because the worldly wise are immediately prepared to give a completely natural explanation for everything unexplainable to men, but never however will such an explanation apply to the work and rule and will of God. They fancy themselves to be above this and are therefore in a completely erroneous opinion which also cannot be of use for men taught by them. Many will still have to change their view and therefore also still make many sacrifices until they get full enlightenment, and in order to accelerate this the Lord now intervenes more often than ever and jolts and shakes the world so that all, who live on it, are to pay attention and respect the divine voice which brings them news of the will of God, of his omnipotence and wisdom, and who looks in this spirit at every natural phenomenon and the stormy rule of the elements, he will already recognize such as the voice of God and make an effort to always do the right thing before God. Amen. B.D. NR. 0661.


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