The search for extra-terrestrials has been called off, the Seti project has been stopped.

Seti project - Search for aliens aborted - Comment on 2011 April 28 (2)

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2011 April 28 (2)
For more than half a century researchers are now already looking for extra-terrestrials – up to now without success. Read more:

Today I read articles that the search for extra-terrestrials has been called off, the Seti project has been stopped.

On this website there have been already several entries to this subject:
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The main critic of this project was that a communication, as Seti is doing it, to want to use a machine to get in contact with other beings, is foolish, and that only one method is possible, and that is that man, as one of such beings, has to get into contact with other beings by thinking and that he has to take up and pursue such a connection with his thoughts and that this method is used all over the world, and this for millennia, and successfully, and is also documented en masse: men are always doing it with other spiritual beings, like with God and with beings of the kingdom of light and also the kingdom of darkness and this communication is done by a vast number of people around Seti, and Seti acts as if this is completely unknown to them and that one therefore cannot call them scientists, but ignorant people, who ignore the most simple things of life and do not even know that they themselves are practising this kind of communication the whole day over, and that they receive, all the thought they are having, from spiritual beings, may it be positive thoughts from beings of the kingdom of light or negative thoughts from beings of the kingdom of darkness, and that it is their assignment to select the right thoughts and that this is the actual assignment of their life and that this selecting of their thoughts is their test in which they are, to find out whether they now can continue their way back to light or whether they again have to go back to darkness.

For half a century they now already search and have found nothing, not one single message, but they continue in their ignorance. Their fanatic religiousness of materialism and of atheism lets them continue in their spiritual state of being fast asleep.

What a sad state of modern science. A natural science which believes to be able to exclude the most important part of science from their sciences, spiritual science.

They are atheists and that means that they do not believe in a God and that is just another one of their ignorant ideas, believing that they do not believe in a God, but reality is that their god does not want them to believe that they are his followers and so they are his followers all right and will follow him right into the abyss.

Now they have set up for themselves a monument in California for this.

The wrong kind of science has given us the mess of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima and in the near future this kind of science will manage the destruction of the whole surface of the earth. At the moment it looks as if it will happen in about five to six years’ time. Have a look at
2011 Apr 23 – Bar chart end-time .

Here now some excerpts from the articles I read:


Truth is somewhere out there but now the search for it is no longer on. The Seti Institute has abandoned its research for extra-terrestrials – because of acute financial bottlenecks. The hard up US federal state California has cut the subsidies for the alien searchers.

Are we alone in space? Or are out there still other intelligent forms of life? For more than half a century researchers are now already looking for extra-terrestrials – up to now without success. Now the alien research has suffered a new bitter setback: The Seti Institute (short for: search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) must abandon its search for extra-terrestrial intelligence for the time being.

Reason: The federal state California has cut the subsidies for the institute for the time being. As a result the Seti institute has to abandon this month the work of the Allen Radio Telescope in northern California. There were 42 dishes in use which the Seti institute used for the tracking down of extra-terrestrial signals.

The project was supported by private people and other establishments. Paul Allen, next to Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, had donated 2004 more than 13 million dollar for the building up of the radio telescope. The long-standing science fiction fan had supported the project before already with more than 11 million dollar.

Seti has as its assignment to systematically search through the radiation out of cosmos for artificial signals in the radio waveband. Father of the Seti project is the radio astronomer Frank Drake, 79. He invented an equation with the help of which one can calculate the number of civilisations able to communicate in the Milky Way.

In April 1960 Drake started the search for extra-terrestrial intelligences: At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank (US federal state West Virginia) he listened to revealing signals from the surroundings of two stars. A small tape machine worked along to record the greetings of the foreigners.

But they failed to appear – until today. 50 years after Drake’s first experiment the astronomers still wait for a radio signal out of the depth of the Milky Way. The hope is kept alive by continues technical advances which of course are only on first sight great steps in the direction of success.

So in the meantime the astronomers no longer listen on one or dozens of channels but on billions of them. At the same time the search for light signals in the optical range (“Optical Seti”) is emphatically advanced.

But who therefore believes the decisive discovery is just a question of months or years should be disappointed. The truth is that the Seti researchers have so far just investigated a billionth of space and of frequencies, which probably come into question as extra-terrestrial signals. Despite of always faster computers the search is likely to draw out. Alien researchers themselves say it could still last several hundred years. Without money the search could still draw out longer.


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