Before its embodiment as human being the soul very well recognizes the situation in which it finds itself.

Liberation from matter with the gift of reason, intellect and free will - Comment on 2011 April 17

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2011 April 17
Spirit is free and unattached and stays where it likes. Read more:

Today I read the following: “Before its embodiment as human being the soul very well recognizes the situation in which it finds itself.”

I think this expression allows us to understand why some people are in an incomprehensible situation, may it be through bodily affliction or through negative precondition from birth or may it be any other negative living conditions. This expression seems to indicate that the choice of coming living conditions, of the living conditions of the soul then in the body, was influenced by itself, that a certain agreement was made between the soul and its creator.

But this expression also shows us that our earth is also surrounded by this kind of beings. When a man dies, and he has not reached his aim, to be spiritually so far advanced that he leaves the world of matter for ever, then he remains in the sphere of earth; he remains bound to earth, and can be described as earthbound spirit and may be able to be perceived by people in certain situation. They then see a “spirit” or a ghost. That is then therefore a soul after death. But a man’s soul exists also already before his birth, and also these souls are, before birth, around us and are therefore one of many other kinds of spiritual beings which are around us.

Another kind of spiritual beings, which are around us, would for example be souls of living other people, which are just sleeping and whose souls have left their bodies and are now out of their bodies, have an out of body experience. And also such souls can be seen by normal people under certain circumstances.

A further such example would be souls of deceased people who have reached their earthly aim and have now the assignment as beings of the kingdom of light to get the people on earth to also strive for this aim, and to try to encourage people spiritually to deal with spiritual things, therefore wanting to bring them through mental influence into the right direction, wanting to protect them from crashing into the abyss, wanting to protect them from a relapse, are therefore guardian angels.

There are also reports about such beings that they have been seen, and as quite normal people, which suddenly are there somehow and then suddenly are no longer there.

A further kind of beings here are souls or soul substances of animals or plants or minerals which, in cases of animals, have left the body because this animal has died, and are now in a transitional phase before they are incorporated into a body of a new-born animal, perhaps together with soul substances of other deceased animals, to now, together, enliven a higher developed animal.

Then there are spiritual beings which are busy to care for animals or plants, to manage their growth and also all other functions, and in case of a plant see to it that fruit gets ripe und becomes edible for us.

There might be beings on other celestial bodies which similar to us also like us have an out of body experience and use it now to visit this heavenly body earth and to have a look at it. And now they are here and have, perhaps according to their spiritual development, a corresponding ability to see and experience things here.

Our earth is therefore the domicile of many kinds of spiritual beings and we are just one of these kinds. And on all other celestial bodies it will be very similar. The prophecies say, “Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter.” Everything outside of our earth life is the hereafter and that does not just concern other celestial bodies but also this, our, celestial body. Also here on this earth all these other kinds of spiritual beings are for us the hereafter, therefore not perceivable for our physical senses.

At the same place as the already quoted passage I read today the following:

“Before the embodiment as a human being the spirit being meets all these demands of God because it must carry out the will of God; so doing that what it is supposed to do in every form assigned to it. But as a human being it is fitted out completely different, with the gift of reason, of a mind and with free will. Therefore the human being can examine and accept or reject everything. And because a spark of divine knowledge is laid into its heart it can now think for itself and can put itself into a state of inner belief and only then the ascent starts. But without faith the human being also walks on his earthly way in unchanged spiritual condition and so does not fulfil his assignment on earth. The time now passes by unused that the being was previously striving for, knowing that only this embodiment as a human being can bring deliverance from matter. All demands that the earthly life makes on the human being are properly met and the only most important one, the advancement of the soul, is disregarded. And still the being has to walk this earthly way without knowledge of the actual purpose – it alone must appropriate this knowledge for itself because it also received the ability to do it. Of its own accord it must find the way to the highest deity and long for it because only this way can the full return to the father’s house be accomplished. A forced being could never bring itself into a godlike form and could also not remain in a lasting relationship with the heavenly father because it would not have completely separated from its lusts. It must conquer these in full faith and out of free will and so force its way upwards.”

Here it is about the difference between animal and man. The animal must completely submit to the will of God and man not. Man just has free will and reason and intellect and can use these things and the just brought dictation describes this our situation quite impressively and one can hardly contradict it. We have to progress out of our own initiative; all the things we need for this has been given to us; there is no excuse.

But this second quote is also one of the best descriptions I have found up to now, of that about what it is all about here in this life.

These two quotes I have read in a message by Bertha Dudde, and I recommend reading the whole message:
645: Earthly and spiritual activity. Faith. Love.

And now still a further quotation from 645:

“Spirit is free and unattached and stays where it likes.”

This expression applies to conditions here on this earth, now in our present life. But it is also valid generally, that means also after it. Also after this life, after our demise, our soul is free und unattached and stays there where it likes. And this can be understood in a positive as well as a negative sense. Here on this earth we are all together, seen materially, seen bodily. Spiritually there might be enormous differences, but according to our bodily senses we are all in the same situation. But in the hereafter we automatically stay there where we belong spiritually. When we already here on earth have always moved in hell, then this will quite automatically also be the place in the hereafter where we are drawn to. We will have judged ourselves. We will be so aligned as we had aligned ourselves all the time here. The judging, the aligning, is completely our matter. It is completely in our hand. Reason and intellect and free will can be used – or not. It is up to us.

Do we want to develop upwards, or not, or even fall again back into the fallen state?


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