As long as the connection to the father has not been found the days on earth have been lived in vain.

Thoughts about God - Comment on 2011 April 14

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2011 April 14
Man starts the actual work on the soul when he just concerns himself with the divine being in thoughts. Read more:

One of the most important messages which come from Bertha Dudde, I would even say the most important message of Bertha Dudde, is urging the reader to establish unity with God in thought.

This being connected to God is the only way to approach the times of the end and to be able to cope with its demands.

I can highly recommend this way, it just works marvellously.

Today I read such a dictation and bring it here as an example of one of all the other highly edifying messages on this subject:


Spiritual state. Thoughts about God for self-improvement.

24. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0638.

Men pay no attention to their spiritual state when they are in the middle of daily care. They do their earthly job and are not in the least concerned about connecting with the eternal divinity. They therefore cannot establish the relationship of the child to the father, and so they remain separated from the father in heaven as long as they move all too much in earthly activity. The simplest solution would be to recommend oneself to divine favour at all times. They would then create in such a great measure, and also their earthly activity would be blessed by the Lord. Provided the thought about God accompanies the course of life the child of earth is in an unspeakable happy situation because with this thought also spiritual powers reach it, which prompt the child of earth to spiritual creation and protect it from relapse into complete earthly interests. Man starts the actual work on the soul when he just concerns himself with the divine being in thoughts – when he asks in his heart the question what the purpose of earth life is and in what relationship he himself stands to the divine creator. Then he has given himself willingly into the power of good spirits, which now make use of this power and apply everything for their part to always keep the thoughts in the same direction – that they concern themselves all the time with infinity and its creator. Who once steers his spirit in such ways will also change his own nature at the same time because the thought of God – which is always preceded by a turning away from the earthly, will understandably result in self-improvement, which is also again an effect of higher spirit beings on the mind of man. But man will only then receive the power in all fullness when his heart has become love – when it out of God consciousness cannot help it than to give love – then man more and more gives up his evil habits; he spiritualizes himself more and more, and the greater the influence of his spiritual friends on his soul will be. Then the striving of man is easy when he abandons himself willingly to this spirit power being well-disposed to him. What first causes him unspeakable effort has now become an easy work for him, which he carries out gladly. To know which assignment God has intended for man, and to be able to carry out this assignment wholeheartedly, is alone already such a proof of divine favour that the gratitude to this will drive man to most eager striving. Because going through earth life without knowledge arranges this earth life to difficult activity which does not satisfy the soul. As long as the connection to the father has not been found the days on earth have been lived in vain for eternity. Only when love is active in man, consciously or unconsciously, man truly starts to live on earth. The spiritual state will then be a bright one; knowledgably he will then look at everything; he will give in to the fine stirrings of the heart and seek and find inner peace in thinking of his creator. He has recognized life’s only purpose and now eagerly seeks to fulfil it. He only still looks at everything out of the point of view of this recognition and willingly he lets himself being guided from above – the assistant sent by God to man - and his way must now lead him safely, towards the eternal home and his divine father. Amen. B.D. NR. 0638.


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